Massacre was Masonic Gun Grab, says NZ Man

April 3, 2019

New Zealand is a Freemason colony. Everyone in power
NZ Citizen Outs NZ's Masonic Masters
"There can be no Just and Free society when people 
who enter secret agreements to advantage themselves 
over the rest of us end up in the top positions."
Bankers use Organized Jewry and Freemasons to control the world, but Jews take most of the blame. 
If the Jews were gone, little would change.  
The West is a corrupt termite-infested structure teetering on collapse. 
We have folded like a cheap tent. The tent pole is God.
With their guns confiscated, New Zealanders had better brush up on The Red Terror.  
by Anonymous
I am from NZ and have a lot of information on the shooting and Freemasons in NZ. First a little background.
I got into what today is called Conspiracy Theories when I was 17. Back then it was called Cover-ups and should still be called that. You could only buy the books at Christian Bookstores as mainstream shops would not sell them in NZ.
(In sympathy with mosque victims, NZ becomes an Islamic state.)
My paternal Grandfather was Head of the Phoenix Lodge, a Blue Lodge in Westport. An English constitution Lodge. They told us at his funeral he was head of all the Lodges for the South Island. 
My father refused to join. All doors to good employment were closed to him in my hometown. The father is only allowed to ask once, but my father said his father's lodge brothers never stopped hassling him to join for 30 years. They told him it would bring them prestige to bring in the son of a brother who could bring his own son in. My father rejected them as a rational man who would not join an organization who would not tell you what they were about until after you joined.
My other Grandfather had been a Lodge member who came home from a meeting one night and burned all his Lodge gear in front of his family and told them, "Have nothing to do with them, they are Evil."
His employment went badly after that, like all Masons who leave the Lodge in small towns.
For people who say they are for equality they certainly don't act like it.
Here is some of what I know about the shooting psy-op. I have been hand circulating this where I live. Trying to get the information to non-Freemason cops and former non- Freemason military people. Publish as you feel appropriate.
Upon reaching the Rank of Master Mason a Freemason enters into a verbal contract known as The Oath of Obligation of a Master Mason. This Oath is damning and an act of Treason.


(left, How creepy are these lizards?) 
The Master Mason agrees in employment situations he will always employ a Freemason over a non-Freemason. This is why our courts, government Military and Intelligence heads are Freemasons.
The master mason also agrees to obey the call for aid from another Freemason and obey any higher ranked Freemason without hesitation unless it endangers his life or his family's life.
This is why all Royal Commissions of Inquiry are headed by a Freemason in NZ. This way they can protect their own and always have done. It is why the Erebus report was a litany of lies.
There can be no Just and Free society when people who enter secret agreements to advantage themselves over the rest of us end up in the top positions.
(In NZ all Royal Commissions of Inquiry have been headed by a Freemason or their spouses, uttercover-ups. In NZ to be a Sir or Dame you have to enter the order and be at least an Entered Apprentice to qualify.)
The Mosque shooter was identified as a member of the Masonic Forum in Canberra Australia. This means he is a Freemason. This was censored on the NZ internet by 9AM the next day by the Freemason Prime Minister and the Freemason Head of Police Mike Bush.
(NZ'ers have been denied the information via mass government censorship, this is Unlawful in NZ, please let NZ'ers know through any channels possible)
The Freemason shooter kills 50.
The Freemason cops didn't turn up on time and helped the two other shooters get away.
They then threatened anyone who shared video of the other shooters with 10 years in jail. (The 22-year-old who was hiding out the back in the car park during the shooting captured 8 seconds of footage on his cell phone of the other two shooters- also censored in NZ - has been arrested and threatened with 15 years in jail. It is likely his defence lawyer provided is a Freemason. This is how they railroad people in court in NZ.)
The Freemason PM says the Freemason Intel services knew nothing... but don't worry the Freemason courts will handle it.
She also starts an Inquiry, headed by a Freemason. The Freemason controlled NZ Media all bob their heads in time and never question the illegal actions the NZ govt and PM have taken.
The senior CHCH cops are Freemasons


