A structure for Jew-wise people to join hands and the obstacles that stand in the way

We Need a Way to Grow, Here's How!

 Well goyim, I have had a strategy for the last year or so,  of exposing what is apparently co-opted behavior by leaders in the Jew-wise resistance. What I have found is that   most within the community understand there is a problem but only wish to confront the problems  in adjacent areas and never their  own.

 It's that ole political saying where when you ask people if the  congress is corrupt, everyone agrees but that answer changes drastically when they are asked if THEIR Congressman is corrupt (of course not!). Well, I have found this exact same mindset within our movement. People consider it negative if an infiltration story charging personalities they know within their confines is published. A couple of months ago, I signed on with Rebel of Oz to publish as a "guest writer". When we talked about the fact much of my writings concerned troublesome behavior close to home, Rebel said that he was always suspicious of people that do that and it makes him think they are ops, themselves. He then went on to say Gordon Duff, Alex Jones Adam Kokesh etc, were all fair game. In other words, expose evil outside my gates but leave my neighborhood alone. This relationship lasted a week.

In protocols 12-8 through 12, it talks about infiltrating every apparent sphere of dissent. It also states that any sphere unpenetrated will be ignored, demonized or criminalized while getting no voice in their media. I submit, contrary to bubblegum, red pill notions, this "truth" movement has been infiltrated in every nook and cranny of THE RESISTANCE. Would an intelligent, authentic resistance create silly flame wars, invent reasons why people can't interact because of ideology variations, stay chronically stagnant for years? 

One of the classic examples is that of Frank Collin:

"June 25, 1978: Frank “Collin” the Heartless Nazi Monster leads his “Nazi march” on its alternate route through Chicago. During preceding weeks “Collin” achieved national notoriety with his outrageous original plan to march through the suburb of Skokie, the largest community of “Holocaust survivors” on earth. His “right to march” is championed by Jewish attorney and purported “civil liberties advocate” Alan Dershowitz.

“Collin’s” real family name: Cohen. He’s Jewish. His father is a “Holocaust survivor.”

His “Fuhrer” career is destroyed when this comes to light, but most Americans are none the wiser, so three years later “Frank ‘Collin’ the Nazi Monster” and his march become the subject of a nationwide made-for-television slobber-fest titled Skokie, one of many such propaganda bombs during these years. The original was NBC’s eight-hour miniseries Holocaust, a tele-orgy of fake “history” that aired two months before Collin’s march. The whole Skokie affair thus proves instrumental in catapulting Holocaust Guilt into mainstream American consciousness right when the Jewish psy-war on America is shifting gears in exactly this direction, thus Dershowitz’s real interest."

***Should have been a warning having Jew Dershowitz defending a Nazi, a Jew with a proven track record of never defending anything not in Jewish interests and pulling any conceivable stunt to promote it. Hey Goy, a Nazi introduced the "Holocaust Hysteria" endoctrination, ongoing, ever since. There's a reason that Jews did not push the Holocaust before the '70s, that Eisenhower, a Jew, never mentioned them in his memoirs as neither did Churchill. Too many people knew the truth, that there was no holocaust. Thirty years later, many of them were gone or didn't have a dog in the fight. So we get a Covert Jew neo-nazi, leading stupid goyim racists into a battle that was all about a Jew win. Well, let's don't just shoot one foot, let's shoot both!

  The latest theatrics, though the media is selling this as a troubled young Jewish troll, is the Joshua Goldberg case who masqueraded as an extremist Jew, Muslim radical and a white nationalist who wants to kill all non-whites. He was so good, he penetrated Andrew Anglin's site and became a prolific writer for Stormer for two months till his antics became an issue. Not a big enough issue for Anglin to raise community awareness about, apparently, but big enough to try and remove any evidence Slay had posted with Stormer. 

 Sometimes, it feels like this atmosphere of hostility is present between Goy while the Jew looks on in merriment from Vince McMahon's booth, high up in the stands, laughing

First thing I'd like to say about that is that Joshua Goldberg became invisible almost as soon as he left public school while being home schooled by Orthodox Jewish parents at 13 years of age or so. Other than Goldberg's "confession" there is no physical proof that Goldberg, himself, did everything linked to him. No proof. Assuming that all the action came from his IP address and that does not preclude a team of some sort working together with him on this. I am just putting this out there as something that can't be ruled out. Either way, we had a Jewish infiltration and goy disruption op ongoing in obvious service to a JWO agenda and many gullible goy @stormer as well as the public at large  including Andrew Anglin fooled.

