this is not the kind of unity we need!

 Continuing Thoughts of What It Means to Unify

Part IV of the Hitlerian Pyramid Initiative

Well here we are. The Jews are whipping our butt and what am I subjected to all fucking, goddamn week long?

"WN hate women. Sinead used to play music with a black man! Black people are idiots and can't run anything by themselves! Muslims are raping our women and invading our countries and we aren't going to take it anymore! Carolyn Yeager married a Jew fifty five years ago!Rodney Martin has a wife that he won't show in public that people claim is an Indian."

1917, if they only knew what was coming would they have smiled?Hey, I got an idea, let's not wait for the Jews to turn us into a 2017 Bolshevik Russia, let's start it now by arresting people for stupid petty shit. Let's go antagonize as many whites and non-whites as we can while ignoring the Jew, so we can bring out the worst in them, take snap shots and turn it all into the Joosdicial system and get it over with. Why beat around the bush. Right dudes? Don't it feel good to be so petty?

(as Schlomo sits off  to the corner, rubs his hands and says, "These are my goyim!") 

Folks, this is just a sample of the stupid crap that seems to be a litmus test to be part of the white race resistance. Not only are hours spent drumming up these charges in continuing back and forth, and let's not forget to undermine our own white women and men while we're at it but hours are spent thinking these are all valid inquiries and trying to prove that no, you aren't a race mixer, or no, your past is exactly what you claim, and blah,blah, wolf, wolf, on down the line. Well, of course we need to worry about infiltration but I submit if we start focusing our stupid brains where it needs to be focused, which is exposing Jewish power and Jewish lies and Jewish subversion, the ops will out themselves by clearly distracting from it. Unfortunately, we need unmuddled brains for that and, sad to say, these preoccupations contribute to the muddling.

You fucking guys make it so easy for them because you keep living in the cesspool bed the Jew made for you oblivious to the fact it's a cesspool. Plus, he's got you trained so well that you go find the cess to live in and make it into a pool, rinse and repeat! I take a quote from VK Clark ( see pic to the left) that makes an unflattering but true point and not only about her targets then but all the white community that knows who our # one enemy is (The Jew). Again and again, people are taken in by deceivers trained in assimilating with an enemy target and of course like a false flag, how many have happened that  aren't discussed or discovered and how many agents are in with us now, that are believed legit resisters? I think the numbers may well be high. 

The temptation not to evaluate an information giver when he tells you everything you want to hear and who may also have priviledged information that he spews out, as ground breaking, to achieve expert status, is an MO worked over on our people over and over with the Joshua Goldberg case being what should be an eye opening example but, for some reason, is little talked about  beyond the musings of an Andrew Anglin on why he got tricked!

Miss Clark, not to forget some of her issues, made a comment, in today's blog of hers, that people unfairly ridiculed Deanna Spingola, not explaining why, of course, while implying lowly proles don't have that right or are being rude and out of control so "Kyle, shut up your brood, please.". Well, doing this is what good leadership is all about, now, isn't it but let's be honest, we have to hold you elitists accountable when we see things going haywire.

Too many times I have seen Spingola creampuff her interviews with you, Clark. Her Sandy Hook shillery is legendary for those willing to challenge OCT's and quite frankly, everyone should consider her a shill till she owns up and  explains why she, coordinatedly, with AFP, Rodny Martin, Keith Johnson, Mark Glenn and Michael Piper, to name but a few that come to mind, while using holocaust denial, demonization tactics and personal slurs as ammo, committed this subversion against those who wouldn't be corralled.

The crime, of course, is in the coordination of issuing subverter talking points to focus wrong doing on the inquiries made and to distract from the cover-up of the crime, still ongoing, not in any one personal opinion. The concern when I see total silence from Spingola's peers is similar to my concern when I see a moderate WN person stay silent when non-whites are denigrated irresponsibly in his presence by other cult members. Through silence, agreement is implied and abuses continue. Why was Martinez, no scaredy cat when it comes to outing false flags, scared to challenge this group op against the unruly goyim? Why the silence over Sandy Hook, Brandon? VK Clark seems to publicly buy stated explanations of events by TPTB as does Anglin and most of the WN crowd. Is it orchestrated? It appears to be. The pity of the buying, when you watch them continue on, is they use the OCT to advocate whatever masonic agenda their mission stands behind (a masonic mission is an explanation of an occurrence that hides the true nature  and reason for it's occurrence. An example might be focusing on Muslim subversion of European culture rather than the source Jew, a puppeteering it. Masonic agendas, by their very nature hide the truth and are, by their very nature, good for the Jew World Order).

