Patrick Little Has Crystallized the Issue of Jewish Zionist Supremacy and Domination Over Our Lives Like No Other


Blindlight note -  Ken Adachi runs Educate which includes "The Wayback Machine". I have recently gotten to talk with Ken and  it turns out he has promoted some of my work, specifically, an article I wrote in 2014 and updated in 2015

From Ken Adachi, Editor

June 9, 2018

Patrick Little Has Crystallized the Issue of Jewish Zionist Supremacy and Domination Over Our Lives Like No Other (June 9, 2018)

I came upon the name of Patrick Little exactly one month ago on May 8, 2018. I think it was a tweet from Henry Makow that first got my attention. After I started watching his videos and then listening to his interviews, I soon became engrossed by what he had to say and how he was saying it. Rather than pontificate from his keyboard, he got out of the house and confronted Zionist Jews at AIPAC or at the Twitter office building and challenged them directly to explain how Zionist cultural Marxism and political dominance were beneficial to the white, Christian Americans who had established and built America into the greatest beacon of personal liberty and opportunity ever seen in modern history. An America that was founded on the principles of Western Christian Civilization and a moral ethos based on Christianity ~ not Judaism, not Atheism, not Marxism, not Talmudism, not Kabala Babylonian Mysticism, not Sabbatianism, not Frankism, but Christian moral values.

Up until the last two decades at least, most Americans who were raised with a Christian attitude towards other people, had no inkling whatsoever that those funny looking Jewish guys with the black hats, the long black coats (kapote), the long beards, the dreadlocks hair, the white leggings and black slippers, were actively teaching their children in Jewish Day Schools and Yeshivas the demonic ideology of Talmudism, which teaches these Jewish children to embrace a hatred towards Christianity and non Jewish people, the "goyim;" in addition to inculcating notions of racial and intellectual superiority over non Jews. These Jews embrace a psychosis that tells them they are superior to all other human beings and that they deserve to lord it over non Jewish people because "God" choose them to be a "special" tribe over others and further believe, that they are themselves - "God!"

Judaism is fundamentally a 'religion' of self worship according to Michael Hoffman in his 1100 page tome, Judaism Discovered (Henry Makow says it goes beyond that, He describes Judaism as a satanic cult).

Yes, Jewish supremacists are that psychotic and deluded ~ and they believe it to the core.

Also, your average non-Jewish American of two decades ago, had no idea that a majority of Jewish people are atheists, and that Jews were behind the creation of communism and Marxism from its very inception, starting with the Communist Manifesto of 1848, written by the son of Jewish parents with a long family history as rabbis, who called himself Karl Marx, but was born Chaim Hirschel Mordechai, a third cousin to the Rothchilds. Communism has murdered more than 100 million, mostly Christian, people since it's founding in 1848. Most of the massacres took place at the hands of the Jewish-led Bolsheviks in Eastern Europe in three separate periods of genocide killings known as the Holodomor.

I, along with everyone else who was writing about the NWO twenty years ago, described the players as the Illuminati or the New World Order. In recant years, the word 'globalists' has become common, thanks to Alex Jones, I suppose. But these words avoid the most important realization of all: it is subversive, Zionist Jews who are at the helm of the Illuminati or the New World Order takeover agenda, so it's more accurate to call it the JWO, or Jewish World Order. Yes, there is a Nazi International component to the JWO, to which the Bush family belongs, but they are not the dominant players subverting America. It's the Jewish subversives and their masonic minions who are doing us in and it is they who must be removed from all positions of power and influence in America ~ beginning with every Dual Israeli citizen in the US congress, Executive, and Judicial branches of government.

The facts of Jewish subversion and dominance over every lever of power and influence in America are the substance of what Patrick Little has brought out into the open and directly lays at the feet of the Organized Jewish power structure who are behind the promotion of porn, degeneracy, homosexuality, "transgenderism," cultural Marxism, gun control, staged school shooting hoaxes, staged World Trade Center collapses, lowering of educational standards, the political takeover of America and the infiltration of the Pentagon and intelligence services to the point that Israeli interests are the ONLY interests to which the US military now serves.

