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Just another Jew Op (WRR)

Question! Is the White Race Religion (WRR) just another attempt to copy the Jews and be an international people who don't care about countries, only race? If so, does all the shouting about it and open derogatory language help or hurt?

International Whiteness that knows no borders - Klassen another fake goy pushing Judaism disguised as....


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Ben Klassen

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Ukrainian Jew

1973 - Church Of The Creator

Ben Klassen was born in 1918 in the Ukraine, to a wonderful Jewish family. When he was six, he and his family fled the Ukraine to try to start life anew in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was 22 when World War Two started, and as with most Jewish men, he sat the war out in college. He later joins the John Birch Society -- which is now known as a "smokescreen for the Jews". Next, he moves to Florida and participates in George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign. 

In 1973, Klassen formed the COTC with the publication of a 511-page tome entitled "Nature's Eternal Religion".

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Klassen runs his church for 20 years without any trouble from the ADL and such. In 1992, he decides to sell his North Carolina headquarters compound to William Pierce, head of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Klassen turns the church over to a Mr. Wilson, who fires him and replaces him with a Richard McCarty, a telemarketer.

In 1993, Klassen commits suicide by an overdose of sleeping pills.

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Enter Matt Hale

The WCOTC meanders, then miraculously, an avid white supremacist named Matthew Hale shows up. Hale had been an avowed racist since the age of 12, when he became fascinated with Adolf Hitler and National Socialism after reading the "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" and, later, Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Like the KKK and Aryan Nations, the WCOTC considers the purging of Jews from the ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) of the United States a top priority. 

Hale brutally beat a Jewess named Paula Erlichman. " When he was beating my head against the cement, you cannot imagine his eyes, the hate in his eyes," she says. " I thought, 'This man hates me and he doesn't even know me.'" She says she saw the same look when Hale was on Dateline. " Charges were never filed against Matt Hale. 

Oddly, the press seems to cover his every move.

In 1998, Hale earned a law degree from Southern Illinois University and later passed the Illinois bar exam, but is denied a license to practice. 

Dershowitz is Hale's Lawyer

Dershowitz, who is Jewish, agreed to help despite Hale's anti-Semitic preachings.

"Although I find his views utterly reprehensible and despicable, I don't believe anybody should be denied admission to the bar on the basis of their views," Dershowitz told the Associated Press. 

In 2000, Hale Goes To North Western University

Matt Hale, leader of the white supremacist World Church of the Creator, announced he would meet on campus with Northwestern student supporters to discuss establishing his group as a campus religious organization. 

Abraham Bienen -Pres. says " Hale is a monster and I should know because I am a Holocaust survivor.

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In 2002, Hale Gets Arrested

Tony Evola, Hale's subordinate, sets him up in a FBI sting - he is charged and he becomes a martyr. In 2004, he is convicted of solicitation of murder and gets 40 years. Matt Hale as of 1/1/2006.

Note from Blindlight- I am looking into Matt Hale. I actually see only good press about him but my experience as an op detector does see some possible problems.Also, reading this, I am wondering if this was the inspiration for folks like JAM and Zander Fuerza who talked of the Jew in much the same manner. The fact that AFP and the Daily Stormer are fully behind him is a problem. Ops support other ops not  real resistance. The fact that Alan Dershowitz represented him an  extreme zionist Jew who never does anything counter to Jewish interests is a problem. Was it ,in Jewish interests to have Matt Hale as a controlled anti-Semite? Did Matt Hale get reassigned as he is supposedly being held in prison? How do we know he is in prison? (Recall Dershowitz defended Frank Collins the krypto Jew Nazi whose case enabled a new era in Holocaustianity promotion)  Clearly a promoter in the mold of Klassen that says Nationalism is evil leaving only a "White Race Religion" the only true loyalty to anything whites should have. It looks like Hale underplays the importance of the conspiratorial Jew like Anglin - figures...Hale, a highly intelligent man intentionally using the provocative word, nigger...yep, sounds Jewish! Recall, two years after Andrew Anglin told black radio that the white race should be bred out,  he is on Daily Stormer  promoting white only reservations and happy nigger slavery stories.  

The Shills are alive!

And the con goes on......

Here's a Jew writing about white racial loyalty guys.What's that saying about Jews? Always do the opposite of what they say? Nothing gets on MSM unless it's controlled oppositioin and good for Jews. Case Closed

White Race Religion Ideology on Display

Don't be late. GO download White Power's latest Nigger shooting video game.... or build your own Jew extermination gas chamber!

This is total provocateur bullshit. Nancy Grace was smiling as she waited for him to call Jews parasites and blacks stupid. Then later he actually claims with no backup that whites are going to start revolution if free speech is removed. I am not saying that's impossible but the only recent history has proved that it is the Jew provocateur that does the revolutions. I believe Matt ignore conspiratorial Jewry in his advocacy which is good for Jews by the way cause that is how they take over. It's a learned program of subversion

Matt Hale probably got fake arrested cause he got tired up being a Krypto Jew White Power Dude and got reassigned (Andrew knows about reassignments)!

What I find so interesting in this election season, the year 2016, USA, is all the alternative media pundits, in this case, asking you to forget everything they have told us about both parties being puppets for elite bankers and their various subordinates, and actually claiming that Hillary, alone could force her underlings to rig the US elections. FOlks if the US elections get rigged for some candidate, it's because the game is rigged to begin with and Vince McMahon is calling in his chips but I know you guys, you are addicted to misdirection so, here goes.....
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