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Gordon Duff - Wahhhhhh, "He's a 'Hitler'"

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Gordon Duff, the guy whose article first enlightened me about all the accomplishments of Adolph Hitler in the '30's but who, I have pointed out, possibly because he is Jewish, often uses Hitler as an example of evil,  did so last night while whining in his beer over the democratic loss to Donald Trump

Using an article picture showing the Reichstag Fire, the obvious takeaway that, like Hitler burned down Germany, Trump will burn down America.

As an outsider looking in, it does seem fitting that Trump won. After all,  he was put in by people that really wanted him to win. Even Mr. Duff had to hold his nose and verbal praise about Hillary and hope his months of  anti-Trumpism would reign in the excitement created during the campaign.

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Gordon Duff, I suppose, will never be able to get that halo back many people thought he once had. Nothing has been the same since April when Duff, against  the doctor's advice  went off his meds, fired Stew Webb, an admittedly imperfect human being which yours truly saw through two years ago right before he inexplicably got hired at Duff's Veteran's Today. Not only hired but a regular on the ir radio broadcasts and out of the blue Gordon Duff got some sort of religion and fired Stew Webb right on the radio show.

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