the only Veronica Bouchard I found worthy of note before November, 2016, was a painter, not EvalionJdN praises Evalion's great content and I analyze the video of which he speaks

Brian Ruhe has jumped on the Evalion bandwagon and does his second interview with her. I was scanning John deNugent's site when I noticed that he had post the you-tube video remarking what a great asset she was. DeNugent claims great content. I analyze and see if that statement is well founded

First off, I will say that Evalion looks awesome! It was all I could do to keep my dick in my pants. Unfortunately there is a recent Jewtendency to parade cute women with standard racialist WN talking points on their lips before the dumbed down racialist males living in their parents basement  to keep these folks focused on dysfunctional infighting between goyim as opposed to the Jew actor behind the curtain. These girls mostly seem to be connected to, likely plant, Sinead McCarthy, the divisive female at Renegade fully supported in her divisiveness by her husband Kyle. She has set out a net to capture cute white (Jewish) females willing to use Sinead talking points to push the Renegade agenda.

 Renegade is a divisive op that shows some signs of masonic connections which automatically means they are not what they seem. They recently parted ways with Shaun Surplus and much unkind gossip was noted on Shaun's website; comments concerning the problems surrounding Renegade.

Evalion has swayed into Sinead's wheel house and in this you-tube vide, deNugent refers to as great,  many of those talking points are Sinead's talking points.

Like all ops, Evalion mixes good insights to get you to follow her distractions The first interesting comment I noticed her making  involved being anonymous. Here is a comment I made under Ruhe's video (whether  he hides it or not is another matter).

"I find it interesting Evalion, who trusted the MSM with the release of her real name (and not us prior), says it is ok to hide your name if you show your face. Well, that's convenient since that is exactly what she has done and of course we are all aware that her face was necessary to then solicit men to go to "google hangouts" for a paid for chat with her. Self serving to say the least.

By the way, I find it interesting that Veronica "Bouchard" has no internet history at all before the Canadian interview"

Again, there is no internet history on a  Veronica Bouchard that links her to Evalion  occurring before the Canadian ,MSM, TV interview in November, 2016. None!

I simply find that to not be credible that over the last four years, of  which, only a couple at most she portrayed herself as Evalion, that there is no trace of a life as a "Bouchard".

This, again, leads to "the op" question. Is she a plant? Does she have a fake history? Is she MK ultra? Is she all or part Jewish? Did she camwhore for cash last year as she now, in this video, denigrates watching porn?

Of course the question might also be asked as to why she is taking us into personal life decision quests when the only worthy quest at this moment is breaking the Jew table that all goyim must congregate around to fight for Jew crumbs.

Evalion says she believes the alt-right is a Jew op. Ding, ding, Evalion parrots Sinead talking points as the lead Jewess here to subvert the goyim for Sinead. "Why is Lana Lektoff saying women should be lied to?, she asks as so asks other horses such as Deplorable Princess in Sinead's stable of cutie WN fighters.

I recall that it was Sinead, before this union occurred, that told me she suspected Evalion of cam-whoring and being Jewish and now they are so close. But then again, the goyim never notice in numbers large enough to matter and that makes the job so much easier, right?..

As an aside, this Evalion logic about putting your real face out there while hiding your real name seems inverted but then again Jews are the master at inversion. Clearly the fact Evalion put her real face out there (to make it easier to get men to donate we must assume) while speaking anonymously through her name is the only reason she is advocating this and oddly enough, she spends more time on this topic than talking about Jews.

Of course Brian Ruhe as well as John deNugent are supporting her mindlessly because they see her taking in a lot of WNs and getting promoted by the Jewish press. They want some of that too...Don't forget to donate to one or all of them as they  bring about a beautiful world for only white people

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