(Hey Goy, there is a reason only two pics of Goldberg are on the internet and one blocking most of his face! He is going to blend in somewhere else to do more damage. Now we  not only have the havoc caused on the internet  but proof on record that more internet laws need enacting to handle this new trolling menace in our midst. Add to this the non-heard voices in protest from the alternative media while the corporate media puts the most innocent face possible on this caper and we have what looks to be a guy, born with Jewish privilege, fading away to black, "Nothing to see here, just mailbox bashing that included some 'staged event' acting with Rita Katz", Lol! Well, Jews probably control 80% of the "red pill" district media (means it's FAKE RED PILL) where undercover ops posing as info disseminators for enlightenment are getting calls to back off the story and misdirect. No problem. Remember Sandy Hook, lol, where the orchestration was so blatant many saw through it and still didn't get we were being psyoped! Oh, trusting goy, they be playin ya! )Slay implicated Stormer as extremist hate site with this calling card of his on Sept. 3, 2015

It's exactly these kinds of easy penetrations into our fabric, in this case, the CI-WN community but all have been penetrated, that helped me to claim that the Zander Fuerza  incident in February, 2013 was a psyop.

***Before I go on with this psyop summary, let me say that there are several possibilities to contemplate as far as who knew what and how. Both  primary actors could be in on the caper, one could be and the other an unwitting accomplice, both could be unwitting accomplices tricked in some fashion or the last possibility, it happened exactly as claimed and believed at the time. I am about to focus on Brandon Martinez's credibility here because he is pretty uninvolved with my contemplations being put forth in this article, and circumstantially, there are big problems with his behavior. That said, let's get to it.***

Brandon turns into Zander with my help!

 Fuerza adopted, as did Michael Slay, AKA Joshua Goldberg in his way, appropriate language that would endear him to his target audience through an extremely Jew focused mindset. What never made sense, prior to that Delaney feud, was that a non-separatist like Zander would allow his site to be taken over by non-white haters and yes, much of the language in comments on that site was pure hate for other goy races. It does however make sense when you realize it's a psyop and proven by Fuerza's immediate disassociation with Hitler afterward and with a watering down of Jew-calling out as well. The proper associations made for the public psyche that "Hitler worship" and bold Jew outing is a Neo-Nazi affliction and the damage done, a "DISAPPEARING" Zander and an "APPEARING" Brandon Martinez magically happened, simultaneously.

Just as luck would have it, Zander-Brandon had several job offers, one being as an analyst for "Press TV". Good timing eh? Press TV would not tolerate Hitler talk or bold Jew outing the way Brandon's previous MK alter was manifesting. Clearly Brandon had become the "kinder and gentler" version of Zander Fuerza but yours truly got him to reveal his asshole side the other day when he published the first comment ever that I made on his Non-Aligned Media website (this after seven months of poking). By the way, months after this transition, the ADL did a spread on Brandon totally ignoring, inexplicably, his four years as a Jew hating gentile, Zander. This only makes sense if Zander is "controlled opposition".

By the way, all this fighting occurred at the peak of Fuerza's popularity, coincidence or design? Are we really that fucking stupid? It's a fact that ZCF was a no-show on his website a full month before the supposed fight. It's a fact that Delaney released the name Brandon but not the name Martinez. Why not Martinez, too? It's a fact that Brandon later thanked Delaney for all he'd done for him as Brandon, this while using always Brandon Martinez as his pen name elsewhere. It's a fact he praised Ryan Dawson as one of his greatest influences as "Brandon" while always using his full name elsewhere. This after calling him a myriad of unprintable names writing a year earlier at ZCF. It's also a fact that Brandon is now attacking Dawson again, as Brandon Martinez. It's a fact that Joshua Blakenly was pure communist scum to Zander Fuerza and it's also a fact that Brandon Martinez's partner at "Non-Aligned" media is Joshua Blakenly. It's a fact that Brandon Martinez's bios mentions not a word of his previous four years as Zander Fuerza. Because of all that, all of us and I was one, bought into a February, 2013, food fight, WWE cage match with Mike Delaney in which Vince McMahon won because we, the stupid goy, totally bought it......Finally, it is a fact that the whole left and right Hitlerian community of information disseminators are engaged in an enabling cover-up to keep Brandon's previous life hidden and I don't understand why (Yes, I know he's outed in Metapedia!).

