I’ll make this post short and to the point. Siege is a Leftist PSYOP to encourage Europeans and European-Americans to violently engage their Government for the purpose of demonizing the struggle against European Genocide. Our battlefield is the human mind, the hearts of the People is the flag we mean to capture. I’ll not elaborate on the origin of Siege, nor talk about how James Mason was a child fucking Satanist sympathizer, but instead I’ll show who is behind the Siege propaganda and why it’s detrimental to our cause. Most of you already know the information to follow, so this post will serve as an easily shareable rebuttal to bad propaganda.

 Who Promotes Siege?  

The DailyStormer promotes Siege. Being that the DailyStormer is supported by the Israeli Government it’s safe to assume Stormer shills are MOSSADniggers…a claim supported by evidence in a future post. The Israeli Government is promoting Siege through various propagandists affiliated with Andrew Anglin and Weev. Furthermore, Siege is promoted by National Bolshevik nu-Communists, again, to promote violence chiefly in America, a violation of the Communist Control Act of 1954. Lastly, Siege is promoted by the AtomWaffen Division who follows Siege ideology. Pics related.

Siege Redpill

Siegetard Nazbolweev siege 2

siege ds 1siege ds 2siege ds 3

dailystormer atomwaffen

There are also a number of kissless betamales, associated with the Stormer, who promote Siege, such as this agent: Dion Wehrwolf.

DSDion Wehrwolf GabMaltego usernameDating

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Siege shills are also Patrick Little shills.

Patrick LittlePatrick Little 2WhoIs radiowehrwolfpatrick little how do you do 2patrick little how do you do

Why aren’t these “people” arrested for inciting violence and other felonious acts like vandalism in the pursuit of a hate crime? Really noggin my joggin over here..

 Charles Manson  

Siege shills also promote Charles Manson due to his concept of Race War. This is to sow division among the People; we must each unite to combat our common Enemy and not allow ourselves to be divided and conquered. Weev and his co-conspirators are behind the Manson spam on /pol/.

weev siege 1 weev siege 3siege ds 4


Satanism, in its current form, is Sabbatean Judaism for disgruntled, low IQ goyim who feel the world has wronged them (perhaps rightly so), giving them an outlet for their hatred. Hate dulls the mind inhibiting anon from seeing a superior strategy to barbarism and violence. This is why Siege is tied to Satanism — it forces you to stop thinking.

siege edgy virgin

 Siege is Stupid  

According to the Pentagon, the U.S. military spends approximately $20k just to equip a single soldier. A soldier is also provided with daily rations, water, weapons, ammunition, and re-supplies at no cost to him. Siege would have you go into combat, in an urban warfare environment (the most complex and difficult military scenario), ill-equipped, under-fed, and with no support. Further, the U.S. military has the American People on its side and guerilla combatants would find themselves demoralized quickly by their own fellow whites calling for their slaughter at the hands of the Military, and would be defeated soon after. This is the reality of Siege whose goal is to demonize whites and institute the police state which would surely follow any type of armed insurrection. The solution to European Genocide is not violence but the Truth — educating the masses, supporting our Country and the rule of law; if our laws were actually upheld we would not face genocide nor would any other crime of discrimination be committed against us. The problem is not the law but lawlessness, the chaos it produces, and in turn, the false order (((they))) mean to create. This is why Siege is stupid.

Ordo ab Chao

If you’re considering an act of violent defiance, whether as part of a cell or alone, don’t. It will only hurt our Noble cause. All acts of violence in the name of white people should be considered false flags carried out by the enemy of all people. I denounce and deny anyone who is so stupid he can’t think of something better than shooting random nobodies or sending bombs through the postal service. I’m telling you the truth: Redpilling the masses is the superior strategy.

siege meme


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