The White Race Religion on Full Display at Renegade through  the church of Kyle Hunt

written by "The Watcher on the Wall"

is he the "prince" that was "promised"?

Is Sinead under Kyle Hunt mind control? Question! (just click here and the answer will be obvious! No prior red pill consumption needed!)

I am going to post an article by  Kyle Hunt where he displays, for all to view, the shortcomings of the White Race Religion movement. Quickly put, the WRR is a composite of the various forms of White Race Worship that exists today  encompassing a supremacist world view, a belief in victimization by Jewish, indeed, all other races carried along by a self-serving tale of history to support the idea that the white race is the only good race subverted by parasitical Jews with the help of all other creatures referred to by them as "The Mud Races" (Let's forget about Jewish colonialism where for three hundred years the whites helped the Jew subjugate all them's that are helping the Jew now. After all, the We NEVAH DID NUTHIN WRONG WHITES have!).

Kyle's website represents the very best of what the WRR has to offer and with that we have a very depressing take away (If that's the best, how low does it go?).

Once we realize that these grandiose beliefs about the greatness that is in Whiteness is being promoted for the daily consumption of below average IQ White Males, we begin to understand why Kyle dumbs down his message, accordingly and could pass for stupid himself!

This is a short article that makes the obligatory reference to the subhuman, mud races disguised  as orcs and ogres demonstrated here:

And they are not alone. They have hordes of orcs and ogres to do their bidding, eager to take from us everything we hold dear.thehornofboromirBeing outnumbered by subhumans is no reason not to stand. Bring the fire and sound the horn!
***Since Kyle and Sinead are trying to resurrect Valhalla heaven, a pagan society of mythical origins, appropriate imagery must be used instead of the obviously more accurate imagery such as this:Image result for black lives matter violence

or this:

Image result for muslim terrorist

Somehow, the first picture just seems so gosh darned more Aryan noble, right gang? The important thing though, Kyle has accomplished. All other non-White races, referred to as muds often, by White Race Religionists, as taught by preacher Klassen, are against us and on the side of the Jew.

GOOD IS DEFINED AS WHAT IS GOOD FOR WHITES! That is the only way it's defined! (Does that have a Jewish ring to it?)

Never mind that all races are being subjugated by Jewish mind control. Never mind that all  individuals within all races are capable of shirking that mind control and once done,  coming over to a true Jewish resistance, united in stance. This imagery of Kyle through, the orcs and orgres, literal subhumans, obliterates that fact  or need to contemplate by simply saying they work for the Jew, move along like a good goy. They can never be one of us cause THEY AIN'T HUMAN! (pass a beer please and put on the game!) 

***Kyle was caught making a masonic 33 reference on a podcast by Queenie Cameron which I heard the actual audio to validate. Sinead's response was that it was a coincidence. Also coincidental was that Sinead's Child was born on April Fool's day (there have been sooo many rumors about Sinead's child, the April Fool's Day fact doesn't help remove them). No messaging hear gang, keep walking. Love your "FAITH,  FAMILY AND FOLK" (6-6-6)***

Krystal, here, is a card carrying member of her nearest White Race Religion local chapter!

Image result for stupid white trashIgnore all the whites, Kyle, that are working for the Jew. You don't have to justify why. Your bending the knee to and for the White Race removes the need to explain to all others who have likewise bent the knee.

But you, Kyle, were just a truther once upon a time weren't you and like so many, Anglin, Delaney and others, all came over in the same caravan owned by a Jew to save the white race by making it Jew-wise. Yes, we can forgive a brother who prefers to not acknowledge the Jewish problem as long as the White Race problem in full is promoted and believed.

You're a tricky one though, Kyle, because you out false flag ops and the Jew better than all your religionist buddies.I was about to forgive you for your never ending white genocide rants and then your MK Ultra assistant, Sinead, asked me to bend the knee, too!

Bend the knee to the White Race who for the last 500 years have been fighting each other non-stop and just now started raising the possibility they were one tribe, one country, one volk of 100% white skin (or close enough to pass for white skin ((if they believe it they will receive it))).

I do have a question for you about all that. In fact a couple.

Would you be worried about the White race so much if it was 1939 and the Jews were telling us to worry about Hitler? See, it's my contention that this fake white race, assimilation project psyop is, in actuality, a redefining of enemy lines along race variation parameters and is Jewish in nature and origin. The Jew wants a White race that thinks everyone is out to get them and why?

Believing equals receiving that's why, dude. You complain day in and day out how goy pawns are the source of your pain, those SOURCE OF PAINS are going to be more than willing to oblige.

Image result for evil HitlerBut then you didn't answer my question and I know why. Because the same Jewish programming that has pushed you into a small, snooty, white only, cult pushed White people against the only true champion of the race they ever had who might have saved them but for the missing of some white help in 1939.

