Good piece which I will repost for my followers education! Radical Islam is a "Deep State" operation. The Globalists need conflict to divide and conquer us and dilute us and remove our heritage in the end. The immigration act of 1964 was led by liberal Jews. They created a guilt climate by using the media to promote an emphasis on America being a land for immigrants so of course now you are anti-American to not think it's the right of anyone in the world to move down the street on their terms. Give them aide, let them drive a car, use your lawyers to fight the laws when they are rarely enforced. The immigration issue is like feminism, initially it made some sense, comparatively liberated men with so many more life options, the woman's place in the home supporting the decisions of the man. Anglin spends much time ranting against women in reaction. 
It was the foot in the door, feminism, the immigration act of 1965 ( it wasn't that black assimilation was bad or the point of the real reasons behind the segregation movement. The real reason why Jews backed it (because they also invented the slave trade in North America) was they saw cheering on blacks against whites as the way to undermine the host.
Here are two articles about all of that and where racism comes from

The invention of the race war needed this event to enable. It is my belief that Nathaniel Bacon- a relative of Francis Bacon, was assigned to lead a rebellion against the elites to give reason for new legislation that would aide the aristocrat colonizers against the people and the Indians