(Well connected and well hung) 
Every head of police in NZ has been a Freemason.
The heads of the NZ military are all Freemasons.
The heads of the NZ Intelligence services are Freemasons.
The heads of the NZ courts and snr judges are Freemasons.
The NZ PM is a member of The Order of The Eastern Star, female Freemasons.
Head of Police in NZ is Mike Bush. Mike is from my hometown of Westport. That is how I know for a fact he is a very senior Freemason.
After WWII the western governments of the world promised their people they would never pass a law regulating human beings ever again because that is what the Nazi's did.
They have not as they can only create Commercial Law not Common Law which is set in stone and includes the Right to Privacy. No one can spy on you without your permission and the NZ govt, NZ Judges and Lawyers all know this. They have betrayed us all.
After WWII the people of NZ made agreements between themselves so no force like the Nazi's could rise again.
They promised never to accept Censorship or Criminalization of Opinion.
They promised if it ever happens the NZ people would march on Parliament the next day and drag them out into the streets and give them the beating of their lives and tell them they are fired.
They did so to preserve Freedoms the NZ soldiers had fought and died for. If you accept Censorship or Criminalization of Opinion you have reverted to what the Nazi's were doing to their people and all of Oppressed Europe.


NZ people have forgotten the agreements their great grandparents made to preserve Freedom in NZ.
They said The price of Freedom is people will make mistakes. If you don't accept that then you don't really believe in Freedom.
There is an Agency which controls the NZ Media. They decide what is censored and what is promoted. My information is that agency is headed by a snr Freemason intelligence official, who is not a NZ'er. A foreign actor of another nation controls what is censored to the public in NZ.  The NZ govt refuses to let you know this even exists.
PS I have been hacked and threatened for trying to get this information out to the NZ people.
I have been anonymously distributing this to non-Freemason cops and non-Freemason ex-military in NZ and telling them to pass it on.
Later today I will e-mail every member of the NZ Media and let them know if they do not make full disclosures their relations will be informed they did not stand for their nation when needed and chose their careers over honestly. NZ only has 5 million people and only 2 degrees of separation as a result and social justice is more effective than legal justice here. These sort of tactics works well over here as people don't like to see their family name shamed.
I will also suggest whoever publishes it first will be King or Queen of the NZ Media afterwards and will be seen as a hero to the NZ people.
The day after will e-mail the Law Commission in NZ and let them know I am willing to expose the full mechanisms of Western Law for what they allowed to occur and the deception they have created to make money of people ignorant of The Law.
What will occur in NZ will be in their hands. Either it will be peaceful if they make full confessions and beg the public forgiveness or the former non-Freemason military and non-Freemason cops will take appropriate action.
In a small nation, the cops and military are our family, directly related to many of us. They will stand with us not with their Freemason long as the information gets out.

by Anonymous....( 

The NZ online Media uses a site called Stuff nz. The chief editor is a Freemason from my hometown, Glen Scanlon. That is how they are able to coordinate this.

I have a TOR browser. By 9 AM the day after the shooting I could see some sites were not loading, Zero Hedge for one. When I accessed Zero Hedge it was obvious they had censored it because Rush Limbaugh had suggested it was a false flag and the shooter could really be a left winger posing as a right-winger.

I kept looking over the next couple of hours and found the Turkish government had videos of the guy trying to get people to oppose the Turkish leader in the last series of elections. They said without a doubt the guy was a US asset. They said they had the guy on their watch-list since 2012. This is censored in NZ. It is dangerous because Turkey is threatening NZ and the NZ people don't know why. The Turks see clearly this is a cover-up.

