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I took a huge interest in this story, and researched her a lot. I took about 30 screenshots of her Twitter account (avatar a tie-died “peace” symbol, and her Twitter name included the Buddhism symbol), which was active from early 2013 to mid 2014, before she deleted all her tweets a couple of days ago.

Her tweets evince that Emily Rose Marshall (born Emily Rose Nauert–the “Louise Rosealma” name is a fabrication) was by age 15 everything we hate about leftists. This environmentalist pothead was also vegetarian, an admirer of Hillary years ago, pro-abortion, feminist, pro “gay pride”, and she laughed when Satanists defiled Fred Phelps’s grave. She started calling herself “pansexual” around 16, and still lists herself as that on her Facebook page.

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She was voted Most Desired Girl by a cohort of her classmates, and always had a boyfriend, immediately replacing the ones she discarded. She tweeted about her “cutie booty”. In 2014, after everybody told her not to pierce her septum, she did it anyway, reveling in others’ horror at her new bullring. She also experimented with cornrow hair and lashed out with contempt at people who pleaded with her not to style her hair into “gross” dreadlocks. We know how that one turned out….

Her parents split when she was around 13, and her father moved out of state. She had obvious daddy issues, and shared about a dream in which her estranged father, formerly a professional gamer, “came back and went straight to the computer” (dopamine-addicted rabbit dad, apparently). She chose to stop going by her birth surname and started going by her mother’s maiden name. Fathers day 2014 she tweeted “fuuuck fathers day!”

She tweeted early and frequently about the usual Leftist issues and Rabbit worldview: “fuck white America… In middle school I was that hippy freak that never had washed hair lolololol… Don’t let your parents, school, religion, or government tell you what to believe… isn’t everything more fun when you don’t have permission?… I’m wearing my Satan shirt so that one Christian chick at the bus stop doesn’t offer me anti-porn pamphlets again [no irony here, move along! -ed]… empty your mind and let the universe fill you… Socialism is sexy…. Sick of seeing people use the Buddha as decoration…. Black guys are hot…. How to get a thigh gap: put a guy’s head between your legs… sharing porn links with my best bud… I want to go on an adventure with people who love inconsistency as much as I do… Man is the only species that has to pay to live on the planet [Holy rabbit tears, Batman! -ed]

Remember: 100% of this filth she tweeted about DURING her pretty stage. The “mind virus” was already there, and it was allowed to flourish from Thousand Oaks, CA’s resource richness, CA’s public school system, and the absence of male authority in her life.Image result for moldylocks


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