 I stay on Zander-Brandon's case cause I think he has some 'splainin ta do

I say all this, and I could go into the AFP-Spingola psyop of the Sandy Hook hoaxers, to clearly state we have people influencing our focus that don't have our best interests at heart. Be that as it may, I have become convinced that simply outing folks is going nowhere and I agree, I have been unable to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are infiltrators but only that they appear to be infiltrators.

 So now I am going with plan "B" and lowering my emphasis on exposing infiltrators. Don't get me wrong, as long as goyim allow pleasant agreeable words to influence their judgement skills we are destined to continue to be dupes but then on the other hand, there are other ways to expose folks. This is my new effort to combine building a real resistance movement that goes beyond cult status and little niche groups, to a huge, humongous whole that also takes into consideration the evolution of the various factions and  provides a structure where people who disagree over less important matters, can agree on the primary cause of our dilemma, Jewish supremacism and the reality of that supremacism dominating the power structure, covertly and through lying, intimidation and unity of purpose against all non-Jews.

The Pyramid of our power!

Ok, ya'll. This pyramid is made of Jew awareness and the further up the pyramid you go,  the more all the "bailing water issues", immigration, demonizing scapegoat races, false flags, gun control, hate crime legislation, white demonizing, all get swallowed up by JJOOOOOOOSSSS!!!!!! 

 Therefore the top of the pyramid is all encompassing "JEW-WISE-NESS" where all life's problems, it is clearly seen, are damned and constrained in a big Jew scummy lake! In theory, a group would form here comprised of those aware enough to leave  all the divisive Goy on goy issues and ideology antagonisms about life-style behind to be addressed only in a Jew-context. Bring the issue back to the Jew source, in other words.

 Down the left side would be ops anti-tribalist in nature, Jew wise and who also include members preoccupied on Social justice matters. As we go to the base of the pyramid, we have very fuzzy Jew awareness and great emphasis on ideological social justice issues often separating from the source Jew due to ignorance. Examples of these left side operations might be "The Ugly Truth, Aryanism.net, Veronikha Clark, Brandon Martinez, Kevin Barrett etc

 The same goes for the right side.  This includes CI-WN focused groups as well as non-white Jewaware groups that are separatist oriented and that allows for Muslims and Negroes in the mix. Be aware,  groups on down the pyramid, can be seeming enemies to other goyim, also on the pyramid and indeed have members that believe so too.  If this group wishes to be well represented at the top, there will need to be an acknowledgement of the Jew source superceding all other issues by those attending. Clearly, we have to deal with all the various prejudices that accompany those making their way into HITLERIAN ENLIGHTENMENT. In theory, at the bottom, would be separatist but Zionist whites for example that are caught between Fox news and have a red pill stuck in their throat. Ideally, we have a Jew-wise person shepherding them to a higher level to combat Alex Jones, hellbent on selling "Jews are just like us only smarter"bullshit! Examples of this right side abound. Rodney Martin, The Daily Stormer, Renegade, David Duke, John deNugent, Carolyn Yeager  and many others I am not so well versed in.

***Referred to extensively in other articles this left-right paradime, contrary to theDemocrat-Republican masonic  format, would have a "Hitlerian" nature, which basically means that it acknowledges, as Hitler acknowledged, the core of the gentile predicament had become the presence of the Jew in liberated circumstances within a dominant goy society structure (Jewish freedom means gentile servitude). The particular divisions revolve around how that vision is currently interpreted in other areas. No need for hatin. We can argue and we don't have to hate and we can join hands when the Jew comes to intimidate and support and fight along side each other. This pyramid is meant  to be a connecting device that keeps us in touch and somewhat coordinated.

To be clear, any group of folks no matter the ethnicity, is our enemy as long as they are wearing JEWISH ROSE COLORED GLASSES (protocol 12-5), you dig? So I am not saying to love everybody different than us. I am saying seek all those who might come to us no matter their origins, if they can connect who the real enemy is. This is blatantly obvious, that all this superficial casting out or bringing in simply because of birth entitlement is not only good for Jews but most likely planted among us by Jews to create walls. This, again, is what the "pyramid" is for. To gently bring people beyond this "lazy thinking" and realize it's an awareness issue. Awareness kills the Jew and he has smoke screened that with pre-occupations that substitute for that final realization.

