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joiWhy Jason Reza Jorjani's (Rising Star in the Alt-Right) advocacy is misdirection

JR Jorjani - What I will go on to argue in the subsequent installments of this essay, is that the renaissance of Pre-Islamic Persian culture in Greater Iran promises to bring about this cataclysmic event within the next few decades. The readership of this magazine hardly needs to be reminded of the metaphysical power of myth in Metapolitics. In the imminent world war with Islam, Europe’s vital interests are indefensible without an alliance with the Neo-Zoroastrian youth vanguard that is preparing to ignite an Aryan Renaissance in the heart of the so-called ‘Islamic world.’ This is the eve of the final battle in a millennial war between the worship of Wisdom and Submission to enforced ignorance. There will be no peace treaty, no retreat to any safe haven, and no surrender. You will have to choose. The twilight lands must prepare to bear witness to that blazing light from the East: “Come now, Fire! For we are eager to see the dawning of the day…” source

***Though Jason, elsewhere, claims nefarious elite are in league with Islam, there is certainly no mention of them here and no mention of Jew's deliberately focusing our attention on Islam as an enemy through media mind control. This is too huge an omission for such a deep research scholar addressing many red pilled readers aware of Jewish subversion to give Jason a pass.- BL***


I read Jason Reza Jorjani's article about Iranian Nationalism and the Globalist Agenda just now.

In the article, there is what looks to be two parts. The first part Jorjani describes the plight of Iran and why an Iranian Renaissance is necessary. He also links the welfare of White identitarians to the welfare of Iran. He claims Islam and the Globalist elite (who apparently aren't Jews as a group) are undermining the native people of Iran and throws out many of the problems racialist whites in Europe and the US are complaining about that Iranians are having, too.


***These globalist elites are referred to specifically as the Bilderbergers and Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. He blames these folks as well as the neo-cons for the destabilization of Iran and overthrow of the Shah because of the fear that Russia was about to take over Iran.

Jorjani knows he's selling his interpretation to folks too busy paying rent to think through what he's implying. He would rather let the Jewish myths stand that the Cold War was real (when Jews controlled both sides) and not in place for the excuse to harass and land grab exploited areas in service to the globalist agenda. The Jewish induced western psychosis that it was Russia trying to take over the world in evil expansion is nullified as soon as you see where the US military bases were located as compared to Russian military bases.

Question! Who gives Jorjani all this inside info? Russia was about to take over Iran so the US had Iranians convert to Islam to hinder that? This not only undermined authentic Iranians but European whites as well? Folks, I am not arguing that a behind the scenes, nefarious op involving the rich and Jew races didn't take place but I do question the self-serving, care about us (authentic Iranian nationals), explanations Jorjani is serving up to the goy.

I am all for supporting a one volk ideology that this article alludes to but  to have a Jewless enemy that has Islam at the top of it's concerns by definition when we see all the Jewish pundits blaming Islam for terrorism and all the Jewish pundits say don't blame Islamic immigrants for Islamic terrorism so they can migrate in and dilute the European natives is one more Jewish encouraged exercise to grab a whole new set of deck chairs to arrange and keep the Titanic sinking.

This seems to be the sign of the Islamic Renaissance Resistance Jorjani supports

13458741 1742882295989318 4167362279861214913 oIt's one more covert Jewish explanation for the goy that assures it accomplishes the opposite of what it proclaims it wants to do. Jews want Christianity to fight Islam. Jews want another goyim war to end all goyim wars. Jews want to install the anti-Christ to signify their total dominance and the arrival of the overt Jew World Order.

Rearranging deck chairs won't do diddly to stop the leak. Bail the Muslim water out of the ship and the Jewish leak let's more in or an adequate substitute to take it's place. Folks we just got to find the Jew leak and that is done by exposing misdirections like this and all the other lies that emanate from that source.

You go after the enemy of authentic Iranians and Europeans (and other non-Jews) by spreading Jew-awareness. Explanations that avoid this concern are inherently designed to fail for us and succeed for the Jew and the Rich Race (Please see my article on "My New Slant on Race" that divides the races into master and servant races and yes, Arabs and Caucasians are part of the servant races and have a common bond in fighting  the master races).

What Jorjani is selling is an inevitable war with Islamic ideology that will attack whites in Europe from within, with the migrant invasion as well as without,  with such countries as Islamic Iran and I assume Assad's Syria and others. He claims war with Islam is unavoidable and common cause should take place with the good but subjugated authentic Iranians and the authentic Europeans.