That white race willingly obliged the Jew one more time in his never ending, since Jew rule began, white brother against white brother wars while also getting them in between to subjugate all, in sync with nature, tribes from  all over the world for the sake of "advancing humanity" (the Jew) and polluting the world, Jew fashion.

So here Kyle is with his 140 IQ, preaching  to mostly 100 IQ multi-generational white racists who were programmed for hate soon after the Bacon Rebellion when TPTB changed black and white indentured servants with mutual reasons to support each other, into enemies with whites playing kitchen nigga to the blacks field nigga subservient role. In other words it became the poor whiteman's burden to BE the poor blackman's burden, all this so the poor blackman could one day become the poor whiteman's now.

Thanks Jew! By the way, both Kyle and Sinead are from very high income families who grew up playing cricket instead of baseball (Sinead at the tender age of thirteen demanded her mother put her in an elitist boarding school at 70,000 a year pop. Her mother complied but soon after that had to incarcerate (mind control) her out of control daughter for a year. I been over this so I won't go further. Just more reasons to question her White Race Religion claims. She's a girl who says she doesn't know what to believe about religion while pushing WRR, don't ya know !

You with your 140 IQ, Kyle, moved into town to organize the disgruntled kitchen nigga racists into Jew aware racist whites. "

"Commander Kyle here sir! Subhuman goyim beasts, our first tier enemy, sold to targets, sir! Your presence has been hidden well behind the curtain, sir!"

"Thank you, may I have another, sir! I like it deep in my ass, sir!"

It's called controlled opposition, folks. They only recognize fellow controlled opposition whether loving or fighting. As long as it serves and distracts from our primary enemy, it's kosher. Renegade has led the way in getting into petty arguments and dust ups, Sinead's mind control training honed specifically for that.

The following is a few excerpts of Kyle's call to arms and some comments worthy of note:

Awakening to the White Dawn

 October 10, 2016  Kyle Hunt 
Most of our people are still asleep. While some are having pleasant dreams, most are stuck in nightmares, hoping to somehow make it out alive. Besides a lucid few, our people do not even realize that they are dreaming.
There are those of us who are awake and doing everything we can to arouse the slumbering masses. Some of us woke up in the desperate hours before the dawn, when the predators could hide in the pitch black night, threatening to take our live’s or treasures at a moment’s notice. An even greater number are now shaking off their sleep while the morning star rises on the horizon, heralding the coming dawn.
But our enemies, the eternal vampires who have been living off our life force for so long, know that their ability to freely move about undetected is almost gone, and so they are moving quickly. They are fastening chains around the sleepers, unplugging their alarm clocks, injecting their debilitating venom, and stealing as much wealth as possible while they still can.
6eoj6j4Not a real Ben Garrison cartoon. This one is better than the original.
They want to ensure that when our folk awaken to the morning light, they are either incapable or unwilling to even get up, being too hungover or doped up to care. Instead of going out into the streets to see what is happening, some of our folk will likely close their curtains and fall back under the spell of the sandman.
The lords of darkness can’t stop the dawn....
We must raise our voices together, amplify them, and sound an alarm such that none will be able to resist our call, no matter how deep the dream. We will force our people to open their eyes. We are the modern day Paul Revere, but with a twist.

The Yiddish are coming! The Yiddish are coming!

Well, actually they are already here; they have been for quite a well. But now they are coming for their finalcoup de grâce. Their transhumanist technocratic system of total control could keep us in a dream-like stupor for all eternity, literally incapable of resisting the will of the “chosen”. Resistance will be futile.
And they are not alone. They have hordes of orcs and ogres to do their bidding, eager to take from us everything we hold dear.
thehornofboromirBeing outnumbered by subhumans is no reason not to stand. Bring the fire and sound the horn!
This waking nightmare is already becoming our reality, so we must act swiftly, intelligently, and effectively. We cannot make excuses and wait for the “right time”. The time is now!


Now for some "informed WRR-ist comments!

Michael9 hours 23 minutes ago
We have the armour of Right on our side we are more powerful in numbers and we excel in intelligence. We need to recognise ourselves as a unique Tribe
Tobias Louw...7 hours 17 minutes ago
Just need to remark that in previous generations, for thousands of years actually, our forebears have seldom enjoyed numerical superiority. Yet, in the end, they always managed to survive against the odds, especially due to their mental superiority.
:-))10 hours 1 minute ago
Stupid Arabs have succeeded in terrorizing the whole world with a ridiculous ideology , poor intelligence and basic armement because they were organized in a network of brotherhood ready to die for a faith .We should be more confident in our strength and do believe in the Reconquista of our White Occidental power . It’s Never too late . Muslims ,Huns occupied Europe for centuries and were expelled manu militari by courageous men .It is the challenge of this era, even if we will lose our confort and our possessions . AMen !
Thar be your great white race folks, enjoy it, live it, feel it and watch it die under Jew

Thanks Jews!

He is the "White Wolf" The King...of the North!

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Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

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