The Best Among You Can Only Be "Good Goyim"!

"The joke doing the rounds of the British Union of Fascists at this time (1939-aproximate) was that the Jewish national anthem was, 'Onward Christian Soldiers.'" It still applies today!

Oy! That's my boy Shlomo! Adhering to proper Jewish customs like one of God's truly chosen people! Be careful when harpooning a shiksa though! Especially if they are of Western European descent (especially promiscuous and dirty) Listen up all you GOYIM. Keep parroting the opinionated left/right wing drivel being funneled into your brains via MSM and public education. Keep thinking that it is through your own volition that you hold these opinions as truths. Oy vey, it is with such ease and impunity that I bend your actions to my will. I am the dictator, the taskmaster, the puppeteer and the conductor. I am the wily, undetectable parasite. And you are my eternal slave, my everlasting minion, my succulent and delectable host. I feast upon your lifeblood, yet you praise me. I sabotage your every dream, goal, and objective, while you consciously expend resources for my benefit. I bring forth the hordes and armies of the world to march against you, and you apologize to me for the misgivings of men whose bodies amount to nothing more than piles of bones and dust. Despite the myriad of conditions you suffer through which would almost surely result in feelings of indignation, your actions suggest complete obliviousness and acceptance of inferiority. Members of your race appear to be on the cognitive scale of a typical cattle, ox, or other bovinus organism. Thus, I have no other term for which to describe you as, other than "Goy". If by some chance, you happen to rise above the majority of your peers, I will endow you with the slightly more prestigious title of "Good Goy". 

Alea Acta Est Update!

Silence goy! I've heard enough of your cries for sympathy, your claims of oppression, of victimhood, of forced marginalization. Too many times throughout history have you spit on us, kicked us to the ground, beaten us, murdered us, and committed genocide against us. Seventy years ago, six million of my people were put to the sword under the orders of your "Fuhrer".Image result for Alea iacta Est

The tide has turned against you. We have the upper hand. Slowly, you watch as your society crumbles under the crushing weight of your  own degeneracy.

Despondently and desperately, your gaze shifts to the political opposition as your source of blame. But being the unaware goyim that you are, you make no note of the beast destroying you from within, eating away at your core, catalyzing the plague that is so openly and stridently devouring you.It is I, the one you had forgotten about the most.

The dark, transparent force of vengeance. There is nothing you can do to stem your fate. Enjoy the twilight years of your great civilization while you still can, for it is in its death throes.

Written by Alea Acta Est

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