Not mentioning the Jewish Kalergi Plan where Whites are to be mongrelized into another race form, skipping over the fact that it is the Jewish propaganda system not only selling the war on terror against Islam and now 911 truthers while being in on chronic event explanations unworthy of legitimate news sources, Jorjani is here to give Jew aware white identarians the same reasons to fight JIHAD that Pam Geller gives Zionist Christians with the appropriate sugar coating, to suit the audience being tricked, applied.***

   For background, Jason comes from a rich family, was born in America but acts like he is closer to his Iranian heritage than his American one. He is a dual citizen who apparently can not return to Iran for fear of his life due to some activism he engaged in there in 2009. He worships the memory of the Shah though he was born after the Shah was deposed.

Is this a clue that his parents were tied in with the Shah's power structure before leaving Iran after the revolution? This is yet to be vetted and needs to be. So I am going to post this article and comment where I need to. The second part of the article is a public letter that I assume Jason also wrote for the style seems in accordance with the former but I could be wrong. He clearly stands behind what it's saying. Before I post the article and my comments, I am reposting my long comment I left under the article at "Right-On" a website owned by Daniel Friberg whom I expect to have more to say about in the coming weeks. Friberg also owns "Arktos" a publishing company where he made Jason head of the US division. This was so relevant that Jason was asked to speak at the NPI, Alt-Right conference and give us his vision. It is that video of his presentation that made me aware of Jason Jorjani.


Jorjani thinks the Shah was great for Iran

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Now my under article comment:

My problem with what Jason has said is his total disregard for the fact that Jewry is at the top of the pyramid and by that I mean the Talmudic mindset to control the world already evident in so many ways, that part of Jewry.

By labeling the globalists as CFR and Bilderbergers, he makes it clear that he's is pushing an Alex Jones type of recognition as to the enemy at the top (Jones is famous for protecting Jews from criticism). By ignoring the Jewish question, does this align Jason, and these folks he is representing, with the Jews? Question.

For it is a fact that there is a clear Jewish history that wants to undermine Iran and  attack it that goes back to the 80's. Many folks concerned about false flags such as 911, and events similar, note who owns all major areas of the media (the Jews) and that they are pushing false explanations of events many of which are targeted against Muslims so as to have an  all encompassing Muslim conflict for some globalist agenda.

The truly "red pilled" see the yin-yang that Muslims are being used by those globalists to be their scapegoats as they are using us to believe it is Muslims that are the problem of greatest priority through the reality they create with their media focus. This has the effect, if swallowed whole, of distracting us  away from extremely rich folks taking Jewish instructions  that the problems emanate from.

In other words, if Jason is right and there is a unity between the elites and what the Muslims are doing in Iran and elsewhere, how is that different from all the western intervention in areas surrounding Iran which our relatives engage in as useful idiots for these same elites? If both sides are being duped shouldn't we focus on the duper and not the gopher?

This leads me to take a few of Jason's words such as IRAN IS ONE VOLK NOT MULTI-ETHNIC. Notice Jason didn't claim people had to be the same race and this leads me to believe Jason welcomes Arabs in Iran that would accept an Iranian Renaissance away from Islam. I can go with that in principle but this is left vaguely referred to by Jason because he understands the white identity cult who really don't believe one volk is possible lest it all be the same race.

He does this because he wants to use the whites to attack Islam and the power structure that supports it but I have to ask.

Isn't the real answer targeting the true enemy and not fighting each other?

One of the many photos of him globetrotting, in this case Stokholm. Is he one of us or one of them?14566340 1795651227379091 7869442705116742583 oNow Jason comes from extreme wealth. He went to grade school and high school in elitist institutions that charge 50,000 a year for kindergarten classes. His face book page shows him to be a globe trotting rich boy. He idolizes a Shah who got installed by the NWO in 1953 after killing the ruler the people had elected.

His family left Iran when the shah left. His family may be connected to the Shah historically and thus the NWO that he now claims to be fighting in order to restore his beloved homeland.

I would finish by saying ask your leaders to justify what they preach. It will do you no harm.

Jason's avoiding the Jew problem automatically makes his info inadequate for a full  discussion of the matter and this lack is well hidden by his deep research expertise that intimidates challenging his assertions and assumes when he leaves areas out, there must be good reason.

Now, the article in full with comments

Jason Reza Jorjani

Iranian Nationalism and the Globalist Agenda

What I am about to share with you is to date one of the most important political statements of the 21st century.

The open letter following this preface, which could fit on a single page, is as important on account of the signatories that it brings together as it is because of its content. The letter emphatically reaffirms the commitment of all Iranian nationalists to the preservation of the territorial integrity of Iran on the basis of the country’s ancient heritage and enduring sense of national unity.

