VK and ZCF's Evolving Jew-Friendly PositionsImage result for changing positions within a company

Co-intel pro operatives are known for drastically changing positions over time.Take ZCF or as he is now known, Brandon Martinez

In 2012 he said this:

A noble warrior for freedom and truth. Heil Hitler!

Image result for Brandon MartinezThe reason Hitler and Nazi Germany were targeted for complete extinction by the Allies in 1939 is precisely because they weren’t complicit with the “New World Order” but valiant and courageous opponents of it. The reason Hitler and Nazi Germany are so viciously vilified by court historians and so brutally bad-mouthed by the mass media is precisely because they were fighting against the system of control commonly referred to as the “New World Order.” Hitler and Nazi Germany were so maniacally opposed by the nations that truly do comprise the New World Order because the New World Order is a Jew World Order and Hitler freed Germany from the death-grip of the Jews.

But hold on!. No sense the need for consistency, let's evolve our viewpoint to this, in 2016


By the way, Brandon was the one who claimed a copyright infringement on me during the VK Clark exposure, doing so after Rodney Martin and Sinead McCarthy had come, probably at VK Clark's request, to her aide with other complaints to Jew-owned Youtube. It does seem his 2016 comments are pretty good interpretations of Hitler for world Jewry, doesn't it?

But wait a second. VK Clark too had a huge sea change in her view of Hitler funding. A 2011 interview with Deanna Spingola scoffed at the idea of any serious elitist outside funding. Fast forward to just a few weeks ago and Clark had a permanent link on her site to Rothschild funding of Hitler.

Boy, how we gain wisdom with time. It seems we gain the wisdom of the Jews. Ya think?

 Coincidentally, the same time I exposed this while suggesting a few other things for the good of the movement, she took down both her you-tube channel and her site. But don't worry, she's back pretending to be me and located here

Pretending to be me!!! Oh Lordy!


Thanks to Yogi Tolord, a new member, for sending this to meBlinding Light of Truth Yogi style


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