Timely Censorship

A decade ago, communications, entertainment, research, sharing and shopping on the Internet were created.

They are an indispensable complement to a range of systems developed by the "giants" of computing. Evidently, these "tools" made available to the public are "free" and that, even while they cost hundreds of millions of dollars in order to see the light. The various charters of these realizations indicate that the personal data of each user is private and that the security of this information is priority No. 1.

The total freedom of expression and of the press is also an inalienable creed for their founders who are often generous philanthropists. For example, they are also involved in humanitarian projects in Africa, thus ensuring them a most angelic image, they are pure altruists and listening to them, thanks to them, finally humanity emerges from the Middle Ages, finally the Era of free information without constraint has arrived, and it is a new golden age.

Thus, many means have been put in place to develop and give an international and inescapable status to these formidable creations. To the point where most of the people of the planet in the "civilized" world use them every day. Eventually, over time, billions of people find it commonplace to use them. The story could stop there, and one would like it to, but it is without counting on the exact nature of these projects, the real goal pursued by the initiators. One need only to look at what happened with freedom of expression, security of private data.

Does censorship exist and if so, who or what does it concern? For 30 years, before the advent of these new computer tools coupled with the Internet, the revisionists expressed themselves in pain and fear. It was therefore a decade of quasi-freedom for them that has just ended, even if the repression was intense, they were able to spread their messages and their information. They have been heard, read and seen by millions of people all over the world. We have all seen that anti-revisionist repression is matched only by ambient holocaustic hypertrophy.

After ten years of "letting go" on the Internet, the Jews began a global censorship of revisionism.

What can we arrive at? That the Jews are afraid because people "wake up"? Absolutely not, quite the contrary! Jews can start massively censoring Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc., because whatever happens, these "services" are already part of the Jewish control system that runs from banks to the military-industrial complex, including the media, big-pharma, etc.

Money dominates everything, and the Jews have the money, it is not rocket science; THE JEWS DOMINATE EVERYTHING. No matter who is visible, no matter what the names of the people of the various councils are who preside over the multitude of enterprises (the same people sometimes sit in the various industrial conglomerates ...).

Why the Jews censor so much today, it is for a simple reason: More than ever they have a fundamental need for anti-Semitism. In order to assume their total domination, they have to go to the end of their plan to destroy the White race, and now that they have indebted all the industrialized countries and hold everyone by their balls, they need to recreate preconditions for a new Holocaust of Whites, the two preceding being the 1st and 2nd World War.

In view of the Jewish effort, if this new massacre were to take place, the White race might not survive. As everything is only a question of adaptation and timing, this censorship comes at the right time. It is going to squash the Whites who have "awakened" and who desire only to fight because of all the injustices that they have to endure. The Jewish firewall seems to be the "wicked Muslim terrorists" ...

Jews are not afraid, they are more than ever close to their final goal, a New Jew Order with Jerusalem as the capital of the world. Look at the USA, for it makes the Jews happy that this demonization, orchestrated and applied to Donald Trump, had him elected, and in France the same thing happens again. The more the FN is demonized, the more points it will gain, election after election.

Do you think you were the only ones who noticed this? Do you really think that if Marine Le Pen is elected, the Whites of France will have won? Do you think that the whites of the USA have won while they are preparing to go to war to "eradicate the Islamic terrorism of the earth", and declare war on Iran?

What do you think will happen to the French when the US will attack Iran, especially if Marine is in power?

The democracy in which we live is undergoing regular transformations, so are the new Internet tools created almost ten years ago. Once the change has been accepted, the condition for being a "good citizen" will change over time. To the detriment of the people, laws have evolved and others have been created, censorship and prohibitions have always been more important.

Despite all the evidence that democracy only works for a tiny minority of people, people do not want to change anything because they are convinced that it is a great system, it is not important to them to realize that they no longer have any right or duty. In the same way that it was foreseeable that in the short term we would no longer be able to use Facebook, Youtube or Google to denounce the Jews, we also can't vote for a Zionist party in order to fight the Jews.

It seems obvious that it is impossible to use the system to fight the system.

A person who calls us to vote for a totally pro-Jewish candidate claiming to fight for the White race is either lying or stupid, in any case do not  listen to him. After reading these few lines, an eternal question will be on everyone's lips "what to do?"

The only solution is to stop voting massively and not to plebiscite the worst of the candidates. The more we vote for this democratic masquerade, the more it holds a legitimate power over us. Voting is synonymous with acceptance of our own enslavement. This system will continue as long as the majority of French people continue to believe in it, with all the consequences that go with it.

It has been at least 40 years since the French should have stopped voting, and imprisoned or condemned to death all the traitors of the time. There is no time to discuss or vote "one last time, because, otherwise, all will be lost", but the mirrors to the democratic lark are so beautiful and they send back such beautiful images ...

Let us immediately realize that we are not in the same context as in the 1930s in Germany, that there will never be a good time, that there will never be this economic and social collapse, we have to realize it is useless to wait for better days. Today we are the present and the future and tomorrow is already the past.


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