What We Have Here Is "A Failure to Communicate" It's "Reverse Colonialism"

What's going on in Europe especially but we can include the United States, Australia and Canada as well is, in many ways, the same thing that happened beginning in 1453 when a Portuguese ship "looking for stuff" seemingly harmlessly landed  off the coast of South Africa beginning the age of colonialism. Africa has never been the same since though it took awhile to build up momentum.Image result for Jew behind the curtainJew behind the curtain

Then forty years later, Columbus, a Marrano Jew, landed his three ships in Hispaniola and America was about to go through a massive change. What was about to occur to the American Indians, a group demonized to this day by a proud white cult for the audacity to be in their way as they were ordered to take over their land, was a travesty. European plagues decimated the natives and colonists who needed more space found the Indians nearby locations inconvenient to tolerate and killed or moved them out.

As a Racist, WHITE RACE RELIGIONIST, "Age of Reason", said to me yesterday

"North America was previously settled by Caucasoid people. These Caucasians were warred against by the so-called natives, who are genetically linked to Asian people.
North America is a territory conquered, not stolen. Brown people's have done the same things themselves.
Colonialism is European, yes. The ancient Germanic tribes colonized parts of Europe without any links to the Jew. Of course the Roman empire spanned almost the whole of the earth, previous to Jewish introduction in their politics."


See two colonialisms. One, the WHITE RACE RELiGION glorifies, one it hates. Both served the agendas of the "Rich Race" and the "Jew Race" while fooling the grunts into thinking otherwise

No, as I explained here, Rich people and Jews through their corporate entities such as "The West Indies Company" colonized the New World using us as their grunts to do so but this gets in to the master race-slave race thesis I have been making lately. Sadly, the Jew seems to have puffed up the egos of whites to let them think of themselves as the great conquerors for the temporary rewards gotten in recognition thereof.

Of course, now, with 100% Jewish media control, all that has all been turned against us and is used as programming for the "new colonists" from the formerly colonized areas as well as the middle east which we have been bombing ever since we pretended and sold the idea that 19 cave dwelling Muslims stole four planes and took down the twin towers in an act of war signaling the start of the "War on Terror".

Recall, European immigration has been occurring for some time and at first few were alarmed. Imagine something quite similar occurring in the Negro and Indian populations in the seventeenth century when they were the nativists. Most had no clue how bad it would get as most of us had no clue how bad our porous borders, manipulated at will by the Jew to advance his interests, would get.

I state the obvious, when seeing the big picture, our interests align, all of us exploited nativists that have been and are being Jewish mind controlled slaves to increasing effect since Paul of Tarsus changed course and joined up with a band of "innocent Jews" to dupe the Roman pagans and undermine their rulers with Christianity

If Pilgrims and Puritans came as well for "religious freedom"  to exploit American resources, that too was the result of Jewish mind control programming resulting from the flooding of countries in the post Spanish Inquisition era by Jews with an agenda to subvert wherever they landed. A generation later, Protestantism, a covert Jew op, was creating all sorts of malcontent whites who now hated the Catholic Church.

To demonstrate the "Jew" in these movements, the Pilgrims had a vote on the boat going over whether to have the native language be Hebrew or English.

Because White Racialists are defending these acts as if they, themselves, were behind colonialism and not rich people that were or served Jews, we can then deduce, knowingly or not, that WRR or the WHITE RACE RELIGION is currently serving a Jewish agenda by placing themselves in the cross-hairs of every other race for being the colonialist usurpers and defending the action as justified

Don't feel guilty white people, give Jew credit where Jew credit is due!.

When "Age of Reason" said this:

"The growing numbers of whites falling for MORE white guilt to SUPPORT the spread of so-called "indigenous people's rights,"

I said this:

Please note, your INDIGENOUS RIGHTS ARE BEING COMPROMISED, as we speak with what you call massive mud flooding of Europe (I call reverse colonialism). Your likely wish for Zionist Trump to save you, a wild stab in the dark for some messiah and the Jew says, "Yes, goy, Trump is the answer. Trump will surely create a great white nation!"
See outside your race. I call it seeing the whole forest not just your white race trees. The Jew sees it but unfortunately for us, he still only cares about himself and is using his"better view" to enslave everyone else with taught memes shared to all various entities to get us clawing at each other's throat. Realize it's been a Jew World Order for a very long time and that what you believe is real, is Simply "Jew World Order real" (it's all you know - study Hitler)! The glasses on your nose? The Jew put them there. (1)  Please remove them and go where other racialists dare not go

So goy, when we see a hidden hand sending in huge numbers of twenty-something mud race males, let us see it for what it is. The Jew is undermining the natives of Europe and elsewhere, with little people chosen to do his bidding to change the lands they are invading into a culture more suiting the Jew's personal vision for a Jew World Order of the future.

Image result for god said kill the goy!This is easily missed, this connection with historical colonialism,occurring between 1450 and 1950, but that's because of all the gimmicks we now have making us feel like a different scenario entirely and by the fact he is so close to achieving his objectives in full. His chosen niggaz, previously, the white race,  a burden he no longer wishes to tolerate and is to be demoted and the others that had been subjected below, uplifted.

I remember reading the old testament as a kid and thinking, "Boy, they sure were barbaric in the old days", little realizing this behavior is being encouraged today by the "invisible cult".

Whine and moan all you want but a Jews gonna do what a Jews gonna do. Take it to the bank and  give the Jew banker the last bits and pieces of your real wealth in return for his fake money!

I repeat that the answer is for the slaves to see the con and join with other slaves also aware of the con and see through the misdirection being used to hide the con and to, then, take down and expose the con. Sounds simple right? Let's get started!

What we do have here is a "failure to communicate" and you, goy, are going to be punished for the Jew's failure just like"Cool Hand Luke" was punished

 Image result for the next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands gif


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