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Sinead, South Africa, Shield Maiden and Renegade

This started off being a comment on my home page but I came to realize it grew big enough to be it's own article.

jiuWritten by "Rape Face" I began by reiterating my doubts about this provocateur named Shield Maiden who came out of nowhere to be pretty important to the Renegade site. At some point I saw the link to the South Africa video that Sinead had sollicted 2000 dollars from her audience in order to make so I started watching it and I ended up critiquing the typical WRR shortcomings that give evidence in all their scripts.

White people are always the acted upon, blameless victims and everybody hates them because the Jews lie about them and all other non-Whites are shiftless and no-good. Well, this may be, to an extent, true, in part, but then you act the perfect scapegoat by performing your part of the Jew ,psyop dance on que, White people!

Have a read!

I listened to Sinead's South Africa video up to 1900 and the beginning of the 2nd Boer War.

Little mention was made of the Jewish reasons for whites  invading the land in the first place, though, heaven forbid, Sinead would ever call anything whites do AN INVASION. It was a pretty matter of fact account of names no one has ever heard of in far away lands no one would care about unless they wanted to give extreme importance to someone wearing white skin.The word jew occurred one time and folks, when you ignore the Jew, it's nothing but a goy battle. No conspiracy touched on so maybe a little cucking going on at Renegade.

Clearly the land was inhabited and stolen from the natives. Yes, the only true white homeland is Europe.....

Update- I  sat back down and am listening to the rest and I find it interesting that Sinead begins to mention the Jew behind the black  civil rights movements.  One must ask, WHY IS THE JEW ROLE IN THE BOER WAR IGNORED?Because it was mostly white against white, maybe? Question! What this does is link Jews and blacks as white enemies, exactly typical White Race Religion stuff where whites see themselves as oppressed and against the world. TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE JEWISH ROLE ALL AROUND THEN MAKES IT CLEARER WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS AND NO OTHER, THE JEW!trn

So, then Sinead goes on to PLAY ABOUT 15 MINUTES OF FILM FOOTAGE WHERE BLACKS ARE YELLING "KILL WHITEY"!, Lol! So, ignore the Jewish role when whites are fighting whites and emphasize it when blacks are targeting whites. I suppose if you don't mention it, the viewers won't realize how many whites were Jew controlled thus allowing the unique evil nature impact  illusion of the other.

In so doing Sinead has done what so many if not all racialists have done in the past and present which is create a narrative that supports the result already preconceived that conforms to their desire or job (if an op). It's a goy enemy narrative, the blacks hopelessly placed in the Jew camp as all non-Whites are being labeled as well, in this White racialist, Jewish influenced agenda. There is nothing I can see about Sinead that isn't totally a part of this dysfunctional movement and that goes for Renegade as well. Her bold Jewish disclosures often made, like Anglin's, serve to misdirect away from the fact  that her agenda is to cause goy wars  and that my friends is an agenda the Jews like!

The Jews control everybody, Sinead. What is ultimately important here, is that what happened in South Africa happened only through Jewish complicity as the JWO had been in effect in growing power since 1492.  Sinead realizes she will get more  hits to demonize blacks and again she proves herself to be a run of the mill WN ( who is also a feminazi) with her behavior and outlook and ignoring the Jew when it's convenient to promote the race war she wants. Note, though she initially introduced the problems as Jew induced, she quickly deemphasized the Jew so that all the emotion would rage towards the blacks

Sinead staying true to her WRR beliefs, portrays whites as wanting to give blacks equality. Honey, I was around during desegregation in America. I remember the water hoses. Whites never wanted to give blacks equality but who cares if it makes whites seem all victim-like, right? Who cares if it's true. Whites don't steal, whites don't rob and whites have an eternal halo that hovers over their head, right, Sinead?

Here is Sinead's work which honors white people as the truly chosen race


 Renegade's "Shield Maiden" anonymously came out of nowhere in March of 2016 to become a regular writer at Renegade.

Notice Sinead's extreme discomfort when in close proximity to blacks

mrs kyleSinead just before her nose jobLooking over her postings, about ten, it's clear to me that  she is assigned to go after  non-White goy. When I first read her, I thought that this must be Julie Mitchell in disguise. Julie was my first cornered op back in 2012. They focus heavy attention to describing non-whites in unflattering ways and getting their susceptible readers way more pissed off at the goy than the Jews. Since she is totally anonymous, it's impossible for me to tell what ethnicity she is but considering her provocative style, like Julie Mitchell, I am going to go with Jew

I believe also she may be a trained op entering the Renegade scene as a pro. Consider this. She writes her first article in March and then is picked to review a "Hellstorm" documentary showing in South Carolina at some festival as if she is some long time friend just three weeks later on thee Hellstorm site (assignment much?). Well, since she's anonymous, you never know, maybe she has been. IMO, her presence in the Reneagde brigade in and of itself is enough to convict Renegade of being compromised.

Shield Maiden

(Oh, lookey here, another Renegade Jewess trying to pass for Irish)

Related image

 We all know how provocateurish. Sinead can be and Kyle is becoming more aggressive, probably from the constant association with aggressive Jewesses. Here are Shield Maiden's articles and it's clear she especially is targeting blacks with her wrath

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