Snap1BL - I give you "Mad Jewess",  a woman still growing in her world understanding. She and I did not hit it off but I think the domestic 911 (Charlottesville - which I call a staged event from beginning to end) got her seeing through the ruse at a new level (my guess). For whatever reason, we have been interacting positively and though she may have a ways to grow on the Jewish question,  she is against globalism and anyone against globalism is capable of understanding who the true enemy is and should be treated as a respected comrade as we hope to grow together

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I am on a roll today having already released an article on Anglin and the happy niggas which I think is an

   excellent piece and pushing the edge a bit which I am only able to do cause this is my site and I answer to myself and my conscience. I don't have your average conscience, having at the tender age of twenty, discarded all the previous clothes I wore due to brain rewirings that occurred under heavy hallucinogens. Though the acid experiences taught me much, only observation over time and study can teach you about TPTB that rule over us, covertly, and consider us, the ruled, the enemy.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 20:00

A Tale of Three Ops!

I continue to educate myself on the history of some folks I am following. Today, I am talking about VK Clark, Andrew Anglin and Zander-Brandon Fuerza-Martinez. I, personally, am convinced they are all ops and possibly brought up to be ops from a young age


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