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Regarding the, gun shooting, 3 racists:

My speculation that  the event was likely provoked by anti-fa appears to be right as Anglin-Stormer fills in the details surrounding the likely staged event

Don't count on Anglin to admit it was staged but count on him describing the "show" accurately. After all, rather than challenging the authenticity of the events in Charlottesville and South Carolina (Dylan Roofe) Anglin defended the actions of the target patsy. Not just Anglin, the whole racialist right movement does it too. But the actual "show" narrative, expect to be correct


I’m not going to condemn these guys totally – they’re going to jail for a long time and that is enough punishment without me throwing them under the bus – but I will condemn the lack of rule-following.

And before anything else: this isn’t attempted murder.

What apparently happened – which most media is skipping or distorting – is that the antifa attacked the car, they got out to confront them, antifa moved in to assault them, something happened involving a gun where a shot was fired, then the antifa waited 5 hours – no doubt talking to lawyers and getting a story straight – before calling the cops. The only reason you would wait five hours, with a group of people, before simply dial “911” after shots were fired is if you were putting together a story to protect yourself and harm the other guys as much as possible.

 Anglin goes on to state the clearly set forth policy. What he doesn't do is note that Fears has been on the MSM media's radar as a racist to watch and that fact alone, along with the fact of this man's willingness to travel long distances to events, should leave no doubt the guy would be clued in on appropriate behavior tactics which Anglin then states here

Most Basic Protocol Violated Here

Look – we have a full guide on security at right-wing events, written by an internationally renowned security expert. And in that guide, we make it very clear: no guns, under any circumstances.


So, with the policy so clear and all and with at least one of three antagonists garnering media attention nationwide before this event, it doesn't occur to Anglin to speculate about the likelihood of a plant? Like I said, Anglin  never speculates about possible plants and if anywhere near that topic, pressures all others to leave it alone. 

So who benefits?

Accepting the MSM narrative cements the idea that the alt-right is filled with goofs, haters and loosened cannons who can't be controlled. Is that good for we the people or is it good for vulnerable agents exposed to legitimate scrutiny by their peers which then forces the "Is it good for Jews" question? Then, if it is good for Jews, are the leaders we have GOOD FOR JEWS?

I'm not going to say Anglin's an op because I hate being divisive but...

he really acts like an op


Guys, a true badge of honor - being banned from SPLC forumsSnap479972941Mute video here.

The claim is this was a good press conference

Apparently, posting a flier on campus is "An Incident"Snap479972940


Since March 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has tracked 329 fliering incidents on 241 different college campuses across the United States, a number that continues to grow. 

This post will be updated weekly. Last updated on October 17, 2017.

BL note - Ppl and organizations that have lots to hide tend to link information about a target not to the target's website, but to another article they themselves likely wrote defaming the target or certainly, that they approve of.

Woe be it to consider letting the reader make up his own mind about the person or organization in question. Of course, personally, I have found this to be true over and over when Secret Jews try and undermine me. They NEVER link my actual site, never!.

This is the case with the next three links, all SPLC descriptions of what they wish you to believe about the ops

Some of the groups leading the way in this effort are Identity EvropaThe Right Stuff and Vanguard America. Fliering activities are an integral part of the racist “alt-right” movement as they provide a simple way for “a convert to [become] a committed supporter.” Fliers have the distinct ability to draw attention to the group and cause while keeping the member in the shadows. These incidents represent a new rise in hate and recruitment for hate groups on college campuses.

BL - please goyim, we need not discuss what posting a flier means because that has already been determined, in this instance, by "Big Brother (SPLC). We need not worry about our government misleading us with fake actors and in the pocket leaders who encourage blind hatred for members to engage in. We can remove or leave the thinking caps at home

NLN (No longer necessary)


Rachel Janik, obsessed NAZI-hating JEW, @SPLC, finds an intelligence plant to make her case that Spencer provokes violence


The plant said it was insane of Hitler to involve Jews, lol!


At the University of Florida, a protester urged Richard Spencer to take responsibility for the violence he inspired at Charlottesville.

He refused.

Rachel Janik hates independent whitesSnap479972938

Later that night, three of his supporters were arrested for attempted murder.

Shortly after Richard Spencer finished his poorly received appearance in Gainesville on October 19, his supporters Tyler Tenbrink, Colton Fears and William Fears allegedly started another confrontation, which would quickly turn violent. Around 5:30 p.m. the Fears brothers and Tenbrink pulled up in a silver Jeep at the corner of 34th Street and Archer Road, just blocks away from the venue Spencer spoke at, and struck up an argument with a group of protesters. Witnesses said the trio became belligerent, throwing out Nazi salutes and praising Adolf Hitler. Then the Fears brothers, allegedly urged Tenbrink to shoot the protesters. According to law enforcement, Tenbrink pulled his gun, fired one shot, missed the group and the trio sped off..source


Note all the attention is on belligerent, White, bad actors and never on left, anti-fa provocateurs. Using Charlottesville as a standard for how the operation is done (ignoring the true troublemakers in order to better target  a deep state enemy) we may assume the behavior of the anti-fa was problematic if not worse. Which is worse, swinging a baseball bat with nails in it or firing a gun and intentionally missing?

Image result for antifa - baseball bat with nails

TO remind, the MSM which includes  hate-watch sites, like SPLC, promote MSM-Deep State "spin" verbatim. Here, it appears they are using an "actor" that is steering racialist hate away from Jews and solely at fellow non-Jews considered to be muds by extremists

Prior false flags, sold as real, give her and their claims trust-ability to all those not being exposed to the, more likely, real narrative. Unfortunately, there are but a few folks, being listened to, that are not in cahoots with the gimmickry.

Legit movements are debunked through the using of agents acting as members doing evil shit or making goofy claims to paint the target with a subversive brush/ (William Fears had a recent history of getting MSM coverage. This is usually a sign of being "controlled) Some examples here, here, here


The rule is NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING A CHRONIC LIAR SAYS until proven otherwise. Assume it's bullshit till verified sources, THAT YOU trust, come in to support it and even then, scrutinize all, claimed facts, closely, their power is THAT  great


You Tube flags me for negativity concerning You Tube

Funny, all I did was comment and use a teaser picture of you tubes laxing standards regarding pornographic content. The actual video didn't even touch the issue.  I guess VK Clark is still around

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