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September16,2017....John de Nugent 

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There are many causes for White America’s malaise.

HAARP, cell phones, SmartMeters in our homes, wireless Internet and SmartPhones, cell phone towers, both fluoride and estrogen in the drinking water, bisphenol-A in the food packaging, and estrogen released by excessive body fat.

A further drug is, in a way, pornography, which releases solely sexual hormones but no oxytocin, which is the love, cuddling and affection hormone. It is just ice-cold, animal sex, rutting, not the warm-and-fuzzy sex that makes you feel good and act nice for hours or even days afterwards.

(I had a close friend and co-worker over in France in 2004-05, and I could just tell when he and his wife had made love by how happy he acted at work that day. They both were in love and they regularly made love, and I never saw a happier couple.)

Then there’s 1) our refusal to accept responsibility for our actions, 2) our mindboggling apathy, and then add 3) the passivizing effect of the sitting at an Internet keyboard, and you have a recipe for disaster.

An example of our apathy toward the destruction we see around us is the phenomenon of typing online as a substitute for action.

Although disgust and rage are much, much higher now than back when I was young (the rise of Trump is testimony to that), and the decline of America is much more blatant, activism on the street and in the real world is basically dead. We sit and stare at oncoming disaster, we preach to the online choir about minority x or y, and we watch movies and videos. White Americans are materialistic entertainment addicts.

What this means is that 95% of American White Nationalists will do literally N-O-T-H-I-N-G for their lot beyond typing online and fantasizing that some new Führer, or Robert E. Lee type, will save them.

And this is what they type:

1) It’s all the fault of the non-Whites, who took over and brought down our noble race;

2) As for the WN “movement,” it is going nowhere only because of wretched comrade X, incompetent leader Y, and obnoxious activist Z, all of them frauds, jerks and probably agents, homosexuals, swindlers and psychopaths.

One guy, brave toward me at a distance, but not toward the minorities he so loathes across the street, threatened to drive 400 miles to my house to “punch my lights out” as being a “discredit to our cause.” But would he drive five blocks to hand out literature to bring more people into said cause? No. Now he wants to “save the Boers” — online, of course — by posting comments how it sucks they are being killed while actually doing nothing to help. As a result of this fantasy thinking, typing is seen as action, but it is only commenting on action.

Shockingly and shamefully, we WNs now play the race card as much as the Left. For them, everything is the fault of The White Man. For us, nothing is; it is all the fault of the Non-White Man.

“J’accuse,” (“I accuse” — as the Frenchman Emile Zola once said) Mr. Typical American WN of imagining his life would be perfect minus

–lazy, violent, White-hating Blacks
–cunning, malevolent Jews
–Spanish-jabbering Mexicans
–cruddy-product-making Chinese
–obnoxious PDA’ing (public-displaying-of-affection) homosexuals
–gang-raping Muslims

Is there any grain of truth to some of these accusations?

There are some very negative characters in all races.

But I ask:

Do you. Mr. American WN, really think “Blacks” rejoice when their son is shot dead at 15 in a drive-by shooting?

Do you IMAGINE they enjoy being followed around by the store detective when they are trying to pick up some paper towels? Do they like being suspected of crimes? Do you REALLY think that middle-class Blacks LIKE their daughters to listen to “gangsta rap” and hear women (theirs) described in lyrics as “ho’s” [ whores]?

No, they don’t.

No, and they do KNOW crime is high in the Black community; they themselves experience it — and they hate it. Many Blacks (and Mexicans, homosexuals, Chinese and Muslims) themselves are appalled by this bad behaviour, which brings both pain and disgrace on their communities.

This might offend some WNs, but what we’ve been doing isn’t working. I have put 39 years into this Cause, and it has not made one inch of progress during that time. The blame game – good whites versus bad non-whites – does not work, nor does the opposite extremism.

We American WNs are obsessing far more than we realize on just DNA, on just “genetic, racial differences” and on every other physical explanation of human nature. We are committed to the false myth that nature is FAR more important than nurture, that genes FAR out-rule environment,  and that our struggle is a Darwinian battle between a civilized animal with light skin and wild animals with dark skin.

