Teal Swan - Sinead McCarthy, "The Colonel's Lady and Judy O'Grady Are Sisters Under the SkinSnap7vA year after "escaping" from a satanic Mormon cult who basically MK Ultra'd her, 

Teal Swan claims, she is going back and forth between skiing and nude modeling having set up this website still found at "" and apparently, with the name "" immediately after her supposed escape at 19 in 2003 (sure doesn't seem to have left her with any hangups and promoting polyandry and all).

 Please note, her captivity occurred in interludes while she was living with her parents, apparently completely oblivious to the issue

To leave no doubt as to what is implied in that name, simply look at this same website photo once her plans to become a cult leader have been totally laid out...

.Hold everything! Wow! Since my article came out emphasizing her masonic signaling she has apparently been able to scrub of the offending picture. Was it me? I believe Swan has people watching the web closely and immediately saw the claims I was making and got rid of the clear offense.  Luckily, I have a pic that includes the masonic sign she had fronting her web page in 2011Snap2

Snap926nNow, recall in my article on Teal Swan and my video that I compared Sinead to her. Like Teal Swan's story of a 13 year mind control captivity but the ability to come out swinging and even promote Mormon values (she was not born a Mormon), Sinead spent 20 months in a girl psychiatric ward, she claims and immediately came out in 2006, at 17, and went to Nashville and other places to try and become a star-model. Considering that Sinead, herself, has claimed  to have taken awhile to readjust to normal life, this seems awfully close together. Like Teal, supposed forcibly brought into a demonic Mormon cult, Sinead was taken from bed in the middle of the night by caregivers off a court order to have her committed.

Note, Sinead hides her personal life from her followers, never publishing family photos proving her claims. This is noteworthy because many ppl believe she is Jewish and would like a look at her parents to confirm or not. Many people are unclear if she actually does have a real child but Sinead does not trust her audience with these facts or maybe has to hide them to continue on?

Note, they (Teal and Sinead) both push liberated sexual lifestyles and are either  both MK ultra mind control victims or psycho-paths. The idea that Kyle Hunt is Sinead's handler must be entertained as their overt relationship is way too harmonious when you see Sinead's men issues everywhere else, not to mention Kyle's total compliance with all the weird divide and conquer stuff Sinead commits and therefore may be at his direction. Also, note, on Sinead's link, the extensive creative resumee, hard to believe if she had truly been the problematic youngster claimed, out of control and all. 

Also note that VK Clark, Sinead's secret helper and vice-versa,  only recommends publicly folks who do not see Jewish power as a problem. Since Sinead  behaves publicly in the exact opposite manner, one must be concerned to realize they are behind the curtain buddies especially since Clark's Jewishness has been established beyond all doubt. I am still amazed when I see Clark's anti-fas army go after me not when I out VK but when I out Sinead.  Something sure the fuck ain't right there for goyim with eyes to see and ears to hear

As anyone can clearly see, Sinead doesn't have a problem with gay faggots if they are black, just WN faggots, whom she uses as an excuse to divide up the movement and another reason why concerns she is Jewish have always been surrounding her


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