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  • Picciolini Being Sold as a Hero by MSM- It's all Staged

    Christian Picciolini doing a Nazi salute outside the gates of Dachau, a former concentration camp in Nazi Germany, in 1992 (BL - Obviously controlled opposition back then being set up for his cruscade today) As a 14-year-old in 1980s Chicago, Christian...
  • Sinead Continues to Promote Fear Porn Drama

    On May 6th after a JWO documentary featuring Piccolini, Crusader Girl and Nathan Damigo aired, we find Sinead creating false drama implying Piccolini is some kind of demon Sinead, Piccolini is a Jew op as are you, Evalion and Crusader girl and last...
  • Picciolini speaks for the NWO

    Click pic for video! I post the Showtime video, again, which also promotes "the pickle man" ( Christian Picciolini ) But guess who else these videos promote? IN both, we see Nathan Damigo's smiling mug as the "nice" face of hate". We only see Grace,...
  • Final Answer, Crusader Girl was a Plant and This Video Proves it

    I was on the fence as to whether she really was a racialist in her year in the movement, half of which was making videos and asking for donations and received from people she now slurs without a care in the world. Heck, she's from the ultra mega-rich,...

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