A Quick Explanation of my Vince McMahon, WWE metaphor

 I recently had the pleasure of a short interaction on Twitter with Andrew, Weez, Aurenheimer. I did what you might call an investigative article on him stemming from some tweets that we had earlier interacted on. He has strong opinions and does not hesitate to express them. One such opinion was expressed about my Vince McMahon, WWE analogy that I often refer to in my articles. 

Weez said the analogy annoyed him because  he's not familiar with WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment. He, then, went on to suggest that I use Greek God mythology analogies, for example, which are more uplifting. I think I have that essentially right. Well, we did not stay on the topic too long but I did say that I felt what he was complaining about was simply a concept that he hadn't familiarized himself with and needs to be assimilated. It was clear that what I was doing had passed him by.........................

written by Goybeast- 10/6/15

 Too, Weez is a full blown White race advocater that is quite happy to throw-out evaluations as fact that prove the white race is the greatest thing that ever happened to the planet earth. Andrew Anglin and many other nationalist feel the same way and, by the way, they all have thrown-out any possibility with working with  most non-whites. If a few haven't, it doesn't matter because of the habitual rhetoric most engage in that would be counterproductive to any non-whites joining forces. I haven't nor do I gear my material to only white people plus I personally was never enamored with Greek gods.

 The honest truth is, I came to the intellectual game late in life. Let me state this clearly, I am not pro-white, I am anti-Jew. Don't take that the wrong way. I am sympathetic to the targeting that's going on against my white race that emanates from the the Jew power structure that still has a paranoid fixation on a new Hitler rising, but beyond that, the concept and obsession with racial differences couldn't mean two hoots to me. 

 Maybe it's because I feel that once the Jewish problem is solved, everything else will be easy. When my daughter was seven, she was a figure skater. I got to talk to an elite skater a bit while I watched her practice and this guy was trying to get  his quad down, so he was really good. He told me something that I think applies here when thinking about the race problems and the like. He said  compared to the discipline it takes for him to be an elite skater, anything else was a cake walk and I believe that describes all these  minor problems that literally are unsolvable till the Jewish problem is solved. Get the Jewish problem out of the way and I believe there is plenty of earth for us to all have our own homelands free from other's diabolical disruptions.

So, I'm anti-Jew which means I'm pro-goy. If I am pro-goy, I'm obviously pro-white but no, if being pro-white means I am declaring war on blacks and Muslims on top of the Jew, count me out, bro. I explained this in my last essay, a bit. Any war that we fight that's not addressing the Jews directly is a goyim slaughter for the Jews and I don't care what you all believe, that's just the way it is. This is such a fact, that Abe will even let you pawn that "fact" at his pawn shop.

We will be fighting people of all races that believe Jewish lies that pass for reality. To them, we will be the criminals. Many whites will be against us. A white on black race war won't do a blame thing about the top Jew 'cept make him more money and kill him some goyim beasts.

Back to the Vince McMahon metaphor.  I have undertaken in the last year to come up with some new analogies about our predicament. I invented the "Hitlerian left and right" as a yin yang to the "masonic left and right" which is comprised of the Jewish political system that pretends Jewish political power doesn't exist and explains everything without going to the source of the disruption. We, Hitlerians, believe in going to the source. Refer to earlier articles in this series for further explanation on that.

 Last fall, when I concluded that the ZCF-Pro-think fight back in 2013 was a psyop, that's when I started using my WWE metaphor. So let's go over once again why I am using a WWE- McMahon analogy for much of what is occurring in the Jew-wise resistance movement or really everywhere in the Jewish matrix.

These are my givens. Jewish power rules us through lies, intimidation, bribery and the list goes on. It also uses spying and infiltrating tactics to influence or, in many case, actually control what is supposedly real resistance to the JWO. I have made the claim that most of the top tier information peddlers in the alternative media universe have been compromised, either voluntarily or by  an offer they couldn't refuse. Therefore, what has occurred is real people that are really trying to resist, are being taken in by these people and becoming neutralized due to being under the spell of a controlled op that has fooled them. Remember, controlled ops give privileged information to earn the title of expert so they can give you dis information down the road and you won't notice.

 The illusion of authenticity is sold by this whole network treating fellow operatives as legit and if you didn't guess, this means that I am implying we are so dominated by enemy forces within this movement, that they are able to use their "spell of authenticity" to validate newcomers the Jewish matrix wants to embed. I'm not on the inside, folks, and it is hard to prove co-option 100%, but this is how it looks to me.

When you control the top of a resistance movement,  you can bring in trainees to see how they adapt to incorporating dis-info into their MO. It's not a whole lot different than on the corporate side, say like in the media, where a bunch of idiots parrot out some staged event, easy to see with eyes open that they are trained either not to see or not to breathe a word about and so 911's occur and continue to fool. This is how it can be so obvious that Sandy Hook was staged but folks that count on MSNBC will never have a clue because of where they go for news.. You all may recall we are struggling with folks in our community that for whatever reason prefer not to challenge obvious staged events proclaimed as real.

Therefore, analyzing the ZCF psyop while being treated to a false flag event a week for the last year, I developed my WWE metaphor. Wrestling is all fake like having politicians that represent us is all fake, like having staged events that push certain agendas is all fake and having terrorist groups formed in areas of consequence that continue to re-emphasize the need for a war on terror, is all fake. By fake I mean it's not how it's being portrayed.  The truth is "Xed" out.

The history we are taught in school is geared to serve the needs of the "culture destroyers" and mostly distorted or made up to suit. Most of you know that everything that happened in WWII has been turned upside down to serve the interests of the Jewish winners. Only  the Jews have ever received war reparations for an event that didn't happen that took place during a war that they forced. 

 So let me cut to the chase. Vince McMahon represents the Jew behind the curtain. Yes I know he goes on stage and acts but he's acting for his interests behind the curtain just as the shabbuz goys and entertainer Jews are acting in his interests to create an exciting performance on the stage. If they don't entrap the customer's interest and get them totally involved, they get fired. The WWE is an arena that hosts staged events that are there to entice the paying customer into rooting for one side or the other.

So When I refer to a WWE cage match, I am calling something I see in the world, that I just witnessed, a bald faced lie, psyop and this analogy, is a perfect representation of it and why I use it. One can argue if my world view is correct, but if my world view is correct,  the WWE fake fight analogy is perfect. Vince McMahon, being the Jew behind the curtain, is perfect. Of course when you claim a WWE cage match as a metaphor of behavior of "trusted" people in the community, it's easy for people with a stake in that persons prior reputation to not see the humor in that metaphor.

 However, goy, if you know me, I always say you can't have a resistance when your generals are being paid by those you are resisting against and that's why I push that. To take the WWE  point further, the real game being performed by McMahon's op has little to do with who wins or doesn't win the wrestling match.  Vince wants your money and he wants you coming back and that's another metaphor I will let you equate to the real world on your own time.

So I'm not sure if "Weev" got the connotations behind my WWE metaphor. It does not appear so, since greek Gods have little to do with Jewish infiltration of goy resistance that I am aware of  which reaffirms what I replied to him where I said that any new meme used on some sort of political arena has to be assimilated and understood to be appreciated or rejected. It's human to prefer a situation where we know all the ropes but to know all the ropes, at some point we had to learn the ropes. I believe that if you know what I am doing and  have an understanding of what WWE is, the analogy should click the first time. For those struggling, a few videos are included to show you fake WWE.

We will always be evolving and there will always be new interpretations, at least, until thought crime can be an offense prosecuted efficiently

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.






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