In a recently published five-part article series entitled, “The Return of Zarathustra”, I have made the case that European civilization is inconceivable without the extensive contributions that the people of Iran have made at various formative phases in the culture of classical Greece and Rome, the Germanic middle ages, the Italian Renaissance, and the Enlightenment. Moreover, such examples of cultural influence were not intended to be of purely historical interest. The aim was to acquaint Europeans with a contemporary movement known as the Iranian Renaissance, which offers the possibility of bringing about a profound cultural revolution within Iran that would reconnect the country to Europe through the revival of their shared Indo-European heritage. The triumph of this movement even offers the possibility that the defenders of Europe would gain a uniquely positioned ally in the struggle against the nascent Islamic caliphate and a titanic bulwark against what Iranian Renaissance leaders refer to as “the invisible government of global finance” that is fostering the latest Islamic conquest of Europe.

*** As prior noted Jorjani basically says the heritage of Iran is the foundation for all white society. This isn't that clear here but having listened to almost all of his interviews and heard him regurgitate the same talking points for his agenda, this is what he's implying and because it is the foundation for the European heritage, there is common interests in joining hands against the convenient, Jewish taught scapegoat, Islam and  the"Elites behind the curtain (that apparently aren't Jews)"***

These globalists of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group played a significant role in establishing the Islamic Republic, as what appears now to have been an intermediate stage in a long-term plan to destroy Iran. They make the grave mistake of conflating Iran with Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and other artificial colonial constructions with borders that can be redrawn as easily as they were first contrived. Many of these artificial countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, were carved out of the millennia-old nation of Iran, the legitimate cultural and historical scope of which extends far beyond its present borders. The letter following this preface was written to ensure that, at the very least, the territorial integrity of Iran is defended against any further balkanization orchestrated by foreign agencies and against both the will and the interests of the Iranian nation.

Although the letter emphasizes three disputed Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf, what is at stake is the loss of more than a third of Iran’s remaining territory to Kurdish, Turkic, Baluchi, and Arab separatists who are funded and fueled by foreign interests. This would mean the loss of nearly all of Iran’s oil reserves and other resources. What could also be more explicitly stated, and is very much in the minds of the signatories of this letter, is that the propagandized adoption of federalism and the displacement of Persian as Iran’s national language are machinations to this end.

At one point in the letter, a reference is made to factions within the Islamic Republic who have fostered tribalism and separatism in order to pressure other factions within the regime. Allow me to clarify why this seemingly obscure reference to the internal politics of Iran is relevant to Europeans. The Islamic Republic, and its globalist backers in the power structure of the European Union, NATO, and the United States, are trying to engineer the specter of a catastrophic disintegration of Iran in order to convince Iranians that they ought not to overthrow this regime since its Islamist ideology and vast apparatus of suppression is all that is holding their country together. This is the second time that they have endeavored to cement the Islamic Republic by engendering a state of emergency, the first being at its inception by means of Saddam Hussein’s 1980 invasion of Iran (without which the regime would not have survived even for a couple of years). Certain factions within the regime are aligned with foreign interests in this dangerous game (of threatening their own territorial integrity to remain in power).

It is because the Iranian Renaissance has defined itself as a cultural movement more fundamental than party politics, as what those in the European New Right would call a “metapolitical” movement, that it has been able to draw together signatories that represent what has hitherto been a very fractious and fragmented nationalist opposition to the Islamic Republic. Consequently, the letter signifies nothing less than the birth of a distinct and cohesive vanguard of Iranian nationalists who could begin to coordinate with European patriots to secure our shared victory over our common enemies.

It also signifies the emergence of a vigilant group with an eye out for those who befriend enemies of the Iranian nation. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is just another enemy. The Islamic Republic and those Islamist groups supported by it do not share any fundamental principles or cultural values in common with Europeans, let alone with those who consider themselves in the New Right or Alt-Right. On the other hand, Iranian nationalists are the defenders of an Indo-European heritage that is the wellspring for the glorious accomplishments of both Europe and Iran throughout the course of history. The globalists and Islamists who confront us today are small-minded and little men who hate anything and everything that exudes greatness. Undoubtedly, one reason that they want to carve up what is left of Iran is because they are profiteers and thieves, but what drives them at an even deeper level is the desire to put out the glorious light of the Indo-European world because in its radiance they behold their own degeneracy and spiritual bankruptcy. Stand with us – against those who would divide and conquer us both. Hail Victory!

