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Hitler's most commonly cited supposedly odd or suspect decision involved the battle at Dunkirk but the conspiracy ideas that it offered proof of his allegiance to Jews/Rothschilds/UK has been debunked in part due to the fact that it was not actually Hitler's orders for the German army to retreat.

He trusted the data reported and the judgment of his officers on the field there at the time and he approved their assertions that the Wehrmacht should retreat. Dunkirk was a virtual swamp and it had just rained heavily and the region was literally flooded at the time of the battle and to have advanced would have cost the Germans their tanks which would have sank like lead balloons so Hitler simply approved the suggestion of his commanding officer there, relying upon his assay of the scenario. No doubt there existed traitors and spies throughout the Wehrmacht and at various levels, however.

I can't believe this Dunkirk thing is still an issue though perhaps many revisionists who are controlled operations purposefully kept this dynamic vague, such as V.K. Clark did?! I also feel that if Hitler had been an agent for Jews and the entirety of their construction was a Jewish fabrication, then he would have provided some 'posthumous' document evidence to be 'found' that confirmed and validated the plans for a mass extermination "final solution" Holocaust, no? In other words, if Hitler was controlled opposition, I am convinced that he would have constructed some form of evidence 'proof' for his masters/controllers to then later use as unquestionable verification and, as such, it is less likely that any revisionism movement would have occurred at all or, even if it still had, it would have been compromised by any 'officiated authentic' documentations, plans, blueprint schemata, etc. NSDAP Germany produced far too much of voluminous data representative of true earnest sincerity of conviction as well as hardcore TRUTH about Jews to have been merely controlled opposition in my view.

If NSDAP was a controlled Operation, there is little doubt that the Holocaust narrative would have been planned in advance as the Jews were foreshadowing it since the 19th century with their over exposure in most relevant mass media of the times of the "six million" figure. No officiated proof was left nor does it exist unless one accepts the ludicrously spurious "Table Talk". Plus, why implement a social and economic system that, by example, actually worked to the prosperous benefit of its population and was anathema to the Jewish created ones? Why leave this as an example for posterity when they could have engineered anything they wanted if indeed they were controlled and financed by Jewish money? Basically, the Jew control architecture is heavily reliant upon presenting to the world a fabricated reality of a "Nazi ultimate evil Boogeyman" so why would they not have engineered the NSDAP regime in a manner more in alignment with that "boogeyman" image?

Now they have all this damage control that has to be done due to all the solid evidence to the contrary which fuels the entire WWII revisionist movement. All the scams and profiteering would work even better now adn likely could have even been evolved even more if NSDAP in reality were manufactured more as aligned to the Jewish mythologies about it, no? Unless, of course, they foresaw the need to cultivate a revisionist movement for some control and manipulation purpose but that just does not really make great sense. I think a lot less trouble would have been necessary to design and implement just to establish the nation state of Israel and Jews were all ready in control of all the major industrialized nations of the east and west anyway! It all really seemed designed to destroy a despised innate reality about NSDAP Germany and then to twist it all around and present it for posterity as the opposite of what it was through painstakingly fabricating and constructing an elaborate schemata of lies, distortions, obfuscation, and fairy tales predicated to cover it all up and then to exploit for multidimensional purposes of gain but it seems to me illogical that, if NSDAP were Jew controlled, that it would have been socioeconomically engineered as it was and that it would have produced all the sincere and truthful data it did regarding Jews ...



Should have added that from the point of view of historians, the whole incident has not been confirmed as to what precisely occurred as no officiated documentation exists but, the reality of the Dunkirk terrain, that there was recent rainfall, and that this actuality would have been baneful toward the Wehrmacht's many tanks present, makes the most logical sense to me ...

"Hitler himself has described the "swamps of Flanders" as an inappropriate site for a tank battle, because the sudden onset of rain softened the soil but there is no evidence in the surviving records." and this is backed up by "Rundstedt claimed after the war, Dunkirk should be in Hitler's view a "golden bridge" for the British, through which they could leave the European continent without a military disaster, so that an understanding with them would have been possible.

But against this hypothesis is the fact that Hitler himself had ordered to destroy the British forces completely."

" Vermiis Mortuor

More after thoughts by the author

Feel free to add/integrate this to the comment if you think it warrants such, no worries of not, I trust your judgment:

If I were engineering a controlled opposition system whereby I was, through it, producing densely researched propaganda in the form of books, articles, speeches, and films rampant with salient damning truths against those who I was clandestinely and ultimately servile to, I would be sure to, as a skilled well trained agent, implant and encode within many if not all of those works significant flaws and defects, though perhaps do a careful job making them not so immediately obvious, and then such encoded defects could later be 'discovered' and be of such an integrated and essential contextualization based nature within those works whereby the validity of the works could then later easily be debunked thus vindicating my ultimate controllers/masters, the Jews ... but, maybe that is just the way I think? I certainly do not discern this to be the case with the wealth of dissenting very much factual based and validated mass media data that the NSDAP produced and disseminated regarding the parasitic verminous esoteric Jews. Does seem awful stupid to not include this type of intrinsic flaw technique when engineering propaganda against yourself in a scenario whereby you controlled both polarized binaries in a literal war based conflict scenario and within such you are engineering the side that the propaganda is being manufactured against to ultimately prevail and for that side to also be validated and accepted in the war's aftermath, by mass world wide perception and inference, to have been some kind of poor wretched ultimate victim to be pitied and for whom all sorts of monetary reparations and special social and economic privileges should be implemented ...

Also perhaps add this to that just sent:

And for that matter I would have engineered many more similar defects at all operational, expressed, and functional systemic levels in the NSDAP system which would later serve the same ends of discrediting the defeated system whilst concurrently vindicating the prevailing one and, to my mind and based on what I feel confident that the overarching ultimate truths and realities are here, I do not find compelling evidence that such was the case with NSDAP Germany at all and the postwar situation was one that found the Jews having to fabricate all this synthetic and fraudulent data and to manufacture equally fraudulent paradigms in order to validate, vindicate, and actualize their 'preconceived' idealized objectives ... some minor isolated implementation of gas chamber deaths could also have been easily orchestrated and carried out in actuality and at least one or two labor camps could have been designed with functional gas chambers also for the sake of postwar irrefutable proof rather than nothing but legitimate innocent delousing and soap and water shower 'chambers' with wooden doors, windows, and cracks and openings everywhere simply to provide some better quality physical forensic proof along with the fabricated blueprint schemata and other 'final solution' affirming documentation which was never produced or actualized which could have been easily engineered to later be conveniently 'found' postwar ... if such had been the case as implemented then a Holocaust Revisionism movement would likely never have even arisen. Too bad the controlled NSDAP Jewish homosexuals of Mathis' fantasies neglected to carry out all these measures that would have made so much flow all so much more smoothly for the Jews postwar ...

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