National Socialism and Animal Welfare

DYREVERN Frihetskamp republishes an older article from the founder of the Nordic resistance movement, Klas Lund, about how national socialists look at animal welfare.

One might say that National Socialist Germany was the country where animal rights and environmental issues had a proper impact on politics and legislation. By comparison, it can be seen that many states in the world still, almost 80 years later, have no form of legislation that protects animals from abuse. It is only in northern Europe where this has gone forward.

National Socialism soon developed an organic view of the world, unlike the ruling human-centered (anthropocentric) and geocentric world view, which we have mainly inherited from Judaism and Christianity.

With this anthropocentric worldview, the vision followed by animals that were created only to serve the people. The animals missed the "soul" and were just a form of "machine". National socialism naturally opposed this anthropocentric view. According to national socialism, man is also an animal - though on a higher level - and thus part of the natural order and must follow the laws of nature. The human being was therefore not automatically worth more than the other animals. National Socialist Germany was groundbreaking when introducing animal welfare laws as protected animals and exposed to harmful experiments, and which protected them from painful slaughter. Wildlife laws were also introduced. The basic idea was not that the animals should be protected in order for humans to earn it but that the animals should protect for their own sake.

To many "antinazisters" this view of man as a part of nature was dangerous as an upgrading of animal values, necessarily leading to a downgrade of man and thus according to this logic, indirectly cleared the path of the alleged genocide of the Jews. This is at least one of the arguments that arise among those who criticize the national socialist view on animal rights. A related argument is sometimes used against "environmental fanatics" as the reasoning that humans have overpopulated the earth, thus destroying the Earth's ecosystem, necessarily (with rational humans) must come to the conclusion that humans are too many and that our number must be reduced in one way or another Show that all life on earth must be saved.

For the Christians, and those who are not Christians, but who inherit the anthropocentric view, human life is considered "sacred," and worth more than other animals. But, of course, we understand that no objective justification for this does not exist, but comes from our subjective perspective on people. We simply require special and existential rights for our own kind, based on the belief that we are "selected."

We from Scandinavia can be proud that the Swedish scientist Carl von Linné was among the first to dare to address the then ruling dogmas when he claimed that man belonged to the primates and therefore was also an animal. Despite the criticism of the Christian's age, he claimed that the animals could also be considered to have a soul and that they should be treated well.

We were born in this world and we were not who determined its basic laws. We humans (at least until the development of modern agriculture), just about other animals, were forced to kill to live. But that we are forced to kill to survive does not mean that we are entitled to give other creatures unnecessary suffering. On the contrary, we who are intelligent and superior people are committed to treating living creatures decent.

With decent we mean that we should treat other living creatures as well as possible according to the conditions that apply. As long as we are meat eaters, we are forced to kill other animals. But unworthy and painful animal husbandry to maximize profit is disgusting. Keeping animals in captivity to produce luxury items we also consider to be totally unacceptable. Of course, you think of mink farms that still exist here in the Nordic region.

In the Nordic countries, questions about animal rights have had some progress, but in other parts of the world there is no legal or moral protection for animals. It is very difficult for us to understand how bad animals can be treated in other cultures and many people will not even imagine what is happening and put on their shoots. Recently, one could read an article referring to a group from China who had succeeded in documenting how raccoons were fleeing alive for their fur. The day before, one could read about how an interior (also in China) had first killed his own child, and saw himself to avoid a life in captivity where she regularly flushed her and the gallbladder of the young man to make a form of medicine. This, from a nuclear weapon country, which we claim is going to save our economy ... How far have we sunk?

Animal testing that involves a form of suffering for animals should of course be forbidden. Painful attempts on animals can not be justified by giving human beings drugs. We simply have to solve this research in a different way, regardless of whether it costs us more money. Animal wreckage today has too little punishment. In a national socialist state animal wreckage would be considered a serious offense. It is my personal opinion that people who have been guilty of gross animal welfare have lost their right to exist.

Finally, I am of the opinion that a national socialist society must work hard and purposefully to move people back to rural areas. We must prevent current developments, against ever-increasing agriculture. The national socialist state must strive for small-scale farming and more self-catering. The state must have a well-developed system for controlling animal husbandry and slaughterhouses, and instead of large central slaughterhouses, we should try to develop local production and consumption and strive for the animals to be slaughtered in farms in the future and not transported away from their natural environment They have lived and feel safe. In essence, we should fight the industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry, which imposes strict prohibitions on GMOs, fertilizers and chemical pesticides....


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