Intro to Leslie Frye's "The Jews and the British Empire"


Leslie Fry (1882-1970) was the pen name of Paquita Louise de Shishmareff. Her name is Paquita Deshishmaref in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index). She was a notable pro-Christian, anti-Semitic activist, known mainly for writing the book Waters Flowing Eastward (1931), which shows how Jews invented and propagandized the scam ideologies of both “Capitalism” and “Bolshevism”, and how finance Jews using a dialectical strategy were primarily responsible for starting World War I. Fry showed how shabbos goy Freemasons were also involved and how the ultimate aim of these conspiring Jews and goy Freemasons was Jewish world domination under a new ‘Davidic’ king reigning at the hub of a new Jewish state in the Middle East. These conclusions were based largely on her meticulous study of the content of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which are a blueprint for Jewish world control likely transcribed from the speeches of the banker Lionel Rothschild at meetings where the founder of cultural Zionism, Asher Ginsberg, was one of the more prominent Jews present.

Leslie Fry

Leslie Fry

Leslie Fry was born in Paris, the daughter of John Arthur Chandor (1850-1909) and Elizabeth (Red) Fry Ralston (1837-1929). Elizabeth married William Chapman Ralston (1826-1875) in 1858 in San Francisco and soon after their marriage, W. C. Ralston rose to become a San Francisco banking and real estate magnate. In fact W. C. Ralston became a living legend and after his death (and even during his lifetime) he was widely acclaimed as “the man who built San Francisco.” However, their marriage was not a happy one, and it ended in disaster in 1875, when William drowned while swimming. After the settlement of her husband’s estate, in December 1875 Elizabeth left on a steamer to Europe, intending to settle in Paris with her children. It is reported that she first met John Arthur Chandor on this steamer, and that he soon joined her in Paris, even though he had been recently married in New York City. It’s not presently known if J. A. Chandor and Elizabeth ever married, but nevertheless their friendship resulted in the birth of Louise A. Chandor (pen-name: Leslie Fry) in Paris on Feb. 16, 1882.


Louise married an officer in the Russian Imperial Army, named Feodor Ivanovich Shishmarev, in 1906 in St. Petersburg. The Shishmarev family was of the Russian aristocracy. Feodor was murdered by the Jew led Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution, but before losing his life he had the foresight to send his wife (now using her married name “Paquita Louise de Shishmareff”) with their two sons and the family fortune, out of the country to safety. After leaving Russia, Paquita (Louise) resided shortly in Britain and Canada before moving to New York and finally to California. She was associated with fascist political circles during this period. Her wealth allowed her to financially support right-wing nationalists.

Jewish conspirator Ahad Ha'am (aka Asher Ginsberg) known as the founder of cultural Zionism, had a secular vision of a Jewish "spiritual center" in Israel. Unlike Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, Ha'am strived for "a Jewish state" and not merely a state of Jews in the Middle EastAhad Ha'am

Activities in the United States and Europe, 1920-1970

Paquita met Henry Ford in or around 1920, and presented him with a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

She recognized the Protocols as a blueprint for Jewish world control, transcribed from the speeches of the “cultural Zionist” Asher Ginsberg at meetings of which he was the leader. At the time Ginsberg supported an international Jewish cultural and political revival rather than a single Jewish state.

Jewish conspirator Ahad Ha’am (aka Asher Ginsberg) known as the founder of cultural Zionism, had a secular vision of a Jewish “spiritual center” in Israel. Unlike Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, Ha’am strived for “a Jewish state” and not merely a state of Jews in the Middle East


Notable “anti-Semitic” writer and Nazi ideologist Ernst Graf zu Reventlow named Fry as his source for his own view that Ginsberg was the author of the Protocols. In fact after The Times correspondent in Istanbul, Philip Graves, produced ‘evidence’ in The Times of London that the Protocols were “a plagiarized forgery”, Reventlow published his support for Fry’s theory in the periodical La Vieille France. Predictably the hysterical Jew Ginsberg’s supporters sued Reventlow and forced him to retract his sincere and incontrovertible claims about the authorship of the Protocols and to pay what the Judaized judiciary of the day called “damages”.

Strongly opposed to Roosevelt’s New Deal, Leslie Fry argued that it represented “the transformation of the Constitutional form of American government into that of the Kahal, or Jewish form of government. It has been called the New Deal and the Jew Deal. Both are correct and synonymous.”

She was involved in various fascist organizations of the 1930s and founded the nationalist and isolationist Christian Free Press. She joined forces with Henry D. Allen in a failed attempt to revitalize the Ku Klux Klan. However she later accused him of misappropriating money from her.

In 1940 she fled to fascist Italy, but returned to the US after the attack on Pearl Harbor. She was interned in Ellis Island and indicted for sedition, but charges were dropped and she was released after the end of the war.

Waters Flowing Eastward


Fry’s major work, Waters Flowing Eastward (1931) showed how the Protocols were part of a plot to destroy Christian civilization. The apparent conflict between Communism and Capitalism was a smoke-screen for Jewish domination, as outlined in the Protocols. She compiled an elaborate chart detailing the Jews’ master-plan and linked it to earlier organizations including the Jew created quasi-masonic cult of European Illuminism used to foment the French Revolution and leading to the League of Nations, the precursor of today’s Jewish invention of the UN. Fry said the Protocols first came into the public domain in 1884, when the daughter of a Russian general, Mile. Justine Glinka, was endeavoring to serve her country in Paris by obtaining political information, which she communicated to General Orgevskii. A Jewish Freemason Joseph Schorst sold Glinka a copy of the Protocols, which was in turn passed by Glinka to Sergei Nilus who published it.

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