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The Jewish Plan (quickie like!)Related imageThe Jews like to imagine that they are “ male” and all other peoples “female.” And they like to believe that they have so insinuated themselves into and entangled themselves with Gentile affairs that they cannot be dislodged.


*** BL - The following is an excerpt, taken from a pdf written before WW II by an aware goy, it seems. Please note  the highlighted passages for some of that content applies directly to our issues as I now see them***

The secret meaning of the symbol is as follows:

(Six pointed star)

The “uninitiated” creates god as a magnified image of himself projected on a background of ignorance, represented by the black triangle,below which he cowers in terror of his monstrous conception.

Related imageThe” adept” also creates god, not however by projecting his likeness upon the unknown, but by conceiving his power and knowledge as a symbol, represented by the white triangle overwhich he is poised, because the intellect is above that which it creates.
The initiate is therefore “god” for the profane, the “adept” is the actual finite diety who stands on earth for the hypothetical “god” he has created; and he has complete power over any particular conception of divinity which he has formed, and which may at any time receive the reverence of the populace.

“Jehovah is he who overcomes nature” say the magicians. “The decisions of Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah himself asks the opinion of earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven.” “Jehovah himself in heaven studies the Talmud standing, he has such respect for that book,” say the rabbis.

Thus, at last, Jehovah has become the god-creating “adept” who has “the power of a completely emancipated mind overthe slaves of superstition and ignorance”!

And so, very often, when the Jews of today speak of “God” they mean “ the Jewish people,” the “adepts” of their secret societies, or “the god of Humanity,” “the Jew of the Cabala,” etc.

Thus, too, a “Neo-Messianist,” named Baruch Levy, wrote to Karl Marx (a Jew, whose real name was Mordecai) as follows:
“The Jewish people, taken collectively, will be its own Messiah. His reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the other human races, the suppression of frontiers, and the establishment of a “Universal Republic”. . .
In this new organization of Humanity the sons of Israel . . . . will become without opposition the directing element everywhere; above all they will succeed in forcing on the working-men masses, the stable control of certain among them.
The Government of the nations forming the Universal Republic will all pass, without effort, into Israelite hands, by favour of the victory of the Proletariat. Individual ownership will then be suppressed by the governors of the Jewish race who will administer in all places the public wealth.
Thus will be realized the promise of the Talmud that, when the Times of the Messiah are come, the Jews will hold under their keys the properties of all the peoples of the world.”

Image result for Jewish domination

This is the end towards which the activities of all who participate in the Masque, whether Jews or their dupes, are directed.

And, in modern times, the “six points” of the star formed by the interlaced triangles, have been made to symbolize, among many other ideas, the principal means whereby this end is to be reached.

These “six points” may be outlined, roughly, as follows:

First . . . . Religious:

to undermine and discredit all Gentile, and especially all Christian creeds; and to introduce, encourage, and propagate crazy cults, unhealthy mysticism, pseudo-science, and sham philosophies.

Second . . . . Ethical:

to introduce and propagate debasing codes and practices(including “the illicit drug trade,” “the illicit liquor trade, “ and “the white-slave traffic”) ; to corrupt morals, weaken the marriage-bond, destroy family-life, and abolish inheritance (and even heritable names) among all other peoples, especially among the Northern races.

Third . . . . Aesthetic:

to introduce and foster the cult of the ugly and the aberrant, and whatever is decadent, debasing, and degenerate in Art, Literature, Music, and the Theatre, etc.

Fourth . . . . Sociological:

to break up large estates, and abolish aristocracy; to set up plutocracy and a “money standard”; to encourage vulgar display, extravagance, and corruption, to provoke the proletariat to envy, discontent, incendiarism, “sabotage,” and to foment “class-warfare.”

Fifth . . . . Industrial and Financial:

to bring about “unemployment” and want, to lower ideals of craftsmanship and abolish pride in handicraft, to encourage greed for “profit,” and the standardization of the cheap and shoddy; to bring about “Centralization,” and the formation of Trusts and Cartels; to abolish private ownership and to establish “State monopolies,” “Reserve Banks,” and a “World Bank,” . . . . with the control of gold in the hands of the International Directors.

Sixth . . . . Political:

to secure control of the Press, Broadcasting, Cinema, Stage, and all means of publicity; to secure the presence of “agents” on all Gentile councils, committees, etc., and in confidential posts (such as “private secretary” to highly-placed persons),

to maintain an effective espionage upon all Gentile activities; to start and keep alive dissensions in all Gentile institutions, and thus break up all other political groups in their component parts, and set these at enmity with each other;

to discourage, decry, and extirpate Patriotism and Pride of Race; and, in the name of “Progress” and “Evolution,” and under pretence of promoting “Universal Peace” and “Human Brotherhood,” to set up “Internationalism” as an ideal, thus undermining national unity and weakening government; to bring about “Disarmament” and the establishment of an “International Police Force,” controlled by a “ ‘League of Nations”. . . thus preparing the way for those who, unobtrusively, will gain control of the “League of Nations” and the “International Bank,” and through these, rule the world.

Image result for Jewish domination

The International Directors, however, never act openly or
directly; they always keep in the background and work secretly
and indirectly; pressure is brought to bear from all points, but
whence it comes is carefully concealed …. “no Gentile must be
allowed to discover its source.

Flattered by lying tales of a “wonderful past”, and deluded by borrowed prophecies and plagarised promises of a “still more glorious future”, he is consumed with lust for “World domination”. And under the lion’s skin, wears hatred as a garment and nurses a sinister purpose.

The impersonation has continued so long and has proven so advantageous, that its perpetuation, at any cost, has become the dominant idea which obsesses his vain, selfish mind. Devoid of scruples, and realizing his inability to fight his way openly to leadership, he is determined, with all the stubbornness of which his obstinate nature is capable, to reach his end by cunning, by duplicity, by any means however ignoble ….

even if these entail the destruction of all who are nobler than he, and the degradation of the rest to a position lower than even his own…. so that at last, he may “reign” unassailed, in “Universal Peace”, over such dregs of the once human race as may still remain to soil the desecrated ruins of a besmirched and polluted world.

In every country, subversive, disruptive, and disintegrating forces of every kind, are to be encouraged and organized by professional propagandists and trained organizers; who, after the manner of all revolutionaries, will “invent fictitious rights, thus creating imaginary wrongs; exploit real grievances, and create want, thus producing discontent and an atmosphere of revolt; and then blame the existing social and industrial systems and point to the Red Road of Revolution as the only way of escape”.

When the “aristocracy” and “bourgeoisie” of all Gentile peoples have been “removed”, and all non-Jewish institutions have been discredited and trampled under foot by a systematically bestialized and scientifically depraved “Proletariat”, the International Directors hope that their Jewish mummers, under cover of great secrecy, and protected by armies of agents provocateur and a vast network of secret police, will be able to continue their soul-destroying Masque in the character of a

“Wealth-controlling, World-dominating, Ruling Race.”Image result for Jewish domination

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