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Thursday, 11 August 2016 06:43

Seanna Fenner - Odinism - Divide and Conquer

Seanna Fenner - Odinism - Divide and Conquer?

or how many divide and conquer of the goy is one divide and conquer too many?

I became aware of Seanna Fenner right after becoming Jew-wise. We,initially, got along until I challenged her claims against Martin Luther King. Still being wet behind the ears, I basically interpreted Seanna's anti-King stance as scorn based on race ideology. Since then, I do have to admit that King was basically a Jew enabled Negro puppet.

My purpose writing this piece is my concern of the divide and conquer inherent in Seanna's fixation and when broken down,  very similar to some of Andrew Anglin's claims about women and conspiracy theorists. As you may be aware, I am concerned that goy fixations on various ideologies are a Jew planted distraction or perhaps Jew-mind controlled in distraction All these notions are ideology based, whether that boy problematic women, appropriate views of religion and so on, invented to create discord over stupid shit when the prime concern for all non-Jews should be Jewish mind control and Jewish power abuse.

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