This situation MUST come to an end if we are to have any hope of keeping America the Beautiful. And the only way it can possibly come to an end is to STOP the Jewish supremacists who are behind the de-construction of America.

And this is why I see Patrick Little as a dream come true because he is confronting THE problem head on and everyone who wants to save God Bless America KNOWS who is destroying this country and WHO must be removed from power. We need every thinking and loyal American, regardless of color, to come together and view ourcommon enemy, the common enemy of humanity itself, as the Organized Jewish supremacists who are trying to destroy us.

I had often mentioned in introductory comments to articles about the JWO, that the ONLY way to stop and reverse the JWO takeover of America is to have anti-JWO candidates running for every seat in congress and call themselves anti-JWO candidates or "counter-semites" which I've heard Patrick Little use.

Election was stolen from Patrick Little in June 5, 2018 California Primary

There are so many glaring nad obvious indicators that Patrick Little obtained many more votes than what he was credited with, that election fraud needs to become a national priority. Trump formed a Election commission in 2017 to look into the obvious voter fraud and ballot box stuffing that took palce in many states in 2016, but especially so in California. The commission was stymied and stonewalled in most states where voting fraud is well known and histolrical. We have to get rid of electronic voting machines and use only paper ballots or mechanical voting machines that can't be rigged. In the California Primary, 118,000 registered voters in LA country, were denied the opportunity to vote because over 1/10 of one million registered California voters. were not found on the voter registrations rolls; excused as a innocent "mistake." The electronic voting machine tallies were simply set to any number that pleased the Jewish controllers of those electronic voting machines where the "proprietary" software is unavailable for inspection or vetting by US election officials. What a joke. Voters need to insist on a paper ballot in every election they participate in.

The JWO does not include every Jew

I do not agree with the use of the expression, "name the Jew" because that would imply that all Jews are trying to subvert and undermine America, destroy Christianity and subvert white people into nothingness. There are Jews, like Henry Makow or Brother Nathanael Kapner who are born of Jewish blood, yet are brilliant and stalwart opponents of Jewish supremacists and their attempts to undermine and destroy America in order to clear the decks for one world domination by Zionist Jews. There are also Jewish rabbi groups who are opposed to Zionism and the evil malaise called Israel. I am not including these people as subversive Jews or holding ill will towards non Jewish Americans.

I am not pro Hitler nor pro Nazi, but I realize that many people who classify themselves as white nationalists or white separatists are. However, even among those who favor white separatism, they aren't all devoted to the memory of Hitler. Hitler did accurately assess Jewish subversion and takeover of the Weimar Republic in Mein Kamph, and it's worth reading to see how the same tactics are being employed today, in America, as laid down in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

But even if every single anti-JWO candidate who runs for the US congress or governor or any other high political office is burning incense and votive candles in front of a shrine of Adolf HItler on their mantle every single night; I don't care. It's not important relative to the issue of saving America.

What counts now is pushing Organized Jewry out of power in this country. That's the only issue that should occupy the mind and determination of every thinking American patriot. Your future, and that of your kids' future, depends on it.

Ken Adachi

June 13, 2018 addendum

I just found this video from Joe Sigur of Georgia. He uses the name of "Blindlight" on his web site. His commentary always impresses me with the cogency of his observations. He's a real thinker and sees things clearly. He's not really a white racist, per se. He seems to have a benign attitude towards any person of good will, regardless of race. But he is keenly aware of suffocating Jewish subversive power. He plays music at the beginning and may appear to act goofy in the first part of the video, but stick with him for the whole video. He's got a lot of interesting things to say.

article sourced from Ken Adach, here

Joe Sigur June 13, 2018 [Who's helping and who's hurting the anti-JWO resistance]
The Muddy Messaging of our Controlled Leaders

Joseph Sigur
Published on Jun 13, 2018

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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying know to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail

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