I've said this before, elitists like you, Clark, Spingola, Martinez, etc that fail to hold each other to account and indeed protect each other by attacking us when we act in your place, are a major part of the  problem. You leaders do your fucking job for us and we won't have to mix it up. It's very easy to lump in legitimate criticism with clearly bad behavior but any leader should be able to handle inquiry into their behavior and receive the consequences if their explanations are inadequate. No one should be ashamed to be wrong in a society that specializes at hiding the truth. However, ops working for Jews purposely redirecting us in their service.....that's another matter.

My dissection here, even peppered with criticism of the supplier of the quote, Clark, fully supports Clark's claim of an oblivious or stupidity exemplified by the acted upon that allows for easy penetration. Unfortunately, this is no WN affliction only, though they were used by Clark because of her ongoing battle with them. It is rampant throughout and this is because of the muddle-headedness of the followers, easily having their attention manipulated this way and that by leaders or by infiltrators. This is why our anchor has to be in finding pure, uncorrupted deliverers of our message and direction. What I see now is a subversive type of perception control, primarily masonic in nature with Hitlerian goy bait placed just out of reach to hold the attention

It's the leaders of the movement that sanction the bad behavior . Do we really have no talent to where we can't get functional unco-opted leadership and must we continue to stagnate in perpetuity? To mention your husband, Brandon, why is it unreasonable to expect an explanation for his sleezy maneuvers behind the scenes? You guys cover it up for him and then blame the proles for what? No trust, when one shirked the flouride long enough to notice? Sheesh!

Let me state something clearly. If the right and left, Hitlerian community can not go beyond their fixations, all masonic in nature, meaning they are acting out Jewish programming that helps the Jew, all their efforts rather than lead to a resolution of any problems, will be acting out the Jew's resolution of  achieving their JWO! There was a stupid fucking video (above) made by some millenial from Renegade just doing a mindless rant about foreigners. Interesting to see the roots of our problem like that. Clueless and careless and immature, looking at behavior like that, undisciplined, self-serving, limited vision,  it becomes obvious why we are reduced to gathering crumbs from the Jew table competing with blacks and browns.

Then you got the fucking white onliers on twitter spending their whole day looking for "mudsharks", or white women that date outside their race to harrass. Don't model yourself to the 80% deluded goy, you! Oh, but you say, "BUT IT'S LIKE THEY ACT THAT WAY WHY CAN'T WE, WAH,WAH,WAH!" Men are rarely held to account here the same way as women are. Anglin fixates on devious women dating outside their race while giving himself by omission with his history of doing so himself, a pass. Not that I believe they should be issues myself, THESE STUPID, IDEOLOGICAL FIXATIONS THAT MAKE FOR CULTISH CIRCLES OF DISTRACTING BRIDGES TO NOWHERE but it's clear you all fucking do.


Then there's Sinead, WITH whom I don't hold her baboon cavorting past against her but why is she silent when blacks are mindlessly being attacked with the vilest of slurs on Renegade? She's beginning to come off as a female Andrew Anglin, to be bluntly honest.  To reiterate, I think all this shit is a distraction. IT'S FUCKING STUPID AND EVERYONE SHOULD LEAVE PERSONAL ACCUSATIONS OUT OF THE JEW FIGHT. DIG BRO? Why you sit there while folks you hung with are being foul mouthed ad-nauseum is amazin to watch. Did you see the light and realize they were evil. Do you still talk to your musician, black friend? Is he properly subservient now that you know you are better than him? Is his subservience expected? Well when you STFU while "beasts" proclaim other "beasts", you become a beast and an idiot and everyone else, that knows us not, lumps all of us, not just the stoopids, as mindless haters of everyone! BEING A DUMBASS OVER AND OVER MAKES US ALL A DUMBASS TO STRANGERS WITH THEIR ONE WORD HIT JOBS HURLED EFFICIENTLY FOR THE BRAINWASHED'S EARS. Now, when we resolve this "shoot in the foot" type of behavior,all we got to do is get rid of the leaders who encourage the followers to act out Mr Stupid. THAT TAKES AN UPGRADE ON THE AWARENESS LEVEL. WANNA COME-UP? HERE'S A HAND! THE AIR'S CLEANER HERE. YOU'LL GET USED TO IT, BRO, I PROMISE BUT YOU GOTTA CLIMB!