In the NZ Media, they censored the gunman's travel movements. They told us where he went in Europe and for how long but left out his time in Israel where it is believed he received paramilitary training. They also left out his trip to the UK from France where he is alleged to have visited MI6 HQ before travelling to the Temple Bar district. That source is not able to be verified but they claim a photo of him exists leaving MI6 HQ.

The Third largest internet router in the world is in CHCH NZ. Makes no sense to have it here, until you look across the road and understand the building opposite is a NSA/CIA data intel gathering operation plugged straight in. NZ has been a testbed for NWO operations. We have had a cashless/cash economy for 30 years with plastic cards making cash rare to see these days. They tested the Echelon program here before rolling it out elsewhere. NZ activist Nikki Hagar testified in the UK about it and wrote a book about.

From the moment NZ said they were on high terror attack alert, they switched on a system which is listening to every call and tapping people's cell phones. I believe this is how they knew who the eyewitnesses were and who to round up and threaten in the night. At least 2 other shooters were seen and at least one getaway driver (a woman). Initial reports have the police capturing these people then saying they were released because they had nothing to do with it and it was suggested they were civilians.

A Sharp Shooter competition was being held that day just outside of CHCH in Melton. Those foreigners were given instant authority to help. That is not lawful or legal in NZ without Governor Generals' say so as they are the ultimate control of NZ.

Not many NZ people don't know NZ is a registered corporation at the SEC-registered to The Queen under her official corporate titles. The nation is controlled through her representative the Governor General who has letters of patent authorizing them. This contravenes Article 4 of the United Nations, the right of a nation to self-determination. In NZ when the government creates law it is not official until signed off by the Governor General. This information was obtained 15 years ago and the MP who was asked to look into had been a career politician for 30 years and confessed he didn't know that is how the nation ran.

People in CHCH say the gunman cannot have got from A to B in the time shown on the vid as it takes 15 minutes in Friday traffic. They say would need a police escort. We see once again the footage streamed must have been faked as the Mosque shown in the vid does not match the one in real life, different carpets. In NZ to view it a 10-year jail sentence.

The manifesto is obviously bogus. In NZ and AU, you are taught English Spelling and American Spelling used to be punished by strapping. The Manifesto is full of US spelling. Once again for any NZ'er to view this is 10 years in jail.

I have been pointing out to people our soldiers who fought WWII did so because the Nazi's ethics were incompatible with our values. They fought to never be censored by their government or have Opinion Criminalized.

My grandmother would often defend people who were obviously wrong from being verbally attacked by others. She told us "People have a right to be wrong. Millions of young men died for that right."

NZ is proposing Hate Speech laws, Criminalization of Opinion.

The rights those young men paid for were paid in Blood.

NZ has been censored online for some years. Under the last government is was discovered NZ'ers had been censored online for 6 months before discovery and admission by the NZ govt. The Media acted as if it meant nothing.

The NZ govt censors the NZ Media on average 28 times a year. If you look internationally to see what was censored it is not matters of national security, but just things that would damage the reputation of the sitting government of the day with voters. Utterly corrupt aided and abetted by the Freemasons who head our Media.

The NZ PM gets her Media Power from her PR person, who is not an NZ'er and appears to be MI6. All the international promotion of her is through him and his connections to international Media.


He was also the PR person for Helen Clark, left, the previous female Labour Party leader who ruled as PM for nearly a decade. She was gifted a top job at the UN afterwards for her service to the NWO and nearly got the top job. Her task was to get Universal ID implemented by stealth in NZ via everyone's drivers License which includes a photo of you which is used in facial recognition.

NZ drivers licenses have a hidden chip in them which is read by near field readers installed on NZ roads. I watched them being installed 12 years ago around the nation. The official story is they are to monitor trucking and heavy trucks. They just tested it for the USA who will roll it out if they have not already in one form or another.

GMO corn was tested in NZ. PM Helen Clark (another female Freemason, Order of The Eastern Star) approved it despite protests of the potential danger when she was the leader of NZ.

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Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

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