Is this a Muslim problem or a Jew problemImage result for 911Fix the leak, then deal with the water (Jew-Muslim problem) - updated

Image result for the white wolfEvery Monday, I leave my little piece of paradise in Auburn Ga. and make the forty mile journey into Atlanta. To avoid traffic, I rise at four AM and leave at five AM. Three years ago, I decided to quit watching TV and at the same time , that included listening to the radio which was part of the  same matrix mind control apparatus I wished to do away with. This then gives me much time for introspection on these one hour journeys before the birds have even risen to begin their chirping anew. Yesterday, while scoping Brandon Martinez's you-tube, I noticed his latest 40 minute anti-Muslim video.

This time it wasn't just a quick upload of someone else's work as had lately been the rule but Martinez's own narrative made for  the core of the presentation with film footage to mind control the audience along the way. I listened and didn't react immediately until the drive in this morning. It occurred to me what the slight of hand was that Brandon had employed, a slight of hand many racialists, indeed others, were employing as well.

It was a method of divide and conquer, a separation of the Jewish problem and the Muslim problem. Though Martinez, during his forty minute monologue, did acknowledge the Jewish source of the problem if, often times, slightly disguised as "ruling elites" or "western powers", he employed a method of separation to get his mostly casual following to focus only on the Muslim's when emotional imagery was invoked, then intellectually stating much later after the con had been assimilated as Muslim only, to finishing his narrative with a Jewish problem dissection.

Folks, it is my contention, that if you want to solve the Jew leak to the Muslim problem, you can't bring up the Muslim problem without pointing out that there's a prior Jew leak causing the Muslim water flood that has to be dealt with. During the first twenty-five minutes of negative imagery with verbal descriptions of the Muslim threat and their potential takeover of European society, nary a Jew mention was heard though Saudi complicity and Wahhabi-ism invoked over and over. No effort was made to announce the crypto Jew element of the Saudi government and the  Jewish influence to inventing the subversive Wahhabi religion, a religion subversive in the way that Protestantism was subversive to Catholicism. 

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 Knowing Brandon's Jew-outing ZCF past as I do, I had to laugh as Martinez waxed and waned about a Muslim state within a state as he showed visual imagery of a separate Muslim, sharia court system located apart from the British legal system and tied together  this subversive aspect with the potential of a European Muslim takeover. This is separating the Muslim problem from the Jew leak problem and just as you can't separate water in your basement problem from the leak contributing to the water filling up your basement, Brandon proceeds to do so bolstered by the fact that all the limited hangouts, likewise presenting information on this dilemma, tend to do the same thing.

To protect himself from claims of Muslim demonization, he then proceeds to mention the Jewish leak as an intellectual aside much later in the broadcast. But the damage has been done. Brandon has now reinforced the MSM imagery and indeed much of the alternative media imagery of the separate but equal Muslim problem to the behind the curtain Jewish problem.

A Hitlerian perspective would never allow this link to be separated for one minute and why BLINDLIGHT offers an alternative perspective you  are hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Having already mentioned Brandon's sharia law, state within a state, analogy, one can not forgive Brandon's ZCF self for not using that as an opportunity to delve into the Jewish Kahila problem, a state within the state that occurs within every nation who have significant numbers of Jews to populate it. Of course it's a much bigger problem when you acknowledge that the Muslim problem is being caused by the Jewish problem making Brandon's intentional silence here subversive  and Jew friendly to our Goyim detriment.

rand spanunknown to many, ZCF is the illegitimate son of Gerald Ford and Ayn Rand which makes him Jewish. Alan Greenspan was a best friendIt is these sightings I make of our hidden adversaries that help me decide whose side the information disseminator is on. So, to reiterate, which you can verify by listening to the link provided, Brandon has acknowledged in this video the ultimate Jewish problem behind the Muslim problem but because he separated the issues for discussion while slipping in possible Muslim takeovers as a danger and leaving out Jews, we must assume here that Brandon's handlers consider this an excellent way to emphasize the Muslim issue as a separate but equal (or greater) problem to the Jews thus lessening concern of the Jew by the doing.

This then has Brandon sending out conflicting messages in the same talk he is giving and he counts on you, his trusting goy audience, not holding him to account or noticing it at all for that matter. It makes the video presentation, ultimately, a divide and conquer event for the Jews in their effort to control the dialogue by leading the dissent through Brandon, the krypto Jewish actor, soap boxing away on the Vince McMahon stage.


I almost forgot the other way Brandon misdirected in this article. Brandon has a habit of criticizing media explanations concerning the Muslim issue and indeed any issue he wishes to differentiate himself from others on. It's always stressed how they are wrong in one way or another. In this instance, he acted as if there were two competing narratives.


  • that you couldn't criticize Muslim invaders for a host of reasons and


  • that it was essential that they be criticized.
He probably went at this argument from 5 different angles to make his point and you shouldn't have any problem noticing what I am saying if you listen to the video.

What he failed to illicit though was the argument  of the correct position, the Hitlerian position, my position.

