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1492 - It Was a Very Good Year! The Door Swings Open!

Many things joined together in a pivotal way to make 1492 and events 50 years before and after a Jew World Order Timeline placemarker. The fall of the Byzantine Empire  behind the shoulders of a fake Muslim Crypto Jew  in 1453. The invention of the Printing  Press around 1450 and the Portueguese landing in what is now South Africa, again around 1450 which was the beginning of Jewish colonialism

Below and sourced from this site,  we get some big 1492 event descriptions, a date that could legitimately be pointed to as the official beginning of the Jew World Order. The Inquisition had the effect of flooding Europe with subversive Jews who would through biased story telling, effective use of the Printing Press and a diabolical plan already hatched by the Elders, reek havoc on Europe and through colonialism, enabled by Protestantism, the world. It's a year when Columbus, a known crypt Jew remembered as a great goy adventurer in the Jewish press,  officially started the trans-Atlantic slave trade as he met non-hostile Indians on his first voyage to the new world and took 500 as prisoners while laying waste to the rest.

On his second trip to the New World, Columbus brought cannons and attack dogs. If a native resisted slavery, he would cut off a nose or an ear. If slaves tried to escape, Columbus had them burned alive. Other times, he sent attack dogs to hunt them down, and the dogs would tear off the arms and legs of the screaming natives while they were still alive. If the Spaniards ran short of meat to feed the dogs, Arawak babies were killed for dog food.
"They are without arms [weapons], all naked, and without skill at arms and great cowards, a thousand running away from three, and thus they are good to be ordered about, to be made to work, plant, and do whatever is wanted, to build towns and be taught to go clothed and accept our customs.”

In typical Jewish fashion, he viewed them only as assets to be exploited and not as human beings, an earmark of the colonial way and an endeavor that must be rolled back to make right what the JWO did to the world


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Beginning of the
Age of "Geographic" Discovery

The invention of the printing press in the 1440s, and the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD, combined to cause 1492 AD to be a very decisive turning point in history.

Columbus became a necessity

Christians in the West saw that Constantinople was finally weakening from the Ottoman Muslim assault. The writing was on the wall that the Christian East would soon fall.

Remembering the barbaric demise of their own Christian Western half, the Christians in Spain began their push through Spain to rid themselves of the Judeo-Muslim invaders.

When news came of the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD, this could only strengthen their resolve to rid this corner of Europe of Judeo-Muslims.

By 1492 AD, Spain would rid itself of the Moors and become the first Christian nation to ever reverse a Judeo-Muslim invasion.

The costs for Spain were high. In revenge, it was cut off from the Silk Road trade route to the East, that the Ottomans now dominated out of Constantinople.

Out of sheer desperation, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella chartered Christopher Columbus to find an alternate route to the East; one that would totally bypass the Ottoman Empire.

Thus Christian Spain opened up Europe to the exploring "Age of Discovery".

As a result, Christianity would be promulgated throughout the New World.

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Beginning of the
Age of "Intellectual" Discovery

Do not imagine that the printing press was invented on a day in the 1440's, and by the very next day there were Barnes and Nobles book stores on every street corner.

Before the printing press, the costs of books were astronomical. First you had to have a trained literate man to read the book to be copied, then he had to spend weeks painfully transcribing the words by hand. Since the paper was not mass produced, it also cost a fortune. Then the reader had to be able to read, but books were so expensive, that the average peasant just did not see the payoff to spend years learning how to read just one book and spending a fortune to buy it. -- Even if the one book was the Bible.

I find it hard to make my teenagers learn to read even today.

Imagine the first IBM computer. Of course you could have bought a computer decades ago. But first, you could not have afforded it as it cost millions of dollars, and second, you would have found very little software available to do anything interesting with it.

Today, a parent is considered abusive if his little Tommy does not have a computer in his bedroom, with hi-speed Internet access to the Library of Congress.

