DI5jIbvVwAEN4rXBlind Light"s Oct. Manifesto

Written by Blindlight in November of 2013

My initial visioning

a repost of my very first article. Little has changed from my base world view, just a bit wiser, perhaps 
  • Never let the usurping entity and it's minions undermine your message by undermining you- keep the focus on the validity of the message- lies can't fight full on truth-they have to distract and obfuscate!
  • Never let them get away with quick references such as "Nazis and fascists" that promote "unthinking" behavior- they do this to win the argument with "sheep" still brainwashed- dissect, in public, their tactics
  •  Never let a quick reference to the holocaust, as fact, go unchallenged , or that 911 was done by Arabs who hate us for our freedoms, simply, to make another point. Even if you win that particular point, they win with the unchallenged reinforcement of fake history and your argument is, inevitably, weakened by the unnecessary gesture of complicity with a falsehood
  • Never accept a prearranged parameter for debate that eliminates your best arguments ( Iran can't be allowed to have nuclear weapons- what's the best way to stop them) Challenge the original statement for the inadequacy that it is before going further.
  • Never avoid addressing the "leak" of an issue in preference to focusing on the symptoms that leak caused- That's called "bailing water" and the best you get is less water in the boat and you still got a leak. Always address symptoms with a goal of getting to the "leak". Ex. Mexican illegal immigration has Jew complicity fingerprints all over it. Point them out- the Mexicans are the Jew pawns. European Muslim immigration, enabled by Mideast, Jew led, war-making and Jew led immigration enabling.
  1. Never miss the fact that Jews rule with sleight of hand-distracting your attention towards the wrong thing!
  2. Never spend too much time on one tree, when the whole forest needs to be taken into account (such as obsessing on White Race!)


Hitlerian Left-Right! -two philosophies-"Separatists" and "Inclusionists"!


November 15, 2013 at 9:00pm

{Editors note-May 21,2014- This area is a theme I come back to over and over and a primary area to confront if being Jew wise is to bear any fruit}

This note is an acknowledgement that there are two main groups in the Jewaware community ( Jewawares are those that are aware of who the Jews are, what they, as a people, are striving to accomplish, and the power that they,currently, have and how they use that power to exploit us). What they are trying to accomplish is clearly stated in their main religious book and reaffirmed in the discovered Protocols of Zion manuscript 115 years a go.

They are attempting to ascend to their biblically pronounced, right to be God's truly chosen people and they have been waging a covert war on the goyim ever since they dispersed around the world, becoming the world's only truly international people who considers the world and only the Jewish people their nation.

Generally included, in this knowledge, is an awareness of Jewish history, an awareness of the Talmud, and an ability to access that knowledge through non- Jew approved sources. What I want to do is put ourselves (Jewawares) into two categories, that seem to dominate this movement. I am not going to analyze whether one view is correct as much as to, simply, give you my take on the components that make up each movement.

  • One approach to outing Jewish power is thru the "Separatist" approach.It is currently made up of pure blooded, white Aryans, or, in some cases, slightly compromised blood mix.They see the Jew as, primarily, targeting their own race, and, pretty much, see it as a direct fight between the white man and the Jew; there may be a few black separatists, or Arab separatists, but their numbers are minuscule compared to whites.
  • The other, I call the "Inclusivists", they accept the Jew, at his word, that he has, indeed, included all non -Jews as adversaries to Jewish aims and as targets for enslavement.Because of this, an "Inclusivist" prefers to embrace all non Jews as potential brothers or comrades and acts, accordingly.

