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by Miles Mathis........First published May 16, 2017

As usual this is just my opinion......Richard Bertrand Spencer is making headlines this month, so I thought I would show you how to use our new tools on him. It is fantastically easy, as you will see.

If you don't know, Spencer is supposed to be a white supremacist and Trump supporter. However, in my opinion it is all another act. He is creating one side of a manufactured story, to divert you away from more important things. Also to keep racial tensions high. Why do I say that? Note his last name:


He is from the top families. Think Spencer-Churchill, the Dukes of Marlborough. Then think Winston Churchill. Then think Lady Diana Spencer. All the same family. And they don't just live in England.

The families live on both side of the pond. For more indication of that, note his middle name: Bertrand. As in Bertrand Russell. The Russells are also a top family, closely related to the Spencer-Churchills in the peerage. So when you see a promoted person with the name Richard Bertrand Spencer, alarm bells should already be going off in your head.

After all we have found out, you should not require proof he is from those families, you should require proof he isn't.

His short bio at Wikipedia is nothing but red flags. He was born in Boston, spook central. Except maybe for some areas of LA, Boston births more spooks than any other place. Spencer's mother is given as a Dickenhorst. Looks Jewish to me. In support of that, we go to Google, which takes us to Findagrave and the page for Birdie Eckstein Dickenhorst. Eckstein is Jewish. See Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and many others. Also see Emma Jean Clerget Dickenhorst, d. 2003. Her sister (d. 2001) married a Mr. Kordsmeier. That sister has a page at Findagrave, but it mysteriously doesn't mention her husband at all. That's because that name is also Jewish, and he may have been someone famous. Let's see, who could it have been? Think hard..........

{This is a highlight of the original PDF found here!}

But back to Richard Spencer. Spencer went to St. Mark's School in Dallas, another spook feeder.

It spun out of Texas Country Day School, founded 1933. Note the date. We have seen it before. St. Mark's is one of the richest high schools/prep schools in the country. And it is not racist, either. 46% of its student body is “of color”—meaning either Hispanic, Black, or Asian. The school is very heavy with famous Jewish alumni, as you see here. Note the names Stern, Levy, Weiss, Rice, Blair, Marcus, Zisk, Hersh, Eichenwald, Sulkowicz, Silverman, Rudman, etc.

Spencer then graduated magna cum laude from the University of Virginia in English Literature and Music. He then got an MA in Humanities from the University of Chicago. After that he went to Vienna, where he studied at the Vienna International Summer University—part of the Institute Vienna Circle. This is also very Jewish and very exclusive. Spencer then worked on his doctorate in modern European intellectual history at Duke University.

I'm sorry, but that isn't the resume of a white supremacist. That is the resume of an agent in training.

His website says he left Duke before getting his PhD “to pursue a life of thought-crime”. Again, a bit too clever for a white supremacist. He is referring to George Orwell, of course, but he is also giving you a clue he knows you won't be able to read.

Image result for Scott McConnell

His “thought-crime” is his project, which consists of controlling the opposition. In our society, only agents are capable of thought-crime, since only they really exist outside the box. Or that is how they see it.

Image result for Pat Buchanan

Spencer immediately went to work for Scott McConnell (above) and Pat Buchanan at the American Conservative. It should be named the American Fascist, since it aims to conserve nothing, except the hegemony of these ruling familes. McConnell is heir to the Avon fortune............

Pat Buchanan is a Schott and a Schoeppner on his mother's side, in the direct maternal line. That's Jewish. Also a Noll, which should be Knoll, also Jewish. On his father's side he is a Kennedy. Also a Baldwin, a Gates, a Weber, a Schweitzer, a Clark, a Glover, a Daniel, a Sachs and a Stein. His genealogy is posted to 12 generations.


The third founder of American Conservative is Taki Theodoracopulos. His bio is scrubbed at Wikipedia, and they don't even bother to mention he is from the family of “Greek” shipping tycoons.

Image result for taki theodoracopulos


Of course, all these alleged Greek tycoons are Jewish, including Onassis, Embiricos, Niarchos and the rest. Taki is part of the same project as Spencer, pretending to attack his own to control and create the necessary opposition.......

Another red flag in Spencer's bio—and more indication I am right here—is Spencer's wife Nina Kouprianova.

Like Spencer, her resume belies the entire project. She has a PhD in history from the University of Toronto, focusing on contemporary Russia and US foreign policy. It looks like she is alsoJewish. Why?.................

So, to make a long story short, Nina Kouprianova doesn't look or feel to me like the wife of a white supremacist. She looks like the Jewish wife of a Jewish agent pulling another fast one on us.

Huffington Post link on the power couple

For one last clue, Spencer calls himself an atheist. Wow. That at least is a change of the project from past iterations. Fake white supremacists and neo-Nazis of the past have almost always been some stripe of fundamentalist Christians. But Intel apparently decided to go another way here, using atheism as a direct tool against Christianity, as in their science projects.

Doesn't make much sense to me, since Spencer is being used as an Anti. Which means atheism will get blackwashed here, along with everything else. Not what they want. Or maybe Spencer just can't stomach pretending to be a fundamentalist Christian. Maybe he drew the line there. He has given in a bit, saying he is a “cultural Christian”, whatever that is.

A person born into a Christian culture who doesn't have to act like one, I guess. Also known as a Jewish person.Image result for crypto jews

 Get all the details from the source publication here

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