And so the printing press had to also go through a evolution before people saw the need to buy books for themselves.

The printing industry had a "chicken or egg" dilemma in their hands.

The press could only print one page at a time. To make that page, each letter would have to be individually set by hand into the press to create all the words and sentences. This took considerable effort, but the costs per page came down quickly when the number of pages ordered grew large. Once set up, an unlimited number of pages could then be made. The cost of the paper would also not be reduced until economies of scale demanded it be mass-produced.

But in this chicken or egg scenario, there was not a large number of readers at first. Only the wealthy could afford the output of the printing presses.

Eventually, more and more members of society could afford the mass-produced printing press books and therefore more and more people saw the need to learn to read.

But it takes a generation to teach children to read.

Eventually, sometime in the 50-year period between 1442 and 1492, the printed Bible became viable. And it would initiate a Revolution.

The First Generation Gap

An intellectual "Age of Discovery" was also now beginning as a generation of children were just coming of age, having been taught to read.

This would create a huge parent gap of illiterate and looked down-upon Catholic parents pitted against literate, but soon to be Protestant, know-it-all children.

The literate children would not be taught so much by their parents, but taught by books containing far more knowledge than their parents dreamed of knowing.

The printing press gave the literate young adult the ability to bypass, not only the teachings of his own parents, but the teachings of his local priest.

Now he could read for himself what the original author wrote -- what Jesus Christ wrote!

As you can imagine, bypassing the parents, the local priest or taken to the extreme, bypassing the Pope himself was a radical idea, and reading exactly what God himself had written would become the rallying cry of this generation.

This would embody the ultimate fulfillment of religious freedom.

Or -- The Beginning of the Loss of Freedom

Sadly, and this is obviously NEVER pointed out today by book publishers, but book publishers would now become the new censors, taking the place of the trusted parent or local priest who had baptised you.

And the book publishers would come to be Jewish owned.

Only with the Internet, and perhaps only for a short time, can ordinary people bypass the mass media censors, to once again gain true understanding. This time, hopefully, we will find that the local priest was right and the Jewish Pharisee-led media-Scribes who took his place were wrong.

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1492 AD
Beginning of the
Age of "Religious" Discovery

These forces shook the very foundation of moral life in Europe.

The Catholic Church of their parent's generation was said to be "hiding information", by not letting people read the Bible.

The Catholic Church of their parent's generation was said to be "evil and corrupt".

The Protestant Movement would bring a greater morality, the morality that God intended, back into people's lives.

How easy is it to influence people?

Not to demean people wanting to be moral in the least, on the contrary, this entire book is written with the hope of once again raising morals in all Christians.

However, if you want to see how utterly easy it was for the media-Scribes to have the peasants of 1517 Europe believe the Church was evil and corrupt, while believing that the Protestants were more upstanding and more moral, one only has to look at today.

In today's world, our media-Scribes are currently presenting homosexuality as morally acceptable. All while flying in the face of Protestant morality, laws of nature, and even common sense, is the fact that the gay lifestyle today is being presented by the media-Scribes as completely normal.

And people are buying it wholesale.

It is not hard at all to see why one would want to leave the Christian faith of the day to create your own.

Luther's fight over the morality of having to give indulgences needed for penance was cleverly expanded by the media-Scribe propagandists as a cover to get rid of the concept of penance altogether.

In the Protestant Revolution, such burdensome Christian responsibilities such as penance, confession, abstinence, fasting on Fridays, virginity, celibacy, religious vows, would all be thrown out the window in this new Christian liberation.

All these obligations toward God, all these religious institutions acting as a curb on sinful human nature would be demolished. The results of this can be seen today.

Yes, there were some such as the Puritans, who thought they saw through it all and so created counter-Protestant revolutions, and who ironically, actually placed even more burdens on Protestants than the Christian Catholics before them ever did.

