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When is Ozark season 2 released on Netflix? Who’s in the cast, and what’s going to happen?


Blindlight highly recommends this 2nd season of Ozark, right up there with "Breaking Bad" as far as quality productions go

The Netflix crime drama starring Jason Bateman is back

The highly anticipated second season of Netflix's gritty crime drama Ozark has been confirmed, with filming already underway.

Season 1 was first released in July 2017 and received positive reviews for its portrayal of the Byrde family, who move from Chicago to the Ozarks, a mountainous region in the US, after dad Marty’s (Jason Bateman) money laundering scheme goes awry.


Here’s everything you need to know about Ozark season 2.

When is Ozark season 2 released?

Netflix has confirmed that Ozark season two will be released on 31st August 2018.

A new date announcement trailer revealed the news, confirming that the series will return slightly later this year: season one was released on 21st July.


Filming began in autumn 2017; Julia Garner (Ruth Langmore) shared a photo via Instagram of the crew on location in a woodland area.

Netflix has also released a number of murky first-look images for Ozark season two, with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as Marty and Wendy Byrde.

Ozark season 2 Laura Linney


Who’s in the cast?

Without revealing any spoilers, the majority of the original cast is set to return in the second season, including Arrested Development’s Bateman (Marty Byrde) and his onscreen wife, Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde). Their co-star and onscreen son Skylar Gaertner (Jonah Byrde) took to Instagram in February to send Linney birthday wishes and posted a picture of himself with her on set. “So glad you’re my TV mom,” he wrote.

So far, the only major addition to the cast will be British actress Janet McTeer (Me Before You, Woman in Black) as a “Chicago based attorney with links to the cartel”, according to Netflix. McTeer will also appear in the next upcoming season of Jessica Jones.



Is there a trailer?

The first full trailer for Ozark season two was released on 29th July, as star Jason Bateman teased an “escalation” in the new episodes. Check out the full video below.


Before that, Netflix had previously released the date announcement video above, as well as the season two confirmation below.


What’s going to happen in season 2?

Before we get to that, it might be worth recapping some of the events from season one, courtesy of a handy Netflix phone call. Check out the recap video below.


The official Netflix synopsis for Ozark season two is below:

In its much-anticipated second season, Ozark continues to follow Marty Bryde and his family as they navigate the murky waters of life within a dangerous drug cartel. With Del out, the crime syndicate sends their ruthless attorney Helen Pierce to town to shake things up just as The Byrdes are finally settling in. Marty and Wendy struggle to balance their family interests amid the escalating dangers presented by their partnerships with the power-hungry Snells, the cartel and their new deputy, Ruth Langmore, whose father Cade has been released from prison. The stakes are even higher than before and The Byrdes soon realise they have to go all in before they can get out.Ozark season two synopsis

In images published by Metro, Marty is seen being escorted from the local FBI headquarters by McTeer’s Helen. Is he in trouble with the FBI? And what does that mean for the rest of the family?

Bateman has said that the season will see his character “trying to build a casino to help facilitate that money laundering” according to an interview with Emmy magazine. “People are wearing ties instead of cowboy hats this year.”

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Bateman also revealed that the new season will focus on his character’s relationship with his wife Wendy (Laura Linney).

“They have found a place of unification by the end of the first season, in so far as their ability to try to manage the criminal aspect of their partnership,” Bateman said. “As far as them getting things back on track romantically and domestically, I think that that will continue to grow but probably at a slower rate … maybe there are new avenues of attraction as they build that business part of their relationship. Maybe it’ll grow through a side door there.”

“It’s probably going to get a little worse before it gets better,” he added.


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