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"How would you define National-Socialism?" and the guy reflects, and he said one thing: "If I only had one word, I would say 'Paradise'".

Well, I think that Hitler was a man too kind for the 20th Century. He was too honest, too fair play. And frankly, for me he was a genius of good.

Let me give you a small example, which we rarely think about: from 1943, began the bombing of his cities: Hamburg, Berlin, etc.

You know, if I had been Hitler, as a good French, ("good" in quotes) what I would have done? I would have placed people from occupied territories and I would have dispatched them in the cities, having them placed on top of the buildings and I would have said to the Allies: "There, now when you are going to destroy the cities now you are going to kill French people, or English POWs, etc. "

That would have been easy to do you know, they were feed every day, in 1943 it was still not so bad in Germany but the Germans didn't do it. Hitler didn't do it. And that wouldn't have been so difficult to do. So, he had great respect for the laws of war.

And, you know, Germany had developed gas, including highly powerful nerve gas at the end, when the Allies arrived Hitler could have ordered these to be sent when all was lost, - well, it's true that till the end he believed in a possible victory- but, no, at the time to end his own life, he didn't say: "Realise all of these gas!" No, no, no, he respected these laws. So, for me, he was too good a man, too good in regard to what has been done to him.

IRelated imagen our next edition, we will publish a testimony which was in the Nuremberg trials archives and which was never used, but, I managed to get it, it was the testimony of the woman who was basically his General staff in his Munich apartment on Prinzregentenplatz, her name was Anni Winter.

She was questioned by prosecutors, by the Allies as former Hitler's General staff, about Hitler and in her testimony we see a perfectly good man and she even said at one point: "Hitler was amazingly exploited." She shared anecdotes, for example: a general divorce his wife and did not give him alimony, Hitler helped her and gave her financial support from his own cash box so HE gave her an alimony.

We are discovering things... he was fundamentally a good man. I mean, it is a man who didn't take advantage of his position. Naturally he lived well, but, he deserved it! It is a man who always wanted to respect I mean... he always wanted to respect the laws of war It really took an accumulation of dirty tricks for he began to get upset and say: "But that's not possible!"

When the English, for example, sent paratroopers which blasted factories and who were dressed either in German uniforms... At the beginning he said nothing it was only after a while he said: "But this is not possible one cannot do war like that!" And he requested that these paratroopers commandos to be executed immediately. But he has been extremely patient!

He made a revolution that was the least bloody, compared to the French revolution, compared to the Bolshevik revolution I mean a revolution that was not bloody at all!

There are lots of examples that show what a good man he was. Look at the Anglo-Canadian landing in Dieppe, and that the City of Dieppe behaved well in the weeks that followed, he did release all the prisoners in the region. All the French Pows were released, returned to their families in gratitude. I published a small paper called "The good behaviour of the Germans during the occupation."

It's amazing how kind they were and how HE was kind. For example, he decided that when a French couple went to work in Germany, the husband and wife could be together and placed in the same factory, when at the time you know... people were sent where it was necessary and one didn't care too much of the people. There, no. If you come as a couple it was nice. They were placed in the same bedroom and worked not far from one another, etc. [Hitler] was very kind man.

Related imageEach time I discover new things, I say to myself: "But good grief, good grief, what a man!" I mean, he was THE hero of the 20th Century.

Facing him, however, people without scruple people who bombed... people who... listen... frankly... frankly! I mean, the atomic bomb on Hiroshima: 60,000 dead in 1 second! Who has the genius of evil? Do you realise that the Allies entered the intimacy of the matter, of the atom to be able to make bombs! 60,000 dead in 1 second! But, who is the criminal?

This is often what I hear... When people tell me: "You are the advocate of criminal ideology." I say: "But, who made the atomic bomb? Who did the Allied bombing? and who uses depleted uranium today? Who is? It's you, not us. Not at all.

We are much more respectful people Not to mention what was already known under Hitler which is called today: ecology. The recovery of materials, the recycling, it was already in practice under Hitler, for example, housewives had small cardboard boxes in which they put vegetable peelings, etc. all this was brought for the pigs so that nothing was spoiled, etc. This is something quite fantastic, something never seen before.

A BBC reporter has done a study about Auschwitz. and for that he had to questioned many former Germans and he particularly questioned Goebbels ancient rights arms. I can't remember his name, (Herr von Oven) but he did questioned him. and at one point he said,

"How would you define National Socialism?"

And the guy thought about it and said to him: "If I had only one word, I would say Paradise". Then, naturally the BBC reporter, Lawrence Rees was horrified saying it's not possible... But there you have it, you have this guy who summarized it in one word: Paradise.

And one sees what he did for the families, the large families, when one see what Hitler did for the young married couples when they bought a house they had to pay it, but when the first child was born a quarter of the house was paid to the second child half of the house was considered paid and after four children they did not have to pay for the house.

Which State makes as good social policy today? No one. The modern and democratic States do not hold a candle of National-Socialism. And I think the National-Socialism government was good, because it was headed by an extremely good man


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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying no to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail

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