Saved by faith alone meant there was no longer a need to "do onto others as you would want them to do onto you." Good deeds were no longer needed. All that was needed to be saved was being "born-again". All the Protestant church needed was your attendance on Sunday to give your tithe and you were free of religious observance for the rest of the week.

The denial of free-will gave excuses for moral lapses which were no longer to be looked upon as mortal sin needing confession and penance. A simple "pray and go" could patch things up with a predetermined God. Why, God even made him do it, since God knew the sin was coming and did nothing to stop it. For Protestants, there would be no "free-will" to spread "good-will" toward men.

No Pope, guided by the consensus of a college of cardinals, trained in theology, with a thousand-years of experience needed to be adhered to by the people.

Each 18-year-old, fresh from under his mother's apron, could now simply read the Bible for himself, cherry-picking out his own morality.

How could the Christianity of a David Koresh be condemned? Upon what basis? For, according to the Protestants, Jesus never established an actual "church" on earth and Jesus never warned Christians of the need for unity in Christian beliefs, Jesus never told Christians he would be with them until the ends of days and Jesus certainly never appointed one man to lead the church.

Protestants act as if Jesus would have said that Protestant Christians should condemn and denounce Catholic Christians as not being perfect in their Christian beliefs; and yet in the same breath, say that Jesus entirely and unequivocally embraced the Pharisees, Sadducess and Scribes as the Chosen people, because the Jews did not have to have any Christian beliefs at all in this Judeo-Christian religion.

Of course, having your religious leader talk to you in your own language, singing sweet songs of love, was eagerly endorsed.

Now we get to the "How was it done"
So, how exactly was the entire bootstrap of Europe done then?
How was the Catholic Church unseated as Europe's moral leader?
How did the demise of Christian kings happen?
How did atheist communism gain a foothold?
How did secular "Democracy" gain a foothold?

Well, here is a rough outline of what the Pharisees did right after being kicked out of Spain in 1492 AD, only to become spread and embedded throughout Europe in the second Jewish Diaspora into Roman lands.

Outline for European destruction

To gain acceptance in the kingdom they immigrated into or the kingdom in which they traded, NT Jews would employ the "drown child" storyline. In their trading gossip networks (TGN), kings could do no wrong. Every decision of the king was right, moral and just. In the eyes of the people, the king would become like Beowulf, a hero, but like Beowulf, unknown to the people, his was often a kingship having a dark secret of having sold his soul to the devil.

The king became a Herodian.

For the Revolution however, this Herodian king would become a more moral leader than the Pope himself would.

This placed a great trust in the King by the people, who identified through their king, and the thankful Herodian king reciprocated by giving the Jews, his dark secret, a special status in finance and governmental affairs.

The special status allowed even more manipulations and even more trust in the king at the expense of "the outsiders", the Pope and Cardinals in Rome. This worked especially well in the fringe regions of Christianity, in northern Europe, where lived independent minded Germanic peoples who were accustomed to fighting the outsider Rome from barbarian days and from the Island of England, even further away and also of Germanic Anglo-SAXON heritage.

The Protestant Revolution now only needed a spark; that spark being, of course, Martin Luther in 1517 AD.

Martin Luther's original goal was to reform the church from the inside.

He was a reluctant revolutionary, and as said before, may have become a saint in the Catholic Church had not outside influences interfered.

What Martin Luther found when he posted his 95 thesis was a pumped-up German populace ready to defend any argument he had.

This in turn made Luther's own prince, Herodian Frederick of Saxony, himself pumped-up full of pride by the media-Scribes, to aggressively defend Martin Luther and to actually encourage him to sever ties to Rome.

Soon, pumped up Herodian princes all over northern Europe, anxious to grab the vast resources of the Catholic Church, also supported Lutherans..............To be further read with eyes open. Christian Solutionsis a Catholic op. Those that know me, Blindlight, see the whole Christianity and indeed Muslim initiatives as Jewish mind control eventsImage result for all hail the king of the north gif


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