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Seanna Fenner shouts,"You are a government informant in order to fund your drug habit!"

I have spent the last two days in ongoing commentary dialogue on "Google +" with Seanna Fenner, otherwise known as "Odinia", a priestess who advocates rejection of Jew-Christianity and a return to pagan principles.Beyond this seeming slight  incompatibility with CI, what God they worship, it would seem Christian Identity and Odinism are natural anti-Jew allies.

Allies in ways that could never work because both ops are set up in such a way that they could never attract more than a minimalist audience due to their extreme positions. Positions that sadly reflect  on more reasonable Jew-wise advocates. Both have adopted the "White Race Religion" for the backbone of their advocacy. That is a term I made up upon observing, over a few years time, certain mantras that must be adopted by any individual wishing to belong to this area of resistance.

Basic principles are:

  • the white race is the greatest race that ever was
  • the white race is chosen
  •  Jews are assholes
  • Chinese steal  ideas off Caucasians and are moochers
  • Arabs and blacks are actually primates and have no rights
  • Jewish colonialism where it is deemed good for the white race is to be supported while any non-white invasions or inconveniences anywhere there are whites are to be trumpeted in the most scurrilous terms demonizing the pawn immigrants rather than the Jew man that controls the spicket. Indian genocide is justified due to a claimed white genocide from 5000 years earlier in the Americas
  • they claim as fact that Blacks and Browns are the enemies of whites and there is  nothing to do but shun any cooperation where white purity is not a fact

Both Odinism and CI culture mimic Jewish rationalizations to justify their rape and pillage of other cultures for their own advantage which then allows them to make the contradictory claims that Muslims have no right to invade their lands through immigration while whites during colonialism, had and still have every right due to survival of the fittest and the strongest, to exploit and genocide the cultures of the local natives who get in the way.

Typically, these whites who never dun nuthin wrong will blame Jews for white manpower being used to subjugate African and Mideastern lands but blame blacks and Muslims for the "European invasion" which is also a Jew operative plan.If nothing else works they simply say, I stand for what is good for my people making the discussion of actual right or wrong behavior irrelevant. Then comes the "victimhood card" timed perfectly to make clear the fact that whites are murdering themselves for higher nobler thoughts such as true right or wrong. This card being played must totally forget about the behind the curtain Jew effect to be  successful and usually works because the listening audience is also trying to see who wins the football game and swigging beer down at an alarming rate to enable that feeling of "white glory!".

Odinists and their cousins, Christian Identity,  and their cousins  White Nationalism, routinely post pictures with negative connotations, the only possible takeaway when White - non-White interaction takes place, the obvious expected interpretation. Sinead McCarthy, an unusual White Nationalist figure, painted herself into a difficult corner by having a former lifestyle quite comfortable around black people but now using advocacy demonizing blacks while relating personal horror stories for proof. It is hard to see that as credible when we also see this picture to the right

Sinead in danger around blacks?They conveniently skip over the hundreds of years white on white wars were perpetrated and only post happy white pictures to create a false illusion of kumbayah forever if only whites had whites to deal with. Hitler was defeated by mostly all white nations because of the Jew. Europe was then taken over democratically or communistically by Jewish masters using goy puppets to be the public face. We now have a Muslim world being acted upon by Jewish, white slave nations in the promotion of Zion.

We now have European nations being multi-culturized by hordes of mal-adjusted non-Whites in the promotion of the Jew World Order. In America, we have chronic illegal immigrant invasions with all official efforts made to accommodate this illegal invasion in service to Zion. We now have a fake, pro-White candidate who wishes to bar anti-Semites from entering the US called Donald Trump in service to Zion. We now have a resistance community once Jewish false flag aware, pretending every Jewish false flag advertised event is real in the service of promoting race wars for Jews...

As Gordon Duff says, a fake resistance op in his own right, here to control if there ever was one, "You just can't make this stuff up and ....

The Goyim Continue to have no clue!

Great effort is made by these racialists to rationalize why the white race is always "Joos innocent" and  why every other race hates them for their "perfections". It doesn't seem to matter that  the most vociferous arguers within these claims tend to be trailer trash whites egged on by leaders, likely Jew ops, here to assure that whites don't pool their knowledge and resources with anyone else but themselves (divide and conquer).

Contrarily, these two divisive ops pretend that only good things happen when all interaction possibilities are only with whites (no, don't think about the 30 Year War,  please! )

Image result for Odinia

What is odd is that but for the religion issue, CIs and Odinists are on the same page on all other mindsets, if they are Jew-wise, but leave it to the goyim and their co-opted leaders to ensure this slight difference is magnified to a degree that they demonize and hate on each other.

Apparently, this was demonstrated clearly with the clash between Mike Delaney and Seanna Fenner in 2013 causing DeLaney to defame her in a fifteen-minute video and Zogbots, a website dedicated to outing shills run by the CI guy named Zogslayer, to run her through the mill in this article.

