Mr. Trump, we are ready to arrest the communists like they did in Germany in 1933Image result for 1933 German victory

Gordon Duff - Wahhhhhh, "He's a 'Hitler'"

Gordon Duff, the guy whose article first enlightened me about all the accomplishments of Adolph Hitler in the '30's but who, I have pointed out, possibly because he is Jewish, often uses Hitler as an example of evil,  did so last night while whining in his beer over the democratic loss to Donald Trump

Image result for trump-hitlerUsing an article picture showing the Reichstag Fire, the obvious takeaway that, like Hitler burned down Germany, Trump will burn down America Duff went into his NAZI republican psyop to dramatize the imminent supposed peril America now finds itself. 

We are in peril but not because of Trump but because of lying infiltrators like Gordon Duff and the many others I have named

As an outsider looking in, it does seem fitting that Trump won. After all,  he was put in by people that really wanted him to win. Even Mr. Duff had to hold his nose and verbal praise about Hillary and hope his months of  anti-Trumpism would reign in the excitement created during the campaign.

Watching NBC last night, something I swore never ever to do again,  it was amazing the lack of pretense and hatred for Trump and the overt contempt for white America that put him in office. One Jew foreign correspondent painted gloom and doom around the world but forgot to mention that his gloom and doom was only emanating from the 3% belonging to the rich or the Jew race.

Folks that have always considered all the other races slave races to do their bidding and who are absolutely loyal to keeping America the international cabal's (Jews) policeman involved in everyone else's business and that are dedicated to wiping out our heritage as the inconvenience to Jews it has always been, are taking massive amounts of meds to handle their stress in hopes they will wake up and find out it was all a bad dream.

 You see, it's an inconvenience for it forces Jews to lie and make up facts surrounding all these heritages in order to get what they want for they prefer just to issue order by decree. America, ever since WW II, has been its major implementer of world turmoil the slave races are taxed to pay for (thus the war on terror as a ruse) and this Jew was screeching how evil it was that a president who said he had American's interests first was going to be elected.

When I became  Jew-wise, four years ago, I quit watching all these pundits that I sat there viewing. Last night I marveled at my inability to be swallowed into their false reality dedicated to selling Jewish cosmopolitanism and one-world internationalism, mindsets that serve only the Jew race and the traitorous rich race. Their hatred for the fact that ordinary people like you, reader, and me that we could put forth our counter-visions and disrupt their plans so well was  prominently on display.

The fact that they could coldly reject the will of ordinary, common sense Americans so openly just proves how they are all so out of touch with the masses they brainwash, passing laws that affect us but barely touch them. Their bias that the rich and Jew races can do what the fuck they want to the rest of the world while making us pay for it was never so obvious, foaming at the mouth as the candidate they have never openly hated more has gotten elected to the highest office.

Have the top elders above them near the capstone of the pyramid played these folks as well?

There are signs that  a secret power wanted Trump to win.

 The Hillary health issues all noted after the democratic primaries, the leaking of email propaganda by Assange just before the election, the many Jews and shabbuz goy in the alternative media shouting at the top of their lungs for Trump while the Brandon Martinez's, Aangirfan's pretended not to care while defaming Trump the whole way saw a tug of war between the players and the played.

In many ways, this all does look like a 2016 version of Ronald Reagan as we ordinary goy  hope  beyond hope we are looking at a 2016 version of Camelot.

Image result for 1933 German victoryTime will tell if Trump reveals more about our enemy or does their bidding. It seems clear the Illuminati want a divided populace and an enemy Russia  for it is written that the goy world must be destroyed totally to then rebuild it in the Jew's own image. 

Will Trump bring a "fake morning in America" feeling that really is a secret op enhancing Jewish power like Reagan did or might he consider  "Silver Certificates" as a way to reign in Jewish power like Kennedy did (then to be killed).

Trump made an attempt at a "secret society" speech alah Kennedy leading up to the elections that the Jews said reminded them of the fuhrer but people are more aware now and we have been played so much and talk is cheap.

 We don't want to watch a good talk show anymore, we need this baby fixed and the Jews ain't going to like what we got in mind for the fixin.

As Alan Colmes told Andrew Anglin the other day, "The Jews aren't going away!" and yes, I know  they will never give up power willingly and that is why they have to be brought out fully from behind the curtain to expose their roles in the myriads of ways that they exercise power for all to see.

See how light it is when the curtain is pulled back?Image result for find the Jew behind the curtain

All the lies or crazy claims their media promotes and their paid politicians have backed must be scrutinized and told to HOLD ON THERE, NOT SO FAST.  We don't take a lie and work out an agenda from that lie. We expose the lie and then work out an agenda that makes sense from the truth or we refuse to budge till we get the truth. Unfortunately,  the first step is the continued wake up of our own people and deducing what we must carry with us as necessary and what we have been carrying that is not.

Maybe too much baggage, goy? Did the Jew recommend that?Image result for too much baggage

I've been talking about this all along and will point it out as we watch this new deal play out.

As for Gordon Duff.

He's never been anything but a loyal card-carrying democrat. Proud of his years of service in Viet Nam (cabal mercenaries) though he pretends otherwise, proud of his working high- up in the banking industry, Gordon Duff has never been part of the slave race for he was born into the Jewish race and though he will never admit it, his flip-flopping on Hitler is a good giveaway if you have  eyes to see and ears to hear.

Gordon Duff referred to Hitler in the title but interestingly, didn't even bring it up in the actual article. He waxed and waned about all the prior evil Republicans as he has always done carefully avoiding serious recriminations for anything Democrat and by so doing, showed his allegiance to the rich and Jew races which he is comfortably a part of. His allegiance to masonic political arenas that keep the Jew role from being discovered as he demonstrated tonight by blaming republicans only (Not dems,  and n ot Jews who rule both).

The question is is when will Jack Heart finally see this and take note or does he already.

Gordon Duff believes in this-FDR-1933Image result for fdr 1933 victory


Nothing surprises me anymore. Read some Duff propaganda, goy:

1933: Trump Elected Chancellor

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on November 9, 2016

I should be asleep now.  My Skype is filled with African, Asian and Middle Eastern friends asking me what is wrong with America.  We all live here and know it well.

I am trying to look at bright spots, NATO needs to be reined in for sure.  Then again, torture was always cool.  Privatizing and crashing social security, now that’s going to be fun.

Image result for there's no cure for being a cunt gif

Getting rid of national health insurance and letting the pharmaceutical companies raise prices will force Americans who still have money to eat better food.

Then again, American food will no longer be inspected, raw sewage will be the new fertilizer and ecoli will replace the common cold.

Waiting to see how he deals with Iran is going to be a hoot.  He says he is going to scrap the nuclear deal and renew sanctions.

As for blame, the Democratic party gets it squarely.  They have long been controlled by total fools...continue reading Duff crap

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