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Aristocracy of Blood: Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer (9-25-15)

 Comments on "Aristocracy of Blood: Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer (9-25-15)"

Do I think that Weev is a Jew? Absolutely. Everything about his behavior, known history, family name, looks – tells us the guy is a poser – a crypto-Jew.

It should be very clear to those not versed in Jewish culture.

In Jewish culture, it is very common for teenagers, filled as they are with already a decade of anti-German propaganda, rebel against this propaganda by speaking in the most brash and offensive in like mind as to what they view to be “anti-Semites”.

It is difficult to explain, but Jewish kids essentially act as if they themselves are these “vile anti-Semites” and often joke about it within their peer group.

Online, this creates a situation where these kids will appear as “racists” or “anti-Semites” as the idea has been crafted and framed. Once they draw sympathetic people who actually do hold some of these anti-Jewish beliefs, these Jewish kids turn on them in the most sadistic (pack trolling/stalking) manner.

This was Auernheimer.

Is Auernheimer Jewish?

He has done a very good job to avoid this openly, but yes, all indications he is Jewish. Never mind his rather putrid, repulsive look that is just short of a Likud settler – there is ancillary information.

The name Auernheimer is known as a Jewish family name.

There are negotiations between his mother (purportedly) and someone else regarding’s Weev in which she was offering to bring some rabbi’s in as part of the discussion.


Hi Mary and James and et al,

Some more observations. Let’s leave my history with this guy out of it and just look at what he presents.

1) The “exploits” of his hacking is really a media fabrication. We don’t have much real details about whether this guy has any talent or not. His self talked up deal regarding Amazon, Amazon claims there was nothing to Weev’s claims. The story only gained traction because of a NY Times article – but that article is highly speculative.

Perhaps he was never “offered a job” because his real talent is grossly overstated. He is a two bit amateur playing on media fabrications.

2) He is part of a clique – typical within Jewish groups, where he has people in RT (admitted here), but also, Gawker, and a few others. These media outlets are used to play up what little he really does and has done.

3) Most of the exploits (like the so called AT&T hack), are really nothing to do with Weev. People around weev contributed the real mechanics. Weev is just taking credit (and the fall) – but it must be remembered that many of us wanted the guy taken down due to over a decade of harassment and invasive trolling anyways.

4) In this interview – he speaks about his being targeted for over a decade, but does not tell you he was harassing and stalking people online and in real life with his Jewish girl friend for over a decade. Cause -Reaction. Jews always gloss over the cause and whine about being a victim (the reaction).

5) His knowledge of geopolitics is naive and simplistic. In this interview – he does not like what Putin is doing in Ukraine? Ukraine is a Jewish run cesspit and the cesspit is controlled by junior Jewish oligarchs linked to those that raped Russia for nearly a century. He does not know that?

Or does he – and is supporting his Jewish brethren out of one side of his mouth?

His take on the Alawites is sketchily accurate. The Golan Heights is not Alawi but Druze. Israel has put forward some concocted plan to resettle Alawites in Golan, but Weev misses completely on this aspect of the Interview.

Weev’s understanding of Iraq is so lacking, he might as well sit on his thumb and spin awhile.

Weev’s takes on WWI and WWII are idiotic. Both of these wars were Jewish concocted wars and Jews were at the core of scheming to bring these wars about – not some lame issue regarding technology as Weev puts forward. That part of the Interview was like “wtf”?

War begets technology. Technology does not beget the wars.

6) Weev’s “kill all the Jews” line in this interview is just him reliving an article he wrote about me in 2004 or so, in which he put up an article on ED in which he attributed to my name a quote that said I wanted to “k-l all t/ J-ws”. It was funny to hear him bring this up because in truth – Weev has very little original content upon which to draw and so hearing this sorta humored me.

He and his gang of zit faced trash did an entire campaign to get that phrase attributed to me and it was hocking the Google Search engines at a time I was working to develop the Isisian Codes and my Gematria.

Ie., if you were to do a search for my name in 2004-2009, weev essentially co-opted my name by hocking my name as keywords in the search engines. He “pwned” me – his way of saying that someone is “his bitch”.

7) This technique of “pwning” people – hocking their names to control their name on the search engines – is something he takes a rather sadistic pleasure in doing.

He is STILL doing this – you would think the loser would grow the fuck up – but in an article entitled “The hilarious meltdown of Mike Anissimov” – , Weev can be found to bragging about his decade old technique of “pwning” people by hocking their name.

In this story, written by Auernheimer – Anissimov is labeled a “Neo-Nazi closet case” who is friends of some Jews “despite his severe anti-Semitism”.

It is a rambling, somewhat incoherent piece, but it highlights the spiteful, somewhat sadistic side of Auernheimer who, when he feels slighted or crossed, Auernheimer, in typical Jewish fashion, believes it is his personal right to destroy such people.

He does that by planting stories in a way that puts people in the worst of light and in a manner that hocks one’s name on the search engines –

In this piece – where Weev waxes about his grandeur as the new god of White Nationalism – he has this to say –

“Mikey is really upset about this piece now that it’s #1 on Google for his name. He thinks he can harass me and make me take it down.”

