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I entered 2016 in the middle of buying a country home and distracted for a month or so.  Soon, with a temporary alliance with Rodney Martin, I had a full on attack against Sinead McCarthy that got a lot of attention considering outing ops is not a "high hit count" occupation. 

Looking over my article production of 2016, there were few that got huge hit counts. Contrarily, Alexa scores skyrocketed from 900,000 ranking going in to 260,000 ranking at year close. Not sure what all that means and why one did better relatively speaking than the other but thems the facts.

This is a real Bouchard

Related imageI guess I will have to say my article of the year is my Evalion article questioning her claimed real name of Bouchard. Along those lines what is clear is that my readers definitely gravitate to female drama because relatively speaking Evalion, Crusader Girl and Sinead  always scored higher in popularity than other things published.

For example, there is nothing even close to the 2200 hit count this article on Evalion got other than other articles on Evalion for the same time frame. That article was low in content. All I did was point out that you couldn't trust the Jew media facts being claimed. Evalion's being held might have been staged to accelerate her popularity and that her last name, just now revealed by the MSM, has absolutely no history to associate it's use with Evalion prior.

Evalion, like so many other  dubious resistance entertainers, has a cloudy history verified only by equally cloudy individuals whose word we must take for facts. There is no history of Bouchard interacting on Facebook, say four years ago as a fourteen year old. Got to ask why.

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As far as personal growth, I really tied pieces of the origins of the JWO puzzle together to my satisfaction during the course of the year. I was publicly recognised  and published about by known or suspected to be JWO hangouts for my efforts but still the movement is going nowhere though many believe following Trump is leading to somewhere good.

I have staked my claim that it's a trojan horse and I hope I am wrong so I will win either way on that

John deNugent has made it very clear that he was Hitler and is back to become the messiah and that Trump is Patton. I disagree and if I am wrong on that, I win either way.

Jason Jorjani has been sent in to give racialist whites a compelling reason to take down Iran for Jews and we will see how that evolves for he will be working the Alt-right for that agenda, already under the Jewish programming thumb.

I guess I would say my single biggest aha moment came in reading this article that had me re-evaluate the beginning of the JWO with the beginning of selling Christianity to the goy in 100 AD . Possibly  the claimed Paul's vision on the road to Damascus, the literal starting point?

What will 2017 bring? Probably more of a prison atmosphere but then I always look on the brighter side

Not sure how long "Stupid" is going to work in popularity with WNs but my guess is Evalion is not compelling enough to keep growing. Nice try Jews!Image result for evalion is veronica Bouchard

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