*** Folks, Jason is selling you the idea that Islam is your enemy and represents the globalist elites. Remember 911 which ushered in a raised consciousness to actors behind the curtain, scapegoated Arabs and Islam in that event and many of us saw through the con-job. There have been many dubious ill explained  other events that, too, seek to blame Islam and Arabs. Almost all Identarians know or should know that it is Jews orchestrating the Kalergi plan not Arabs and if you want to call that the CFR, know that using false terms to describe your enemy hides the enemy from the unwise who need to be informed***

Proclamation of Iranian Nationalists Regarding Recent Events of Concern

Our Dear Compatriots of the Iranian nation, who have long suffered hardships,

As you have likely gathered from current events and the media coverage of them, purposeful and long-term programs on the part of certain globalist power structures are underway towards the end of dividing up Iranians and damaging our national unity. With their extensive and deliberate plans in the guise of “the rights of ethnic minorities”, “the issue of peoples”, “education in the mother tongue”, “the struggle against Persian governance”, they have been for some years now targeting the fabric of our territorial integrity.

***Sounds very similar to what's happening in Europe and the US***

Those societies and round tables that have dreamed of the balkanization of Iran, patterned on their exploitation of ethnic tensions and religious enmities in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan, have now placed their apparatuses of propaganda in the service of this end. Unlike these other countries that in recent centuries, or even only in the 20th century, were constituted with direct colonial intervention and in a contractual manner, Iran is a country that came into being in ancient times, and the heartfelt unity of the Iranian cultural continent has been forged in the furnace of a tumultuous history of shared glories and hardships. Our Iran did not gain its official recognition through a meeting of United Nations representatives or at their behest, such that now with provocations on the part of some of them, it should relinquish its existence. Sovereignty in Iran is indivisible, and furthermore, the optimal governance for Iranians is one grounded on a powerful national government and not on the basis of any multi-ethnic or tribal structure.

The economic bankruptcy of the nation, political oppression, cultural impoverishment, and significant social problems that have fostered a widespread hopelessness in Iranian society, have set the stage for the growth and spread of ethno-tribal trends that, however limited, are still dangerous and poisonous. Unfortunately, certain factions of the country’s regime have, to the end of pressuring other factions, entered this ugly anti-Iranian game so that they can turn the country’s situation from bad to worse. We condemn and take a stand against any undermining of the pillars of Iranian identity, national sovereignty, and the nation of Iran’s consensus regarding the maintenance of its territorial integrity, on account of such rivalries within the present regime.

Meanwhile, outside of the country, we have witnessed concerning interviews regarding these foundational and non-negotiable principles. Iranians are monitoring the interviews of some well-known personalities with foreign media and expect from them that they take special care in how they respond to insidiously phrased questions that are put to them. Inattention on the part of those being interviewed in these kinds of media programs is a cause for concern and disappointment for patriots, who may be left with the impression of appeasement on the part of those falling short of giving careful attention to what they are saying. With respect to these concerns, it must be added that the three Iranian islands of the forever-Persian Gulf just like all other parts of our country are among the indivisible components of our homeland. The ownership of these islands and Iran’s sovereign jurisdiction over them cannot, on account of the wrong-minded politics and regional provocations of the current regime, become subject to bargaining or playing with words.

We, the organizations and individuals who are signatories of this statement, regardless of any differences in our political outlooks, certainly are of one mind and united with one voice in declaring that Iran is not a country of ethnicities and peoples. Iran is the country of only one folk, namely the nation of Iran. Just as all Iranians of whatever kind, regardless of dialect, religion, or sex, are subject to the country’s suffering and hardship, they should also share equally in the benefits and blessings of our one nation. We do not believe in any form of separation of the Iranian nation into a majority and minorities, and we take such subdivision to be contrary to the concept of citizenship and social justice. The territorial integrity of Iran, national sovereignty and the need for a powerful and all-pervasive government in the country, has been and will continue to be one of our non-negotiable principles and we see this as the red line that defines Iranian patriotism.

***What I highlighted in yellow was Hitler's one volk principle, the difference being most of Hitler's attention was focused on class not race. This statement was clearly inclusive language to get all volk to come together as one regardless of background . The opposite reality is being sewed so it's actually "mind control" deprogramming that needs strengthening away from the Jewish agenda***

Long Live Iran!

Jorjani is not a racialist but he knows whites are so he goes on RED ICE and emphasizes some Iranian's guy's whiteness. This is pure race bait to get whites to help him with this clearly Jewish agenda he is selling or maybe he just wants Iran back like in the days of the Shah but doesn't matter, it's still a Jewish-elitist agenda and Jorjani was born in an elitist family


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