He goes on to Tweet regarding Anissimov saying that Weev could take the article down –

Andrew Auernheimer @rabite
@MikeAnissimov @brooksbayne neg, that thing is going to haunt you until you die LOLOLOL
5:01 AM – 24 Jun 2015

Weev is whacked.

He is not very smart (as this interview clearly pointed out) and the real sordid details of this loser and his tactics and hidden views of attacking “anti-Semites” and “neo-nazi closet cases” is still alive and well as it was when he welcomed himself into my and my families life and so many others over a decade ago.

There is LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of non-published information on Weev, his virol hatred of “anti-Semites” and “neo-Nazi’s”, and the trail of people he has shit on as he “rose to stardom”.

If this were a world of kin volk, he would be banished – pretty much as he finds himself today anyways.

More humoring – Weev likes to talk a big game about how Whites should “kill all their enemies” and yet WHINES like a loser when his enemies are focused enough to fuck with the guy and destroy him equally.

Typical bully mentality. He wants to punch people (his enemies) – but wants to WHINE when they hit back.


He has been reduced to that of a Wandering Jew begging WN to give him a listen and feel sorry for his poor whittle victimhood.


From an archived thread where Weev and his gang of gurgling Jewish internet gang stalkers tried to write a highly disparaging article about “Dennis Fetcho”, aka “The Fetch”, on Wikipedia

“Keep. People need to be educated about known anti-Semite Dennis Fetcho. –Weev G N A A™ 16:13, 5 September 2005 (UTC)”

So Weev is anti-Semite hunting in 2005, getting ANYONE AND EVERYONE banned from websites and forums for discussing the Jewish question during 2003 – 2008, and in this show he is claiming that he was targeted because he was a WN?


How many WN do you know made part of their claim to fame by getting people BANNED for “anti-Semitism”?

What do people here think “Bantown” was really all about? To troll and BAN any ANTI-SEMITES raising awareness of the Jewish issue!


It is very simple:

Weev was not targeted because he was a WN. I myself visited the FBI to help eradicate this asshole from trolling and harassing me and my family. Weev was targeted because he was a pathetic low life piece of shit that deserved to be targeted. End of story.

What was used to take the asshole down is irrelevant. Let him explain how he trolled and harassed people for over a decade before he whines about his being targeted for over a decade.

Jews are funny about how they play up being a victim and completely ignore the realities as to why people REALLY are you to get them.

If Jews were there to smile on his demise, it was to tell him what happens when one of their own drifts too far away from the Tribe.

Weev lies. Weev is a Jew. He speaks like a Jew. Jews have this idea of “only”, “only”, “only”. Speak as you will – even Hitler allowed some 300K+ Jews to serve in the Wermacht.

Weev is a toxic poison that will burn all who come into contact with it. A troll as Weev, no matter how clever, is still sub-human as this is the nature of trolls.

Aside from all of that – the “factual representations” made in this show by Weev were so effing stupid and lacking in actual insight as to be a waste of effing bandwidth. The guy clearly is a near total clueless idiot trying to sound impressive.

In this interview – Andrew (Escher the Jew) Auernheimer fell flat on his face.

I gave it an hour and realized it was a total waste of bandwidth. The guy can’t even string two sentences together without resorting to uneducated low class gutteral profanity.

Dana, when he loosens up and relaxes, shows some talent. But the topics raised in this conversation were way beyond his preparation and Weev was babbling like some Jew that thought he was making sense.

Weev is a fed

Weev is a fed, he’s close with the tor(government funded honeypot) crowd, the pro-war on Syria crowd(Crabapple et al) and the Greenwald-Omidyar crowd. He got out of jail and went straight to CNBC for some free promotion. He’s an obvious fed doing controlled opposition work for them.


No actual pro-White refers to themselves as a “White Supremacist”. None of them talk about wiping out other groups.

Real pro-Whites don’t talk this way. It is Anti-Whites who always portray pro-Whites as sociopaths. Whenever they talk like Hollywood Nazis, I think TROLL

Steven J Lewis

According to Wikipedia aka Jewpedia, Weev admitted in 2012 to Gawker he had Jewish ancestry. I missed this program live so will have to tune into the archive this weekend. I wonder if Dana will or now did ask him about his Jewishness.

Jack and Jill

You know when you argue with your significant other about leaving socks on the floor but the real issue isn’t about the socks at all? I think it would be best if ‘Weev’ would have a serious conversation about what is truly eating away at his soul.

From his own mother, Alyse Auernheimer :
“I sometimes wonder if because our lives as a family have been dedicated to “diversity and inclusion,” that he may have chosen his weapons to purposely hurt us.”


“The truth is everyone we know already knows we have a mentally ill child.”

Next time Weez instead of having fun talking about killing and destroying anyone whom you feel is less than you, maybe you should tell us the truth about your childhood and those two black crack babies your parents adopted and that you competed for love and affection with during your formative years.

Weev cares about no one because no one cares about him and he is playing everyone. Don’t be fooled.

Jack and Jill went up the hill……

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