That position is that the Muslim problem is linked at the hip to the Jewish problem, the Jewish problem being first cause. Therefore, it is obvious you don't separate the issues as Brandon has done along with many, many of his colleagues. It follows from that due to the hidden embedded Jewish element done through diabolical manipulations behind the scenes and  THE CONTROLLING OF INTERPRETATIONS OF EVENTS ON THE STAGE, that we be careful not to demonize these Muslims but see them as mind controlled pawns potentially winnable to our cause like we should see Jew-deluded SJWs in the same light, feminists, etc.
Therefore, rather than demonize the deluded, we look to dissect the Jewish misdirection and actors taking part in these cruel attacks occurring and out them accordingly as problems resulting from an intentional Jewish leak that Martinez's narratives endeavor to slyly lead you away from.
Brandon goes into ad-nauseum detail often to make his points and intimidate you from doubting his claims but when you  simply point to what he is leaving off this debate of concern, that pawns of Jews should be treated as pawns of Jews and our dialogue should be attacking the director from afar, Brandon's satanic verbal dance falls apart, our mission, still intact. Brandon's Jew-buffering, a fail!

Update II

Just a minor add-on to tie a bow around this analysis. I have said over and over that  it is the job of co-opted opposition to keep their followers clueless and uninformed about uncoopted opposition. This manifests by championing themselves as your saviors and booing the true opposition proclaiming them divisive.
Image result for the white wolfThe same tub holds water for a truly uncoopted approach to solving a problem.  ZCF has fully stepped into the Fabian Society camp and is committed to keeping you dysfunctional, whether that be telling you what a crappy speech giver Hitler really was or how evil Putin is, Martinez is taking the  Fabian line everytime and calling it non-aligned counting on the fact you are clueless to the Fabian society agenda.
Him not mentioning the obvious, that the Muslim problem is really a Jew problem; that  the Black Lives Matter problem is really a Jew problem; that the Middle East problem is really a Jew problem and telling you that in unwavering fashion, cements Zander's feet into the coopted camp of Jew misdirection where the truth they do tell is to enable for the ensuing lies and misdirection to be spun. Brandon spent fifteen minutes telling you  "the two views" on the Muslim crisis, as if that was all there was. He forgot mine!
Somebody tell Brandon, I don't let ops or the MSM set my debating parameters and the Hitlerian viewpoint must and will be heard before this war is over!

The prize for the Jews and their paid subverters, of course, is that if they can  continue to sell the Muslim issue as a separate issue from the Jew and when you truly get mad enough to act, it will be against the Muslim pawn and not the initiating subverter Jew (that's what they want!).

Who, me, senor?Image result for Brandon MartinezI think we can look at the long line of goy acting against other goy pawns that the Jew misdirected us into (World Wars, Catholic rebellions, native lands stolen, glorious revolutions) and determine that that way doesn't work and correspondingly look at the triumph that was National Socialist Germany, till it was reconquered and determine that Hitler's way did work.

Folks, Hitler linked the Jew to the core of our problem. Hitler was right. Your information pundits are covertly  behaving like Jew narrative drones posing as enlightened dissent ...and they are not...they are controlled dissent.

False flags anyone? When acknowledged, all the more reason to link the Muslim problem to the Jew problem. So how does our Alternative media, WN movement handle that? Pretend the false flag was real, like the Jew says.

Question, will Brandon start ignoring the false flag  problem now that he's all in on Muslim scapegoating? We definitely will keep you posted

Is this at core, a Muslim problem, or a Jew problem?Image result for Muslim invaders

Now that I have emphasized the linkage of the Muslim problem to the Jew problem, let's move on to why water in a basement caused by a leak is the perfect metaphor for all those folks focusing on Muslims with little reference to the Jew. Ask yourself, when you have water in the basement and an ongoing leak what is your first priority? Is it removing the water, water that will be replaced by fresh water from the ongoing leak, or is it finding the leak and once found and fixed, dealing with the damaging water let in?

Martinez's misdirection comes from slipping two contradictory narratives into the same video and having it all seem to make sense. Closer scrutiny shows it's the same ole, same ole divide and conquer at play. True resistance can't afford  muddying the water. True  resistance must keep their eye on the one true enemy. Martinez alludes to two different Muslim positions and ignores the Hitlerian, third Muslim position

Notice Brandon's totally different attitude towards Muslim in this interview just a year ago. Regular readers will note that I have claimed over the last month or more Brandon's behind the curtain reassignment to a different narrative. A video comparison here, pretty much backs up my case

Put in these terms and with an acknowledgement backed up by Jewish testimony that the causes of goy subversion always lead back to the  Jew, we can happily define the Jew as the leak here and the Muslim, the water let in doing damage to the home. Folks, all your disseminators that would have you believe we have a flood damage problem without talking about the dam leak above the flood is doing you a disservice and allowing the leak to perpetuate itself by focusing your attention on the flood which can't be solved till the leak is patched and disappeared.

This is where controlling dissent comes in and why having all our "friends" leading the movement and being paid off by Jews in one form or another, becomes so important. The leak (Jew) is glossed over for the far more easily noticed water damaging your home in plain site. The leak is hidden and needs to be found but you are being told to target the Muslim water.

We at blindlight say FIX THE LEAK! The water will be gravy once that is doneImage result for the white wolf

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