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  • Picciolini Being Sold as a Hero by MSM- It's all Staged

    Christian Picciolini doing a Nazi salute outside the gates of Dachau, a former concentration camp in Nazi Germany, in 1992 (BL - Obviously controlled opposition back then being set up for his cruscade today) As a 14-year-old in 1980s Chicago, Christian...
  • Sinead Continues to Promote Fear Porn Drama

    On May 6th after a JWO documentary featuring Piccolini, Crusader Girl and Nathan Damigo aired, we find Sinead creating false drama implying Piccolini is some kind of demon Sinead, Piccolini is a Jew op as are you, Evalion and Crusader girl and last...
  • Picciolini speaks for the NWO

    Click pic for video! I post the Showtime video, again, which also promotes "the pickle man" ( Christian Picciolini ) But guess who else these videos promote? IN both, we see Nathan Damigo's smiling mug as the "nice" face of hate". We only see Grace,...
  • Funtimes with Weev (Yes, He MIsdirects, Bigtime)

    Weev is so good at portraying himself as the Aryan hero and if you don't look closely, you will fall for it. There is a lot of misdirection and expected Pavlov's dog responses in Weev's claims and defenses and I thought I would give you a clear example...
  • Final Answer, Crusader Girl was a Plant and This Video Proves it

    I was on the fence as to whether she really was a racialist in her year in the movement, half of which was making videos and asking for donations and received from people she now slurs without a care in the world. Heck, she's from the ultra mega-rich,...

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