Sinead 's Newest Pysop Analyzed by "RAPE FROM HER NIGHTMARES"

Is that her handler?Image result for Sinead McCarthyIt's looking more and more that my initial thoughts on Sinead, that she is controlled opposition and fake dissent are correct.

Image result for Sinead McCarthyRecall, she is the one that stirred the pot on FLAT EARTH that got so many people annoyed. She is the one that spends a huge amount of time focusing on women's libbish type issues in a  movement that is anything but women's lib.

She is the yang to Andrew Anglin's, white male, supremacy, yin and assures that all WNs stay disorganized, dysfunctional and non-compliant. She goes after the alt-right for homosexuality while promoting a Jewess acting cam-whore who introduced herself to the public by using the provacateurish word "nigger" to hook the lowest racists who think with their 3rd arm.

She has a history of cuddling up close to black male faggots but then attacks white male WN faggots. Where's the consistency, bros?

So Sinead., one standard for white women, easy to live up to, another standard for white men. All about divide and conquer for the Jew it is.

Anyway, she has latched onto to PIZZA-GATE which I first heard Deplorable Princess parrot to my attention a week or so ago.. I do not follow the MSM closely, but apparently Pizza-gate is a psyop promoted by the MSM's favorite whistle-blower, Wiki-leaks.

The fact the MSM promotes Wiki-Leaks should clue the very aware Sinead that there is something amiss but apparently Jew-wise WN are almost as susceptible to MSM hogwash as the rest of the WN community as well as others, or she knows but can make sheckles on the issue? Maybe? She is promoting a video for sheckles on the issue after-all!

Anyway, MILES MATHIS has weighed in on Pizza-gate and claims it's an intentional distraction to keep us from thinking about the core issues ongoing that need to be stopped and isn't that what Sinead, in final analysis is all about as well?

"Hey people, look here, it's all about me, me, me, me!"



As a tack-on, I will quickly address the Pizzagate scandal. - MM (33)

I am getting a lot of emails on it, but I have no wish to write a long paper on it. Why? Because it is faked. It is like the Flat Earth project: it was created to divert attention away from the real problems, and also to blackwash real researchers.

First of all, it came out of the Wikileaks papers, which are controlled leaks. Assange and Snowden and all the rest are agents, and they are running controlled opposition. They leak small stuff to keep you off the big stuff. More specifically, the Pizzagate scandal is the attempt to keep your eyes on Congressmen and other politicians, and off the trillionaires.
That's why they still have a Congress and a President and political candidates: as puppets to draw your attention. It is a constant “look over here!” But all those politicians, including Trump, the Clintons, Biden, Podesta, and the rest are just actors, paid to keep your eyes off the prize. You should know that by now, but if you didn't the form of the Pizzagate scandal should have clued you in.
It is ridiculous, and has signs of being manufactured all over it. It shouldn't fool anyone. Plus, please notice that it is being pushed in the mainstream, by places like the New York Times and the Washington Post. You will say the mainstream is trying to debunk it, but ask yourself why they would give it legs at all? The media covers up all real news, so why would these places be publicizing Pizzagate at all? Because they want you wasting your time studying it.

Just so you understand, I am not claiming pedophilia by politicians is “small stuff” while pedophilia by trillionaires would be “big stuff”. That isn't my point at all. My point is that this is completely faked from the ground up. The stories are planted. It is all a tempest in a teapot. It is like the serial killer stories, which I have completely pulled apart in many papers.
It simply did not happen, in any way or any form. It was either staged or only happened on paper. Manson, Dahmer, Bundy, and all the rest were just actors. They were never in jail and are still alive. Just as Sandy Hook never happened, the Boston Marathon deaths never happened, the O. J. Simpson murders never happened, and Pizzagate
never happened. The project also has the potential to blackwash me, since if I debunk it, other truthers can say I have joined the mainstream, which is also debunking it.
Notice I am not even taking the time to debunk it. It isn't even worth a debunking, except to the extent I show it was manufactured by the mainstream as a false target. The mainstream isn't telling you that, are they? My analysis isn't like the mainstream analysis, because I am telling you the mainstream has created this project itself. In short, Intel manufactured the story, and Intel is behind both the New York Times and the Washington Post (and all other media sources). They set it up just so they could knock it down, and so you could waste your
time watching.

The timing is also no accident. It is no coincidence that so much seems to be happening right now. They have to keep my papers from going viral, and the way they do it is with a mountain of diversion. They have to keep my potential readers off chasing ghosts. If I am telling you something that is amazing and true, they have to come up with something even more amazing and false.
And to a certain extent it is working. A small portion of my readers are being drawn off by Flat Earth or Pizzagate. I think they will be back, once they see sense again, but until then I have to deal with some crazy emails. You see, that is another goal of the project: draw off my attention. They are hoping not just to snare my readers, but me. Any time I spend working on this is time I don't spend on real events. Which is why I am going to stop writing.


Sinead continues to morph into VK Clark cloning Clark's much over used word "Cyber-bullying". She also is copying Clark's technique of scouring "Stormer" for evil male comments about women. What's it called, again? Oh yeah, "Divide and Conquer"Sinead, I knew VK ClarkVK Clark was a friend of mine. Sinead, you will never hold a candle to VK Clark when it comes to dizzying attacks on men!


Ever notice how when whites take the credit for land theft it's called "CONQUERING"  but when Muslims do it it's called "illegal invasion of white homelands"

Sinead's "JEW" face is much worse than my "rape face".

Sinead's "Let's breed the white race out!" moment!Sinead had a fund raiser for a documentary on South AfricaDid it ever come out? I do not believe so. Now Sinead is hitting you up to fund her Pizza-gate video. One can look at the history of Sinead in this movement and she's been asking for money from day one as she is training a brood of cute Jewess like females to titillate you while they tell you how much they hate niggers...then, letting you know they need to pay rent!


File photo dated 25/3/2008 of Sir Jimmy Savile. A draft version of the review by Dame Janet Smith into the culture and practices of the BBC during the years that Jimmy Savile worked there has been leaked .

Trailer: PizzaGate and Beyond – The Big Picture

Renegade Films is tackling one of the biggest scandals this world has ever seen with a new feature length documentary. (nothing new about elite pedophilia)

Please help support our efforts on Indiegogo


Your patronage is also greatly appreciated:

*** BL - Let me quickly say, wherever the lamestream media goes, you will find Sinead and let me be clear, both alternative and MSM is part of the charade mind controlling what you preoccupy your mind on (remember when everyone was freaking out about Aspartame?  I guess it's no longer a problem.
Goy, the Jew and their subversives lead you around by the nose and though you can read about Pizzagate in a million different places, Sinead would like you to pay her to give her detailed analysis only she can give spewing venom at convenient men along the way.

Could you help her pay for that today, goy?

Hopefully the goods will be delivered unlike the South Africa video. Was the money returned? Nah.... Once you give that money, it ain't ever coming back!. I found out the hard way from these leeches!
 I mentioned Sinead's harem of cuties, here to entice you to empty your pockets for them. Well one, Deplorable Princess  seems to get all excited about Sinead's fixations. She came to my you-tube wall and ranted on Pizza gate, she hates the alt-right and Donald Trump and  is currently studying to be a Sinead Clone. Good luck hun with that. Kill a few niggers at school for me!
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