The following paragraphs will go into these two divisions in more detail. At the outset, It's important, if our movement is to mature, and we are to have some success in our endeavors, to, clearly, separate these two movements for they have some irreconcilable differences while, also, having some commonalities that make for possible temporary cooperation. By separating, it, also, allows the two groups to disavow needless baggage of the other as they focus on the Jew fight! The last thing "Inclusivists", want to do is defend the racist rants of the "Separatists", that, in their mind distracts from the dominant enemy Jew, and the last thing "Separatists" want to do is join hands with any other gentiles as they see all other races taking advantage of and undermining the White Race. They are fine with others fighting the Jew but wish them to do it apart from themselves.

  there is a "rope pull" going on about a desire to bring certain gentile groups into our midst, and there seems to be no way to appease either side, in my opinion, the only intelligent course of action is to create two different and distinct entities (political parties?),swirling around the Jew, outing him for his treachery in much the same way that, in America, the democrats and republicans swirl around the Jew protecting him and following his orders. It is also my hope that, gathering around a "Separatist","Inclusivist" dynamic,we can quit the petty attacking of each other over the issues neither is planning to give on and focus on our common agreements. Now for "The Separatist" view.

Demonstrated here is "The altright's" secret Jew problem. I have been informed these two whites were actually Jews pretending to be white 

Image result for the roman salute

acting out for a Jewish program

From my vantage point, "Separatists" have great pride in family, race and country. Being Jew wise, and knowing how our government has been co-opted by internationalists at the top, I think it's safe to say that country pride is not a reference to those in power but to the land they grew up in and the neighbors they have come to know. Most, as I said before, are of White Caucasian extraction, and have a belief in keeping the race pure and separated. Some hold the position that other gentile groups don't fully deserve a human classification. Many see Muslims and Arabs to be a threat to their way of life due to their mass immigration into European countries and their, supposed, desire to spread sharia law everywhere. They, mostly, understand that the Jew has been orchestrating much of these problems from behind the curtain but are still convinced that as much attention must be focused on other ethnic behavior as on the Jew.They believe god or nature separated the races for a reason, and bad things happen when they interact too much.They are, also, fully convinced that many of these other gentiles are, hopelessly, co-opted into the Jew camp, thus, further, making their interests in working with other gentile minorities null and void.

My conception of "Inclusivists" would be that it encompasses all peoples concerned with Jewish power from all gentile ethnicities .They are aware of the culture clashes going on, but consider it more of an orchestrated phenomenon than an, inevitably, negative occurrence while admitting that, currently, it is a, mostly, negative occurrence. They look to the proclamations of the protocols, from the elite, Talmudic Jews, in using various gentile, ethnic interactions as a source of conflict and as a buffer distraction which plays out in such areas as wars between gentile powers fought for Jewish profit and Jewish aims, as well as massive immigration with the purpose to undermine the host nation and dilute the base, etc. and so on.

Me, Independent that leans Hitlerian LeftThey understand that Jewish power comes from a divided Goyim and  believe the antidote to that is to create a unified Goyim. To an "Inclusivist", this means being careful to use respectful language when referring to all gentiles and to trace conflicts to the Jew source rather than bog down on the pawn, gentile irritant which then raises suspicion and trust issues among all involved.Views on race can vary a lot, but a decision has been made that to defeat the Jew, as many noble, gentile bodies are needed as possible and need "Including"! The Inclusivist compromise on ethnic venting is solved by keeping it time and place appropriate. He advocates private venting in groups, or among close friends or in PMs, always being sure these are out of the public arena.

A conflict, I have noticed arising, by being one group with two irreconcilable viewpoints is amongst the predominant white element, who seem to demonstrate a dislike, bordering on hatred, for blacks, especially, but other gentiles as well. This has taken the form of daily rantings in public, demonstrating their lack of respect, and reinforcing the opinion that other ethnicities are at war with the white man, for example, with post after post of black on white horror stories. I have yet to recall any positive posts by these "Separatists" concerning their target gentiles of concern.This troubles "Inclusvists" who would prefer to post stories that might elicit curiosity, and interest from other gentiles rather than the distrust that is, currently, occurring. It's a clear concern that any objectives beyond white gentile unity are being intentionally undermined by loud, public declarations of attitudes hateful in nature.

