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Gordon Duff Claims It Was Trump's Side That Stole the Election

Gordon Duff has never met a Republican operative that he liked unless he had a strong "LEAN" to the "LEFT". This article from November 12th lays out his assertions of the background story to how Trump stole the election. The pre-election charges that Hillary was about to steal the election from Trump, he says, was a psychological trick.

At the end, he summarizes his main points, thusly:

Has Duff become "anorexic"?gty"We have a rigged election, ten million votes and 120 plus electoral votes stolen. Russia has nearly confessed. We submitted our tally to independent researchers who are not internet conspiracy based and have been assured not only that there is merit but we saw clear demonstrations of shock that this information, so public, is not being investigated by those who should have jumped on it right away. That is what got us digging, that anomaly.
As the neocons pack up their carpet bags and head to Washington again, we can now see that the goals set by PNAC those years ago, seizing the Caspian oil fields, Balkanizing Iraq or even establishing a “Greater Israel,” were far short of their actual end goal. Oh how we underestimated them."

Shameless picture hoping to evoke base gutteral responses by the brainwashed masses linking Hitler to Trump

screenhunter_777-nov-12-18-46When Duff says he consulted independent researchers that are not conspiracy based, is that not a contradiction in and of itself?  Is that not a statement that he used researchers that support the OCT of 911, that the holocaust was real and Sandy Hook was carried out by a lone gunman and not a staged event? Please tell me how it's "independent" to believe conspiracy theories spouted by Establishment operatives. We are left to "TRUST" Mr. Duff, that his word is his bond and he would never lie to us, I suppose, a trick so many in both the MSM I and the MSM II rely on.

Sadly, Duffy boy has already undermined himself with the picture he chose to lead his article with that asks his readers to have a Pavlov's dog response to Nazi and Hitlerian imagery. He is undermined because Duff has been caught on several occasions talking about the bad wrap Hitler got and the many socialist programs his folks successfully enacted before  rudely being forced by the Jews into a World War they didn't want.

With that history, what explains the resorting to Hitler demonizing to carry his points? Jewish blood, maybe?

I pointed out this Duff habit eighteen months ago as well as several other areas he behaved problematically about. Duff admits to having a "HANDLER" What that means is he is told what he can and can not say and these decisions are agenda driven for the government. In this article where he alludes to having high level talks with insiders, are we supposed to believe that accessibility to privileged information doesn't come with a truth cost? Duff expects us not to go there again "Trust me!".

During this campaign, I have pointed out that few Alternative media types of the MSM II persuasion have been supporting Hillary. The three I have followed with an anti-Trump agenda have been Brandon Martinez, Aangrfan and Gordon Duff.  Duff is the only one brazenly pro-democrat however and Martinez actually acts a bit happy Trump won after weirdly posting 33 anti-Trump articles during the campaign.

All that said,  those of us who have learned to examine closely everything claimed must take a view at Duff's claims with the knowledge that a deep psyop of this whole campaign was likely played on all of us. The fact that Alex Jewns, Jim Stone,  Rixon Stewart, Andrew Anglin, the whole WN movement squawked with one voice solidly pro-Trump, a guy that supports Israel 100%,  should have awoken the most  trusting of red pill swallowers. But trusting is in these days. TRUST THE LEADERSHIP, RIGHT?

Duff, knowing that he is addressing a smarter than the MSM crowd type audience, nevertheless, works in many of the MSM narratives, that charged Trump with everything under the sun, while being free to go into the 911 false flag op the neo-cons ran that the MSM I can not.

He, time and again, plays the "innocent dems" , "evil republicans" narrative:

Rudy and Mr. Trump
Rudy and Mr. Trump
"When their plans were dashed, they looted the Federal Reserve, crashed the American economy, and froze America’s governments, using the Citizens United Supreme Court decision to control the courts and legislature and through obstructionism, destroy the Obama presidency.

Where Obama was blocked
 time and time again from closing Guantanamo prison, a White House with ties to organized crime is now free to use the FBI “rank and file” to attack enemies, thanks to the efforts of Rudy Giuliani, something never before possible, clearly demonstrating why the Founding Fathers never authorized a national police force."

Democrats always trying to do good, Republicans always committing evil thanks to that  evil George Bush , Nazi crowd. Please, dear viewer, I am not defending the Republicans in anyway but simply showing you that Duff is deliberately not showing you the whole hand and  misleading you about what he doesn't fully show to push an agenda his "handler" has approved. Is that "handler" Zbig Brezinski? Stew Webb claims it is and can't be dismissed.

Sadly, Duff compromises himself further by bringing  up the holocaust as if it happened and that The final video before the election, that many thought reminded folks of Kennedy's NWO speech was a threat to round up Jews if elected, supposedly catering to the Alt-right crowd

We have solid evidence that Trump operatives, backed by video statements, who were unaware of the fix perhaps, assured many that Jews were going to be rounded up in the US. Trump’s last video, never mentioning Jews but clearly featuring prominent Jewish leaders, something right out of the Protocols, was referenced in the email “blasts” about rounding up Jews.
You know, long accused anti-Semites continually refer to acts against Jews including the holocaust itself as being staged by Zionists to get Jews into Israel, they even cite a deal with Hitler and have documents, real or forged, we don’t know, to prove it.  In this context, Netanyahu being behind acts to organize militia types in the US to threaten American Jews may well be more than plausible.  We have long suspected that he hates Jewish liberals in the US who find his politics reprehensible.
Anyway, always read Gordon Duff with "Eyes Open" for dis-info and partisan politics because at the end of the day, Gordon Duff has always been and always will be a card carrying Jewish blooded Democrat!


Time to take down the flag as most American surrender to a foreign backed coup

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on November 12, 2016

Many won't know they are living under occupation, not for awhile at least.

… by  Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor
Did Russia know how they were played into taking part in overthrowing the US government in a risky attempt to save their own skin?  Russian admissions, both public and private, stop short of confirming everything below, but as the information now being made public was made available to them for the first time, in the context written here, their reaction was not pleasant to behold.
This is as close as any member of the public will ever get to “real world” analysis at this level, material suitable for presentation to those with the power to act, those with “skin in the game.”  With the flood of fake news and pundits selling male enhancement formula to their limp-membered followers, this material will hold no value. Read elsewhere, you won’t get a damned thing here.  
Do know, however, that once this is out, whether the public knows it or not, nothing will be the same.

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