Now, I know the WNs have a lot of groups that get along. My pyramid device is meant to not undermine that in anyway. You all can work together exclusively in most of your endeavors. Allowing some of your folks to partake in a HIGHER JEW PLAIN PURPOSE just gives you other options. There have to be circumstances where all these left-right Hitlerian types can join hands and the top of the pyramid will be that coordinating area where the most evolved of our species will tackle how to go about it.

It's clear to me the Jew is aiming to get the Hitlerian right and left to consider each other the enemy and many do so as we speak. There will need to be some breathing room here to build some trust. There's a famous Jewish saying, "Jews, love your fellow Jews even the ones you hate" and I believe that means never forget that the unity of your tribe or resistance is more important than the petty day to day bickering we are all capable of.***

The 3rd side, finally,will represent the occult and all those preferring independence from the right and left (It's unclear where AFP would align, for instance or Jim Stone or Rodney Martin or Rebel of Oz. Possibly some MGTOW and aware feminists, possibly Jew-wise rockers, Jack Heart, etc. I, personally, would gravitate to the third side as I am not capable in anyway, of putting scapegoat goy on a par with the enemy Jew. Though I prefer my white culture and hang pretty exclusively with whites, I, personally,  am not concerned about segregated nations. I want healthy volk within the nation I live in and will let others with more priorities focused there, work that out after the Jew has had his Talmud burned, his kippahs outlawed and forcibly returned to the "Pale of Settlement" with as big a wall keeping them in there as the Palestinians are confronted with in the occupied territories in Palestine today.

Everytime I cry, never forget!

I am not deluded into thinking such an apparatus will easily be accomplished. It's a given that all covert infiltrators will either do their best to keep unity from happening, using influence over all they hold sway on, or that their links to the JWO were always tenuous in nature and will be challenged when they see a viable option to the contrary, allowing them to fully join us. There are many examples of this. Gordon Duff, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, all clearly working for the enemy but showing signs that under the right situation, they could cross over.

 Anyone who has gone to my site knows I focus on infiltrators. Please don't let any of that allow you to believe I am not willing to be proved wrong on any claims I have made. I do state that I will enter into this kind of model (pyramid) giving all folks I have mentioned as being co-opted , the benefit of the doubt while keeping all my three eyes open.

  It is my belief we have many Collin's in our midst though and there will be a natural shaking out as we go along (Perhaps we wave a magic wand and conjure up a Michael Collins out of a Frank Collins, eh?) What this system does is allow for a communication network between all Jew-wise factions so that when an Anglin realizes he has a Michael Slay in his midst, he can tell more folks than just his admins and close friends. Of course, it is totally necessary that the top of the pyramid not allow traitors to garner any influence there or the whole vehicle simply becomes one more Jew op.

Michael Collins-"We need to know what the enemy eats for breakfast

Bottomline, it is imperative to go beyond many small cult like gatherings to a bigger operation that can coordinate those interests. Please remember, various cult fixations are allowed in those groups and their sphere of influence. It is just when we work on a higher level that higher standards and focus expectations become prevalent in a way to supersede smaller op concerns.

To finish, there is no clearer dividing line in what represents the JWO and what represents those that would fight that than the Masonic-Hitlerian conflict. The Hitlerian left and right or identarians- inclusivists clearly have a mutual interest in building bridges and putting aside our petty ideological concerns for the truly graver threat of the Jew, represented in his Masonic-left-right dynamic. That's who we are all fighting if we are truly resisting. We are fighting those that are supporting the building of a Jew World Order. If you have been deluded into calling a Hitlerian, of any faction, the enemy, without cause to believe he is a false witness, you have been tricked by our adversaries and need to go deeper.  This process takes time and why  I propose a pyramid that rises to the top as the enemy Jew awareness is crystalized into those that would rise.........part II is here

With this knowledge assimilated, let all conflicts amongst ourselves be held with that over riding knowledge  of who the real enemy is!

Hail Victory!

No one could have seen it coming.

Goybeast Monster AKA Slave AKA Joe Sigur

This article is subject to updating as ideas come to mind

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.






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