Image result for white man's burdenThe White Race "Better Than Thou" Myth, Residue Left Over From Jewish Colonialism

It's an interesting dichotomy, a "master race" and a"slave race" both with similar views of themselves as the supreme race, one, in actual fact, ruling over us while pretending not too,  and the other, the claimer of world domination while in actuality just hired mercenaries for the former and believing a creed taught soon after 1492 and the 3rd Jewish diaspora to get ordinary whites voluntarily onboard with the Jewish agenda to exploit all the resources of the world while enslaving the natives newly encountered along the way (and eventually, the white race).

White Man's burden is an interesting phrase and here is the definition found at "free dictionary":

The supposed or presumed responsibility of white people to govern and impart their culture to nonwhite people, often advanced as a justification for European colonialism.

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Folks, it wasn't "White People" that wanted to colonize the world, it was the Jew and RICH PEOPLE. This above phrase was one of many techniques used to impart the spirit of Jewish colonialism to WHITE PEOPLE.

Did it have to be white people? I doubt it. It was where Jews were located when they got a fancy to undertake the ventures and like getting the local populace all up in arms about Protestantism and Catholicism while slaughtering each other in huge numbers for new Jewish thoughts of malcontent, colonialism, too, had to be given a reason for it's existence and, for that, the duty to civilize the savages and the need to save them through Jesus worked more miracles than could have ever been imagined prior.

Not only did they get the white man's complicity, they convinced him it was his idea, gave him responsibility for the transgressions to uplift his ego and lay him bare for future demonizations to come for having partaken. All taking place while the chief Jews and rich goy that serve them, looked on, unmentioned behind the curtain.

This illustrates, visually, the, can't be denied, honestly, fact that the English Empire began to take shape  upon Jewish legal re-entry into Europe in 1650

This illustrates how New Amsterdam became New York and an English colony when the power center of Jewish finance relocated from Amsterdam to London

White People, the world's burden!

"White Man's burden", "Pagans must be converted to Jesus" "Kill the Indians who impede progress" were all lamentations promoted to get everyday whites, normally concerned with just what is in their own European neighborhoods, to be concerned about things "good for Jews" but sold as "Good for whites ".

Even the existence of the Pilgrims and Quakers, fleeing supposed religious persecution they never even thought of before the Protestant Reformation taught them how evil the Catholic church was, were Jewish cons committed against the goyim to get them willingly to participate in the colonialist agenda.

Image result for Caesar PopesMany in our red pilled resistance movement are quite aware that all the major revolutions were, in reality, Jewish psyops or, at minimum, secret society psyops done to undermine the goyim power structure and liberate Jews (Unchecked Jewish freedom translates into Goy subjugation in but a short time with many needlessly dying). Little do most of these folks know that to enable those revolutions to bring down the newly made "Caeser Pope's" (monarcical kings who assumed the power of religious and political leadership) religious bloodbaths needed to occur for decades to cut Catholic Church power in half and it was all "good for Jews" so bring on the first, the English Revolution!

It was all a coordinated effort that required a Spanish Inquisition to disperse comfortable Jews from their previous Muslamic positions of well-being in Spain, while at the same time embarking on the beginnings of the colonialist age enabled by rich Jews in Amsterdam and their creation of the Dutch West Indies Corporation, the first corporation that was born right along with the first central bank's appearance (all Jewish in nature).

Within decades of each other, colonialism began in full swing, the Jesuits were formed, Martin Luther financed, covertly, by Jews,  left his 90 complaints on a door to start the Protestant Reformation, Alhambra, the original Illuminati, began and the Inquisition occurred. All these supported growth of the Jew World Order.