(This ignores, btw, that Koreans and northern Japanese are often lighter-skinned than we are, have an average IQ about 5 points above ours, less testosterone, are less fidgety, and sit down and study better and longer than we do.

They even whiten their skin in imitation of us.

I know many, many, many East Asians personally, especially from my work as an American-accent tutor for foreign scientists in the Boston area from 1996 to 2003. and you know what? Not one of them betrayed me, lied to me, embezzled from me, or defamed me. I cannot say that about White people in general, or White Nationalists in particular.

For WNs, blond hair and blue-eyes are prized not just for beauty but also as a sign of higher achievements and civilization. Certainly, people of northern European stock have enriched the world tremendously.

But have you ever heard of the Nordic Swedes that savaged Germany as bad or worse than any black, muslim or mongol?

Yes, Protestant Swedes! Sweden’s king came down from Scandinavia and grabbed German territory during the chaos of the Thirty Years War of 1618-48.

Swedish troops had a fun torture, called “the Swedish drink” (der Schwedentrunk). It involved seizing a farmer’s wife or daughter, and if he protested, making the women watch as they held him down, jammed a funnel into his mouth, poured boiling urine from the soldiers down his gullet, and as he perished under incredible screams of agony, his women had to watch before they were raped.

No, they were not Zulus. They were Swedes with blond hair. Mercenaries, many of them.

From Wikipedia:

The Schwedentrunk (English: Swedish drink) is a method of torture and execution. The name was invented by German victims of Swedish troops during the Thirty Years’ War. This method of torture was administered by other international troops, mercenaries, and marauders, and especially by civilians following the Swedish baggage train, who received no pay. It was used to force peasants or town citizens to hand over hidden money, food, animals, etc., or to extort sex from women.

Even though 15% to 20% (locally up to 60%) of the German population perished due to violence, famine, and disease during the war, the memory of the Schwedentrunk was preserved. The method was immortalized in one of the first widely read German books, the satirical Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus, published by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen in 1668.


“ Den Knecht legten sie gebunden auf die Erd’, stecketen ihm ein Sperrholz ins Maul, und schütteten ihm einen Melkkübel voll garstig Mistlachenwasser in Leib, das nannten sie einen Schwedischen Trunk ” (Its English translation is: “ They lay the bound servant on the ground, stuck a wooden wedge into his mouth, and poured into his belly a bucket full of foul manure water, which they called a Swedish Drink.”)

Use of the Schwedentrunk is recorded in the histories of towns throughout Southern Germany. Though specific circumstances differed, in every case a restrained and gagged victim was forced to swallow (by means of a funnel) a large amount of unappetizing, sometimes boiling liquid. Substances such as urine, excrement, liquid manure, and sullage were used for this purpose.

Apart from disgust, illness, and the possibility of bacterial infection, the Schwedentrunk inflicted intense gastric pain. Because liquids are incompressible, the victim’s stomach and bowels must expand to painful proportions to accommodate the copious quantities of fluid. The torturers then squeezed the distended belly with wooden boards or trampled the victim underfoot.

We as a race must stop playing the race card and victimhood every single second, and claiming everything is the fault of other races. We have plenty of psychopaths and utter scum in our own race.

And we could not have been corrupted by the media, whoever owns it, were we not ourselves corruptible.

Our path back to power and freedom is through noble (“Aryan” in Sanskrit) thoughts, words and deeds. My friend, the heavily persecuted French revisionist historian, Vincent Reynouard, once wrote that un-evolved people want to read atrocity stories every day:  Black-guy-did-this, Jew-did-that, cop-got-brutal, Mexican-killed-prostitute, Muslim-raped-Swedish-girl, and fat-gays-jiggled-down-Main-Street-in-Speedos.

But evolved people search for truth. Some truth is glorious about the great deeds of our ancestors, or heroes now defamed, and other truth is about our shortcomings as individuals, as nations and as a race of people. As a Galilean said, the truth shall set us free…. but not blaming others for everything when the main culprit, with his sins of commission and omission, is seen shaving in front of us every morning.....source

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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying no to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail

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