The video dude is clueless because he, like all of em, focus 80% of the time on victimhood. Sinead does, oh and pep talks too. Nothing wrong with pep talks but let's do the pep talk before battle rather than to feel good being a white victim, shall we? 

Besides what's stated, the jew minors in culture destroyingPlease challenge me on this if you think I am wrong. Hitler united the German people by convincing them to quit focusing on divisionary politics that the Jews had programmed into their society, mostly based on class warfare and got them mentally  and physically, to join hands. He accomplished this before he took office in 1933, demonstrated by the fact that before any anti-Jewish legislation had been enacted, the Jews had  declared economic warfare on the Reich. The Jews, with that stroke, admitted he had won the hearts and minds of the German people. This of course led them to removing the main enemy of the German people, Jewry, from positions of influence as effectively as they could with monstrous positive results as their reward. The greatest country in the world from one dangling on the ropes under Jew subservience, occurred.

What does that fucking tell you people?  It says uniting as a volk and focusing  our attention on the en-slaver Jews is the answer. I ask again, do we have a race problem and a multi-cultural clash problem now ? Yes we do! Who is the cause of it? The Jew. Was it some nigger in Africa that said Europe must learn to be multi-cultural or it won't survive or was it a Jew? It was a Jew!

Most reading this will agree, the Jews were behind 911. Did the US go into the mid-east and begin pulverizing their land because we made them, the citizens, or because the Jew, using political leverage and propaganda, fed media onslaughts, made that happen? Do we have an immigration problem because the US citizens overwhelmingly wanted to flood our lands with non-English speaking third worlders, or did that take Jewish lobbying  to make happen? Again, the Jew wins. Who do you think is behind this "unsolvable" illegal immigrant problem? The Jew is heavily involved there as well since they covertly control both parties.

Jewish subversion is unique in that it is international in nature. It is true that people are imperfect and abuses will always occur but when you have a significant lobby or the dominant lobby owing allegiance to a nationhood meme having little to do with the country they  are lobbying,unique challenges occur. It is only the Jewish people, nation, religion, secret society that offers these challenges on the scale so occurring and has been occurring for five hundred plus years. Nuff said there!

So this helps us to determine who we need to unite with and against, doesn't it. That should help our "clarity" if consumed. You can blame scapegoats and make them your enemy but that simply makes them closer to the Jew because he is an impeccable con-artist when not exposed and will tell them how much he "cares". We all know Jewish caring is always self-serving and  not connected to moral duty, right? Friends, Hitler exposed the Jews covert class warfare in 1920's and we can expose him with their race wars against us not to mention all the other wars we are acting out for them as well, today.

But sadly, though lip-service is paid to the Jew, the conversations vary from attacking each other for lack of ideological pureness, to hating on gender which VK Clark and Anglin lead the way on and remember, the leaders set the example for what's kosher. Attacking the mindless pawns getting pushed from one habitat to the other instead of confronting the Jew and, I assume, if for no other reason because they are so easy to see and blame, is a Jew-win, fact but these whites are somewhere else looking for something in a hole in the sand. It feels so good and addicting to be a victim and to wallow in white victim-hood and non-white hate holding back the once great white race than rectifying the problem, doesn't it. Add to that, those that are paid to distract us from the Jew, and we got a hell of a mess.

Now, what if Hitler just worried about the proletariat to unite and that's all he cared about that was suffering one way or the other under Jewish domination. Just focus on the workers and ignore the owners and managers. We gonna get unity out of that? Could Hitler have?