Lousy actor in the latest false flag-Aug.- 2015This leads me to my claim that forming two movements , or political parties would be the best solution so both sides can target their own message without the infighting that the Jew soooo likes! For me as an "Inclusivist", the idea of recruiting someone, only to be undermined by my own people in that effort by opposite signals being sent at strategic moments makes me believe that outreach without clarity of purpose can not be accomplished, and for clarity of purpose to take hold, like minded thinkers, on the basics of operation, need to come together and unlike-minded thinkers need to be removed . Look folks, everyone is waiting for some dynamic occurrence to happen to wake us up. The Jew, himself , has proved that it takes a coordinated attack to make progress towards a goal. He has also, divided up his resources into seemingly opposite camps. He covers every area of dissent with his own.It's really not such a monumental occurrence to, fracture ourselves a bit, strategically, in this fight.

Jew behind the curtain, Vince McMahonThis is my call for that-both groups can contribute, even join hands on occasion, but there are irreconcilable differences in the Jewaware community that precludes working together daily. "Separatists", don't want "Inclusivist" baggage to rebut, and neither do "Inclusivists" want to deal with "Separatist" claims that they disagree with. Focusing on the Jew, is what we all have in common ,and whether that be the ending of the fed, fighting Obama-care, or stopping our troops from supporting Israel, we all have a dog in that fight. Let's come together when we have the same dog in the same fight, and stay apart, otherwise and in this fashion ,we can best keep our eyes on the prize (Jewish power and it's abuse and removal). A final thought is that if we did separate our efforts, when we do come together, lets leave our conflicts at home and focus on the current goal which brought us together.

So to wrap up, I think we need to divide our Jew-aware, Zionist challenging strategy into two political parties so that our primary concern of stopping Jewish power over our lives, doesn't get bogged down with secondary issues that many of us differ on.I have identified, the dividing line as "Separatist" and Inclusivist" , primarily over issues of to what extent various Goyim ethnicities are to get involved with this fight, a fight that the Jew wins by dividing and conquering us-Thanks!

{Editors note-May,21,2014-amid all of this is the heavy Jewish covert infiltration surrounding our whole awareness campaign. Ops have gain the trust of some of us and we are being programmed to behave in ways the JWO prefers-this needs to stop and the best way to do so is go back to square one forming un-infiltrated communities and expanding them with a very watchful eye}

Editor's note II-July-27,2015- though I agree with much here and see that my fundamentals were inline with what i still believe, the infiltration problem is much greater than I knew twenty month go. In 2013, I was of the belief that the WN-CI community was highly co-opted and was unaware to the extent all the others are co-opted as well. This forces me to disavow my two movement strategy but to make people aware how the adversarial mindset is being planted everywhere by folks pretending to be part of a resistance but loyal to the international Jewish power on the sleigh.

 One good way to tell is how focused various groups are on "Water bailing issues". How much time do they spend talking about what we should change about the JWO. I am now of the view that we can't change the direction the Jew World Order is going through political resistance only. Working through a rigged system is doomed to fail. I discuss this all the time now.

Update September 10, 2015- What becomes clearer everyday is that no one seems to be aware how deep the infiltration is and is content  to be led by compromised assets.  Of course, the temptation to succeed, which  demands a certain amount of Jewish complicity, seems to be all that's needed to co-opt those wise enough to know better.  Much like convincing folks totally bought into the NWO matrix that 911 was an inside job, it is pretty near impossible to get supposed red pill swallowers to leave their comfort zones. Everyone complaining is not about to give up their Jew toys or outlets that they have a psychological addiction to. The writers care more about immediate popularity which can only be attained by "playing ball" than to have a serious clear, unco-opted message through an unco-opted outlet.

  I see no one willing to make waves against the obvious infiltration occurring in the Hitlerian right and left movements that are supposed to be Jew-wise. I've thought of giving up but I have gone too far down the rabbit hole to change course


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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.






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