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Image result for nathan Damigo"The Young Turks" demonstrate that the MSM is Allowing the "Alt-Right" into the Room

Nathon Damigo, a youngster we have been following for about eighteen months, was just given a long respectful interview by TYT, fifteen minutes in length, no name-calling, no demonizing, no put downs ensuing.

Regular readers know I have been calling the alt-right a masonic op assigned to herd White nationalists back into the main tent. All reading this are surely aware that the alt-right acted as a bludgeoning tool against Donald Trump all during the presidential race with the MSM doing the bludgeoning.

Since Trump won despite all of that and despite continued warnings the MSM gave against Trump,  it looks like they are now resigned to do what they do with all successful third tier ops and that's upgrade it to a second tier op (refer to protocols 12 for definitions).

Though I dislike Queeny Cameron intensely and basically consider her a divide and conquer misdirectionist, here to sew confusion, it was through her that I first learned about Damigo.  I believe Damigo represents a hidden entourage of political players and has been groomed for this act for close to ten years if not longer.  He seems to come from a connected family, strong Zionists with possible masonic ties.  If these are high degree masons, it's all too common to groom a son or two to infiltrate the masses in order to herd.

When I first noticed Damigo he was quiet letting Angelo Gage be the front man. Then Gage dropped out and handed it over to Damigo but before all that Damigo, it is claimed, came back from Iraq with PTSD and one night attacked and robbed someone.  Guess what happened then. HBO or similar made a series about Nathan, told his story and portrayed him sympathetically though I confess, I didn't bother to watch it.

My guess is the robbery was staged to give the MSM the excuse they needed to  advertise this youngster. Over the next five years, his mom was his public handler of sorts doing  one GO-FUND-ME after another to support the cause. In the last year or so it became clear that Richard Spencer was grooming him and he had gone to a higher level in the cause. He got a writing spot at Radix and I read his first article, hardly anything special but what I noticed was a lot of excitement in the comments.  Many, many comments and all upbeat. I compared the comment section to other writers at the site and noticed many barely had comments at all. What I gathered from this was a deliberate manufactured excitement created for someone people were supposed to pay attention to.

I was getting to watch the enabling process of a limited hangout. In the above video, Jews don't exist (according to Nathan's lack of mentioning them) and  perhaps this is why it was so friendly. Damigo is totally in for fighting for crumbs with other goyim races for Jew leavings (I have rejected the notion that anything substantial can happen to improve our lot at the table without confronting the Jews).

Remember, Nathan is very close to his family and they are part of his operation and they are totally all in zionists. That tells me Nathan is a closet zionist but no surprise there,  I believe deep down, the heart of the alt-right is zionist in nature.

Anglin-Colmes interview

Again, this video is a stark contrast to what Andrew Anglin went through a few weeks ago in the Alan Colmes interview (basically Colmes made him look like an idiot). Is this signaling from the MSM the demeanor that will be accepted to garner entry into the arena for the big fake fight? Will Andrew cuck even more than he already has to get to play?  

Yes, he will!

He's been cucking gently ever since he entered the commiunity with a party celebration @Total Fascism (Look at all the agents coming to post in the comments and PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MUSLIM AND BLACK LOVE ANDREW SPEWED THAT DAY (He  had a few drinks!).

The fact is if you want a watered down resistance, Damigo did an excellent job with all the questions thrown at him. Maybe his ilk is necessary to counter-measure a more hard ball approach with more emphasis on the Jew and less on race.

If you are going to name the Jew you really need to leave the goy hate at home if you wish to be effective. If you are not, do what Spencer, Anglin and Damigo are doing; I never liked crumbs though and we can't really reverse the previous five hundred years of Jewish subversion by hoping the Jew will be our friend.

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