A letter many revisionists today see is a precursor or example of protocolic thinking by the Jews down through time was also said to have been sent to a disgruntled diaspora Jew forced to leave Spain in 1492 , mailed by a person called "the Prince of the Jews"

Before we move on, let's not forget the printing press which actually allowed ordinary folks for the first time to read the Jewish version of reality and thus put on a permanent pair of Jewish glasses with which to see everything by. Yes, Jews with their devious ways, immediately saw what, the take things as they come, goyim didn't even consider (the printing press=mind control if in the right hands). This enabled Jewish agitators to put new ideas and concerns into the minds of the local goyim that would have never surfaced otherwise. New versions of Christianity occurred with a pro Jewish slant to be advocated as driving forces behind the later to come revolutions as well as the horrors of  the 30 Year's War, but one example of the horror that engaged Europe due to the now existing Jewish mind control apparatus called the printed page. (Of course, inventions like these that lead to more Jewish dominance are written down in our history books as liberating devices but forget to mention that  most were liberating only for Jews)

Along with these new causes of discord came a new indoctrination of national responsibility. Of course that was a Jewish ruse as well. The need to go three thousand miles away from your home roots was not a peasant need. It was a need of the Jew and Rich Races. The Rich Race as I said in this article,  were simply the former aristocratic rulers in lands where Jewish power secretly had taken over.

They, then, pretended to be the leaders (acting as Jewish buffers) while receiving instructions from court Jews in the rear before going out to make pronouncements. It's all very similar to what we have today but instead of a monarchical form of government we have something called democracy that creates the illusion that leaders rise from the popular base to power in order to serve the interest of the peasants. Instead of calling the instruction givers court Jews, they are called other names official in nature and actually do a good bit of the talking for the pretend leader.

So, how to get the goyim to go to wilderness lands populated by hostile people and make them fill good about themselves in the doing.

Well, there was the coaxing way and the mandatory way. Many people of little means and no cloudt, possibly in trouble with the law, were forcibly sent to colonial America as indentured servants. The hostile natives were defined as uncouth savages so the white man could feel good about the necessary killing he had to do to feel safe on the savage's personal property.

Realizing that prisoner natives could easily escape due to their knowledge of their surroundings (for it was their homeland) and support from other free Indians, they were, therefore, considered a poor risk to try to enslave. Knowing no moral issues akin to the subjugation of whites would arise from the doing, Jews embarked on hijacking blacks from faraway Africa to be sold to, primarily, THE RICH RACE who had set up huge plantations for the mass producing of the resources located in the new areas.

Paying livable wages to freed poor whites was not a skin flint's option and besides, there was a long range plan to make all the goyim overt slaves. It laid in a fulfilled Jew World Order. That principle can be seen today in the goyim subsidization of Palestine or Israel.  Jews could easily afford the cost  of doing what   is necessary for Israel's survival but for the long range agenda of all wealth removal from the goyim. Therefore,  citizen taxing  has been accomplished in many countries to support the Jew killing machine called "America's Greatest Ally!", Israel.Image result for "America's Greatest Ally!"

Upon quickly noting the common bond indentured blacks had with indentured whites,  measures were put in place to create a hostility between these two slave races. The difference between the whites and blacks was that Jews didn't care if blacks knew they were slaves but had gone to extreme measures to convince whites that they were the rulers of the world and not slaves. This then created a need to make the white slave race the keeper of the black slave race but slaves primarily, both races were and still are.

Segregation was imposed and lower class whites formed the police force to assure that the rules were abided by between the groups

The residue of this was  placed on display as the red neck white class had their previous history uprooted through the forced integration issue of the 50's and 60's.. The Rich Race and the Jew Race had little interaction with each group socially beyond seeing the slave races as servants in one form or another to their interests.
Whites, already bitter about black upgrade to limited citizenship, post Civil War, was forced to idly stand-down for moral reasons to see all they had been forced to live by for the previous two hundred years get swallowed up in a March to Montgomery and like occasions for what was overtly,  human justice but was  in reality, a first step in the door for Jews to remove White Identity from it's own culture as it was becoming a nuisance and needed fine tuning downward for the good of the Jew Race.
..and like an obedient puppy dog, THE RICH RACE dotted the "I's" and crossed the "T's" to make it seem like it was their decision, again hiding the Jewish leak at the core.

The realities of the deed was further hidden as the papers  and media trumpeted the white reluctance to let go of their privilege. In truth, a privilege they may have had over blacks that was, far and away, below  the Jewish privilege of the folks behind the curtain who remained nameless and anonymous, always mislabeled to distract away from the Talmudic tactics of their behavior if having to be referred to at all.