I know one thing for sure, the aristocracy was gonna be as big an enemy, then, to the proles,  with that mindset, as the Jew. Then it would have been "the proles" against everyone else. Remind you of anything the WN_CI cultists are advocating (everyone is against whites)? Don't kid yourself. Hitler had to remake the mindset of the all the people. If it had just been the workers, Hitler would have been a failed blip on the screen. Luckily for us, he didn't. Now, think of your grand kids. Do you want them to remember us as the generation that did or the El Stupidos that didn't. We need everyone we can get which means mindless bragging in public and demonizing scapegoats is out if you wanna do something positive. Do you wanna leave same ole, same ole for something better? Unite all the people, not just a small white ideological cult? The Jews are the one's telling you the others are lost to you, psst, just so you know. The Jews are telling you you can't trust anyone! Can anyone say Joshua Goldberg?

 Now I hope you all ain't too stupid to make the connection but just in case, I will say it out right. THE JEW'S THE ENEMY. GET EVERYONE ELSE YOU CAN ON YOUR FUCKING SIDE! Divide and conquer goy, you have all distorted the obvious meaning of that phrase the Jews live by, like a smooth talking Jew lawyer distorts the law to his own ends. Someone has to tell you. Better a friend than a foe. Are we friends or is the telling of truth still defined as a lie, here?

So Hitler decided to unite them all and it was an evolving thing he continued to build on in the 3rd Reich, interrupted by international treachery and war, sadly at instigation of our eternal enemy. He was just getting started and look what he did! Let me end with this, though, and I will be adding to  this as I get new insites. from Jim Stone:

All the problems we face are secondary to what is really a primary biological problem. When the primary biological problem is addressed, the other problems will disappear. The primary problem is parasitic infestation, kill the parasites and problems caused by the parasites disappear. You do not extinguish a fire by collecting the smoke in bags . . .

***Just to make the  point loud and clear how deep the Jew is fucking us in the Ass,  this is two comments I took off a young communist jewess's wall. Truly eloquently does this Jewess say, "Boy you are all fucking dumbasses." Know your enemy, goy, know your enemy:

A Message from a communist Jewess


Oy! That's my boy Shlomo! Adhering to proper Jewish customs like one of God's truly chosen people! Be careful when harpooning a shiksa though! Especially if they are of Western European descent (especially promiscuous and dirty).


Keep parroting the opinionated left/right wing drivel being funneled into your brains via MSM and public education. Keep thinking that it is through your own volition that you hold these opinions as truths. Oy vey, it is with such ease and impunity that I bend your actions to my will. I am the dictator, the taskmaster, the puppeteer and the conductor. I am the wily, undetectable parasite. And you are my eternal slave, my everlasting minion, my succulent and delectable host. I feast upon your lifeblood, yet you praise me. I sabotage your every dream, goal, and objective, while you consciously expend resources for my benefit. I bring forth the hordes and armies of the world to march against you, and you apologize to me for the misgivings of men whose bodies amount to nothing more than piles of bones and dust. Despite the myriad of conditions you suffer through which would almost surely result in feelings of indignation, your actions suggest complete obliviousness and acceptance of inferiority. Members of your race appear to be on the cognitive scale of a typical cattle, ox, or other bovinus organism. Thus, I have no other term for which to describe you as, other than "Goy". If by some chance, you happen to rise above the majority of your peers, I will endow you with the slightly more prestigious title of "Good Goy".


Silence goy! I've heard enough of your cries for sympathy, your claims of oppression, of victimhood, of forced marginalization. Too many times throughout history have you spit on us, kicked us to the ground, beaten us, murdered us, and committed genocide against us. Seventy years ago, six million of my people were put to the sword under the orders of your "Fuhrer".

The tide has turned against you. We have the upper hand. Slowly, you watch as your society crumbles under the crushing weight of your own degeneracy. Despondently and desperately, your gaze shifts to the political opposition as your source of blame. But being the unaware goyim that you are, you make no note of the beast destroying you from within, eating away at your core, catalyzing the plague that is so openly and stridently devouring you.It is I, the one you had forgotten about the most. The dark, transparent force of vengeance. There is nothing you can do to stem your fate. Enjoy the twilight years of your great civilization while you still can, for it is in its death throes..........................................Written by Alea Acta Est

***Get beyond your stupid bullshit and  let's do something, OK?


Goybeast Monster

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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