Looks like a "Deep State" operative is about to shoot things up demonstrated in the below videoSnap48The Deep State Gets a Pass as Racialists Blame Liberals for Inadequate Explanations of "Vegas"

So much for the lone gunman shooting from above OCT

Blindlight is beginning to think that there was a secondary test occurring concerning the Las Vegas shooting.

How well can the mass media control the narrative when the reality is challenged by a huge number of folks often in multiple locations unmentioned in the official story. Successfully carried out, the OCT withstanding all these other pressures, that would undermine it, bodes well for any type of chaos perpetuated in that what the people hear is what the mass media wishes them to hear and their ability to "control' the event gives confidence for more of the same but worse down the road.

The other thing I would like to point out is  the Alt-RIght, Daily Stormer and Augustus Invictus have all been harping to the supposed fact that the media has yet o declare a motive in the op. This plays into the whites being targeted theme claimed by the right as they have all claimed Las Vegas was an attack on Whites thus the medias disinterest in stating what is obvious.


The media will trot out token minorities to try to prove that this attack was race-blind, and still find a way to blame White males. The cucks on the right may even say that this was a targeted attack on Republican-voters. Liars, the whole lot of them. Especially those that just shrug and attribute the attack to “just one of those things” or “he just snapped” or “valium” or “guns”.

  • Investigators on Thursday were still piecing together the life of the gunman who killed 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas, and remained at a loss to explain what drove him to commit the massacre.
    Only the Alt-Right will tell you the truth.

A multi-millionaire Boomer with no kids and an Asian girlfriend targeted a gathering of Bad Whites.

500+ White people were gunned down not just because they were White, but because they were the wrong kind of White people. They were gunned down by an anti-White, a race-traitor and a self-hating White.

This is the greatest anti-White mass shooting of all time and the start of something new. It has been a soft Genocide of Whites until now.

All these folks are ignoring the short comings to the legitimacy of the official story to then accept the event as the MSM portrays and make it a victimhood rant about White People. In ignoring the obvious, that this event was staged, they then grab their own personal best narrative from the blind acceptance of the claims.

How do we know it was staged?  We can assume it now that we are very aware that elements that contradict the official narrative are being kept hidden. If the MSM isn't part of the staging, why aren't they reporting all this conflict so we can determine the true cause?

Because they  know the true cause and don't want us to know is the only answer worth assuming at this point.

Anglin's Stormer complains about a cover-up but all surrounding the white race victim-hood narrative and evil Islam. Though he loves to rant against Jews, it is Stormer policy never to claim staged or false flag event no matter how inadequate the mass media narrative turns out to be


There is absolutely zero way in all hell that the current narrative being sold about the Vegas massacre is true.

What is the narrative even?

Does anyone even know?


Is that what it actually is?

They just came out and announced that there was no second shooter and there is no connection to Islam.

Augustus Invictus posts something called "The Daily Planet on his You Tube channel where he goes over the inadequacy of, usually, The New York TImes narrative of the day's events. Again, he doesn't challenge anything relating to the obvious false flag nature incurred here but only against the media bias of the New York Times for not offering the motive yet and not offering it because said motive is implied to be good for the White Race narrative. Of course, believing the event as claimed  is good for the MSM narrative no matter what you complain about later

..........Published on Oct 4, 2017
In today's episode, we discuss the amazing notion that the New York Times STILL has no motive for the Las Vegas shooting and is pushing now for the abolition of the Second Amendment; its penchant for peddling smut and calling it art (today in the form of Katy Perry); and its undisguised
I give a few reasons why Invictus, though talented, seems to be but one more  new operative on the scene pushing divide and conquer through goyim infighting though ironically, a major theme of his is "Uniting thr Right", he doesn't go higher by uniting humanty against the "Deep State".None of them do. THere is no Hitler among us (hear that, JdN?).
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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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