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My main source  for historical information about Christianity and  indeed, Islam and Judaism, for the past few months has been the excellent Jew-aware site, Christian Solutions.  I do not endorse their alignment with the Catholic Church, for that turns scrutiny at some point, into a matter of faith and blind believing, nor do I hold the notion that Jew mind controlled Islam is anymore of a danger to humanity than Zionist Christian entities also suffering from the same affliction (applied specifically for them). The notion of the 4 Jewish Diasporas in my writings have all been borrowed from these folks for they lay out such a good case. Below is an excerpt from this article. The title of this article is mine. Once again they lay out in slightly different ways the ongoing Jewish subversion of our culture.


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More than 500 years ago, European history was written by Catholic priests who could read and write, but whose brothers and sisters were illiterate, still tending to the farm. 

The priest's brothers and sisters were illiterate for a very good reason. 

No, not that politically correct reason, silly. Their brother who had entered the priesthood was not trying to keep them ignorant because he hated them and wanted to "preach" to them all the time. 

Indeed, he went to seminary school to learn as much as possible so that Jewish guys like the Bill Maher's of the day could not swindle Catholics with fake morality. He was the moral compass of a typical town.

You would consider an ordinary person crazy to spend years learning Chinese if absolutely everything was written in English?  But the problem more than 500 years ago was more fundamental. 

Why bother to read at all if there was nothing to read?

Why was there nothing to read?  

Simple, because the printing press had not been invented yet. 

Everything had to be written by hand. So the guy doing the writing barely had time to read for himself long enough to gather new information.

You could spend 12 years learning how to read Shakespeare, but there was no Shakespeare to read. Was just not worth it to most people.

Then the printing press came and the Jews saw its enormous potential. 

Propaganda was born!!!

Jews quickly spun out cheap interesting stories people were so interested in reading, that they learned read. Jews monopolized the printing industry back then as they monopolize the media today.

Then they were able to start reshaping the world to their liking.

The most infamous reshaping was the Protestant Reformation.

The First Catholic Spring

The first Catholic Spring, The Protestant Reformation, shouted out all the normal talking points:

  1.  Priests could not be trusted (even today), (while every Jews can of course be trusted -- in fact, a Jew cannot even be questioned about his trust)
  2.   The Church was corrupt (but Jews are never corrupt or corrupters)
  3.   The Church was not reading the Bible right (but Jews could read it better for you, along with plenty of outside supplementary commentary from the Jewish own printing presses telling you what the meaning of "is" is -- in Greek or in their favorite -- Hebrew. )
  4.   You didn't even need a Church. You could read the Bible better yourself. (So long as you really got off the mark, you were good with the Jews. The more you strayed from traditional Christian thinking the more you were promoted by the Jewish MSM printing presses, to the tune of 41,000 denominations today from the one Catholic faith - now that is how you do divide and conquer)
  5.   And when you read the Bible for yourself, you could even say that the Pope was not the Pope descended from Peter, but that your very own King Henry the Eight, multiple adulterer, multiple divorcer and serial wife murder, was the Pope of the Anglican Church, descended from a slashing and pillaging Anglo-Saxon tribal chief invading from France.
  6.   Or in the case of the guy who started it all, Martin Luther, he discovered in later life that he had become the poster boy for the nefarious schemes of the Jews in dividing Christianity and he started to write extensively how nefarious the Jews who started it all really are, only this time, instead of obtaining Judeo-MSM printing press glory for "courage" as he received when condemning against the Catholic Church, he was condemned by the Judeo-MSM printing presses as a vile anti-Semite. There can be no courage allowed for standing up to evil, corrupt and scheming Jews.

What did the Catholic Spring of Protestant Reformation accomplish for Jews?

This Catholic Spring allowed Jews to play Protestants against Catholics. 

Jews would infiltrate the Protestant countries and were accepted in power and influence like they never were in Catholic countries. Hence, the newly Protestant country of the Dutch became a world power to compete against the Spanish and Portuguese Catholic head-start in world trade. 

Then the Jews abandoned the Dutch Protestants for the English Protestants. 

Charles Dickens's take on Victorian-era England, when England was at the height of her power and glory, shows that Jewish wealth did not trickle down to the average Englishman. 

Jew Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England, product of that Jewish power, was more concerned with using a massive army and navy, paid by taxes on poor Englishmen, using massive amounts of English Christian blood, during the Crimean War, whose unannounced objective was to protect the monstrous Muslims of the Ottoman Empire, with the announced objective was to keep Russian Orthodox Christians out of the Holy Lands. Of no concern to Disraeli was helping poor English farmers with a Corn Law during a devastating famine. 

Image result for GOT gifsFinally, by the end of WW2, with the vast British Empire in total Jewish-styled destruction, having fought to the death, for the Jews, against the Jew's prime enemy, Hitler, the Jews had abandoned the English Protestants, for the unsoiled Protestant country of America. 

Once in America, Jews tried to provide their typical Judeo-checks-and-balances against the Protestants, by not only using the blacks as a counter-force, but by allowing millions of Catholics to immigrate from Southern Europe, and recently, millions of Muslims.

In the Bush era, the Judeo-transformation had become so pervasive, that evangelical Protestant goals and aspirations became almost indistinguishable from the goals and aspirations of Jews and indeed of the foreign country of Israel. 

Most times, evangelicals were greater promoters of Israel than were even the secular, immoral American Jews.

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