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∞ William Blake

‘There are things known
and there are things unknown,
and in between are the doors.’

∞ Jim Morrison

Bootstrap of America Excerpt....source It is 1654 and the Sainte Catherine, regaled in full sail, slowly and majestically emerges from the fog bank, into the light of a crisp New England Atlantic, approaching the coast…
Every Monday, I leave my little piece of paradise in Auburn Ga. and make the forty mile journey into Atlanta. To avoid traffic, I rise at four AM and leave at five AM. Three years…
Hey Zazz, I quickly glossed over your correspondence with Nom in chat and noticed  your critiquing of my video concerning why I removed you. First of all, I will say that what I said about…
My main source  for historical information about Christianity and  indeed, Islam and Judaism, for the past few months has been the excellent Jew-aware site, Christian Solutions.  I do not endorse their alignment with the Catholic Church,…
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notice Australian and American invasion by Europeans in service to Jewish colonialism is ignored and they become "white countries " How self serving! The quote "White people founded and populated these nations" is but the…
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