The "Movement Critic" Tells Nehlen how to Operate his Movement

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Paul Nehlen – Amateur Hour/ Gets KO’d


Paul Nehlen, the newest Great White Hope of the “Alt Right” was KO’d by none other than the Jewish Rebel Media.

And… for al the wrong reasons

Joe Sigur’s recent assessment that Nehlen is in reality a “Traditional Conservative” who is attempting to ride “Alt Right” Coat Tails is correct in part.

However Nehlen went on Rebel Media and at the very beginning said:

“I go on every Show I’m invited on”

This speaks to either Nehlen being a Media Whore, grossly amateurish or just a piss-poor candidate, especially one who ran previously.

HOWEVER there are a couple defining moments:

When ANY Candidate is invited on a Radio Show he/she must ask & insist on a set of Ground Rules, including:

1- Opening & Closing Statements

2-NO Interruptions

3- No questions during a response, i.e. masked interruptions

4- Clearly defined Topics, i.e. Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy, etc

There was a CLEAR POINT when Nehlen LOST……… BUT could have knocked the entire interview OUT of the Park.

At 5:24 of the interview ,  Nehlen was asked by the Interviewer “what the difference is between a British, German or Polish Christian and a British,German or Polish Jew is and Nehlen TOTALLY blew it.

Nehlen should have immediately responded as follows:

The British, German & Polish Christian DOES NOT have “Right of Return and Right of Israeli Citizenship.

Nehlen could ALSO have responded, “The British, German & Polish Christian does NOT have AIPAC”.

When the Interviewer attempted to cleverly infer that Jews are “just another Religion”, Nehlen should have said “I never said Jews are a Race, Jews themselves make that Claim and in fact call for fellow Jews to engage in DNA Testing in their own Publications such as the Los Angeles Jewish Journal”

Finally, when Nehlen protested at being interrupted” and “not being allowed” to finish his responses”, which is a common Jewish tactic, and told Nehlen, “its my Show & I’m asking the questions”, Nehlen should have said “well enjoy your Show” and disconnect.

The fact is Paul Nehlen is neither well versed nor prepared for the subject matter which he has weighed in on, nor is Nehlen waging a professional Campaign.  One does NOT go on “every Show”.

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Rebel Media, too, had this up on their website- headlines blaring about the evil anti-semite and it must be agreed, Nehlen made a mistake with how he allowed this event to proceed _ Blindlight


John Cardillo vs anti-Semite Paul Nehlen (FULL INTERVIEW)


Paul Nehlen, a one time respected and viable challenger for Paul Ryan’s Congressional seat, imploded in late 2017 with a series of anti-Semitic tweets. I debate Nehlen on his views, his placing me at the top of a list of those conspiring against him, and his support for a well known white supremacist.

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