Image result for White privilege Jewish privilegeImage result for White privilege Jewish privilegeDisguised as local countrymen, bankers, media bosses, school superintendents, the Jew race went about fomenting a wrecking of the long ago invaded land that they now ruled in secret. A land that needed to fall and to blame white people and even those of the "Rich Race" for the fall.


The JWO is a fluid and slippery thing exerting it's effects on the person without them being aware most of the time, with some measures having been put in place a long time ago and seeming to be part of societal fabric (the Matrix).

Hitler showed what was possible by removing that embedded Jewish make-up and creating a better world for the ordinary folks, the folks the JEW and RICH RACES looked upon as SLAVE RACES.

The slave religion, Christianity, became a great tool to get whites to go around and for the (pretend) good of the natives, the media taught, convert them to worshiping a Jew on a stick. One only has to look at how Judaism operates and then how Christianity operates and see that the Christian slave religion is designed to harvest more goyim for Jewish supervision while only few new comers are allowed to enter the Jewish faith with full acceptance (Judaism being the ruler's religion).

As an aside, the usury psyop, in Jewish hands because of a moral creed, makes no sense and it is much more likely the case, as Jews exerted background control of these supposed goy religions, that planted seeds of scorn were placed into existence for the idea of lending money at interest to a brother Christian. The whole idea can be seen for the con it is simply by noting the reality that all Christians engage in usury as a borrower or as a slave in comparison to the lender, the Jew. The Jew, being small in number and with like code for themselves, must parasite off the host through usury and thus the reason for the con.

Put two and two together folks to solve the reason why (It's good for Jews).

What we have come to with hundreds of years of this indoctrination is a White race obsessed with themselves, who are beginning to realize they have been played all along by the Jews but can't wholly give up the idea that they are or should be in charge as the greatest race of all time. This has them focused on all the other slave races as the enemy in equal or more proportion to the Jew.

Image result for see the forest for the treesNow we come to the "seeing your own trees dilemma". Jews, as a race, see, better than anyone else, the whole forest. The problem we get still though is that  though they see enough of it all to have a positive effect in their decision making process on all races, they only care about their own race. Noting the self-absorption and limited perspectives of the slave races who only see themselves (or THEIR trees), this, then, has them traveling to different locales giving opposite narratives to competing forces, narratives which always benefits Jews and causes wars between the competing goy factions and other forms of turmoil (Turmoil and chaos makes the Jews relax and feel warm and fuzzy inside).

The answer of course, is for the slave races or in my case the white race to become more aware of the forest that surrounds their own trees. This then would put them on their guard to being so easily manipulated by the master races as well as look into ways of uniting other slaves in the reconquest of their rightful place on earth to again be the masters of themselves and not dupes to scoundrels. 

In fact, with the situation we have come to with the boot applied heavier and heavier against the skull of the slave races by the master races, it becomes imperative for an expanding of awareness beyond selfish, personal group preoccupations and to see the manipulative Jew enemy disguised as their friend for what he is. This is made all the harder by the many Jewish disguises and misdirections planted intentionally to confuse while having you believe your enemy is your friend, and your friend is your enemy.

752f9fe645ab2eda835a7994257297c6Attaching value to backward preoccupations of the slave race groups the Jew encounters IN DISGUISE, he twists and turns their directions towards places not in their interest but in his. It's happening now as we speak and it's happening in the red pill district as well as the blue pill district with different narratives to suit. It's why I proclaim to quit paying attention to their latest comings and goings, these master race subversives and target them for annihilation.

That's right. Leave your seat in the arena where you are surrounded by mindless parrots who recite on Q whatever asked or sold and sneak back to the curtain.

Look around.

Everyone's eyes are focused on Stone Cold Steve Austin arguing with Stephanie McMahon.

That's right, continue on through the curtain. Peer, secretly, into Vince McMahon's room. See him having his cock sucked by one of your fake goy resistance fighters who is actually a Jewess and get your blade ready.

The oven at home is  for what's left when you get through with him. Send a message home to warm it up!

Enjoy the momentImage result for the next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands gif

Yes, we do!

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