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Greg Johnson’s Attacks And How To Deal With Them

@Boatsinker The claim that I made an ultimatum that I would not speak at the Scandza Forum unless Daniel Friberg was excluded is 100% false and malicious. This is what happened. The Scandza Forum was a private, invitation-only event. The Scandza Forum's organizers and donors include people who have been burned financially and personally by Friberg in the past. So of course he was not invited. When he heard about the event, he asked to be invited. When the organizers mentioned it to me, I urged them not to change their minds and told them that if they wanted to blame anyone, blame me. When Friberg was told that he would not be invited, he went ballistic, gave them an ultimatum to reverse their decision by 22:00 hours, and threatened to sabotage the event if they did not. At that point, any possible doubt about excluding Friberg vanished.


Now, to put this in perspective, Kevin MacDonald and I flew half-way around the globe to help the Scandza Forum get off to a good start by speaking there. Guillaume Durocher flew in from the continent. Jonas de Geer flew in from the UK. And Daniel Friberg was threatening to sabotage the event because he was not invited. Now, at this point, every decent, right-thinking White Nationalist has everything he needs to know to conclude that Daniel Friberg is a piece of shit who should be flushed from this movement forever, simply because he puts his own petty personal ego issues before the greater good of the movement.


Friberg's sabotage consisted in making up a story about me that is a complete inversion of the truth. He threw a fit, not me. He issued an ultimatum, not me. Then he put this story out there to various movement people (I heard about it from Kevin MacDonald and Seventh Son, but I am sure they are not the only ones), posing as an aggrieved victim of Greg Johnson and asking them to intervene on his behalf. Of course, the request to intercede was entirely bogus. It was just an attempt to defame me with the added obscenity of pretending to be a victim. Beyond that, Friberg doxed the organizers of the Scandza Forum to antifa, which is further reason to completely shun Friberg and anyone who sanctions his behavior. Finally, Friberg threatened to organize another event at the same time, and tried to get people to cancel and demand refunds. When only one person did that, and the Forum was a resounding success -- with more than 100 people in attendance -- he organized a rival dinner after the Forum was over. This was a topic of great mirth to many people present.


If you did not attend the Scandza Forum, or if you are angry at me based on a completely false story, you are being manipulated by Daniel Friberg. You missed a great event because of a lying piece of shit. Take your anger and direct it at him....source

There comes a time when the wider Alt-Right community must simply be made aware of Greg’s unacceptable behavior.

from this source, you will find this source

For obvious reasons, an anonymous person can never lead anything, let alone an identitarian movement for the future of European peoples. Instead of humbly accepting this fact, Greg Johnson builds up a toxic resentment towards those who outshine him, who are willing to take risks and be public figures.

In a thread on the TRS Forum, Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing leveled a number of serious charges against Daniel Friberg, one of our Founders and Editors—without offering any evidence. Furthermore, Greg urged the entire Alt-Right movement to “shun” or “expel” Daniel and Arktos Media based on these unsupported—and sometimes illogical and contradictory—accusations.

The controversy centers around the Scandza forum, which held a recent conference at which Greg was a speaker and guest. Before the conference began, Greg issued a request that Daniel should not be allowed to attend (effectively, “it’s either him or me”). Greg’s actions have been confirmed by multiple people on the Board who’ve spoken with the conference organizers and others. Bringing this level of divisiveness to Swedish nationalism is bad enough, but Greg made matters worse when, after receiving criticism, he brazenly lied about what occurred, claiming that the conference organizers, and not him, disinvited Daniel, and that, in fact, he urged them not to take these actions. Apparently, Greg has little compunction over throwing his hosts and sponsors under the bus. continue reading

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