I had already defined CI as a Jew op and at this point it looks like the Odinism crowd are likewise, at minimum, divisive, useful idiots who can't even work with anyone due to their cultish mindset that demonizes those who deviate one iota from their world view (Jews love cults and folks in cults are so mind controlled they aren't aware they are in one). Their racialist views seem to supersede any other views they hold in the world (MEGA-DIVIDE AND CONQUER). Both CI and Odinism believe in total segregation of whites from the rest including cooperation as little as possible with the assumption that non-Whites are the enemy and a separate and equal problem to the Jewish one (This gives them multiple demons to destroy, not just one to target - DIVIDE AND CONQUER!).

Even with this common linkage, Odinism and Christian Identity have burned their bridges over whether Jewsus was a Jew or not and whether Christianity is Jewish or not.  I agree these are important issues but not ones to demonize potential comrades over.

One must recognize that whether or not Christianity, in reality, is a Jewish psyop on the goyim or not, many faithful Christians will not be able to make that connection. The reality is, Jewish subversion is so deep and so widespread, it would be foolish to expect all resisters to understand it in its totality with different folks getting stuck in different places (Jews have generously given us so many options with which to neutralize ourselves).

Here is an example of two ethnicities, one volk, a picture Hitler would have to also paint in 2016..proof that under the right circumstances with the right intelligent  leaders, multi-ethnic societies can work as they become one volk  within one nation (You do need vision for it has been hidden by the culture destroyers, that possibility)

The Clash on Google with Seanna

Before this interaction, I had just written an article about Seanna, here, that pointed out many red flags surrounding her seemingly intentionally divisive advocacy. Since I lost Sinead as a writer  over this article, I felt I had nothing to lose by confronting Seanna on Google where I saw her interacting with Dennis Wise...

The conversation started very well and only slightly adversarial. We discussed the hatchet job she claimed that Delaney did on her, that, she said, was unprovoked by herself and I expressed sympathy with her plight and asked her to write me her version of the account and I would publish an article surrounding the clash (2013).

Like her problems with CIs or Christian Identity where they walked in lock step but for what God they worshiped, I had a similar problem with her and my advocacy. Seanna and I both agreed Christianity was a Jewish psyop,  that the Jews were behind almost all our problems and then we got to the race issue. Whether to hate on other races or not....

Seanna said, yes, we have to hate them because they are low-grade primates destroying white civilization and I said, yes we have issues, all or most intentionally caused by Jews but public declarations of black-brown inferiority served no purpose but to tweak white egos at the expense of producing a sizable movement that could expand beyond cult status not to mention cause those spoken of, derogatorily, to rage back more than already occurring and thus distracting our focus from the Jew.

Jews take advantage with this openly non-White animosity loud speakered into the public arena with Jew videos such as this!

Then she began invoking her "White Race Religion" on me and said any part of the Jew World Order that was good for whites must be kept in place because whites are truly God's real chosen people and anything that undermined whites must be gotten rid of. She continued that she made no apologies for being unapologetically for whatever was deemed, in her mind, beneficial to whites and if a few black-brown toes got stepped on, who cares, they aren't even human!

This forced me to wonder aloud if all that she wished to do with her advocacy was trade places with Jews and invoke conservative white racialist principles on the rest of the world, ethnically cleanse the world in white interests and hang all dissenters like me for being "anti-White".

Neither of us would budge and the dialogue started getting nasty with, by the end, Seanna claiming I was a drug addict informing for the government to get my next fix. In other words, she started throwing the kitchen sink at me and hoped something would stick and that she could have the last laugh. I made my latest comment to her during the writing of this article  so though the thread seems close to dormancy, that is only a guess. 

Contrary to her Jew-like assertions against me, that were made out of thin air, my queries  (not attacks) on her rested on somewhat explained positions and situations that were publicly known and put forth by Seanna Fenner, herself. She apparently hasn't gotten used to the fact that there is a new kid in town who doesn't take "blind trust" as a given when interacting with someone of dubious credentials implementing a seeming divide and conquer strategy within the racialist movement to Jew advantage. There is a new person in town that doesn't accept status quo accepted beliefs of the goy in question as being above scrutiny... If my queries slowly turned into slight assaults it was in response to her wild assertions against me out of thin air.

***Seanna Fenner, above right picture, clearly from a very wealthy family, trumpets her connections to such places as Fabian society friendly Oxford and Harvard while refusing to discuss whether her relationships are ongoing as she promotes an Odinist world view that, she claims, had her being persecuted in all possible ways. It is not credible to this writer (and I WAS the Next Hitler) that Oxford would tolerate  this "anti-Semitic" promotion ongoing by Seanna and allow her to work with them unless her work with Odinism WAS WORKING FOR THEM (intelligence)! I have told Miss Fenner that her non-answers to my questions must be taken as an admission of such an ongoing relationship and she squeamishly whispers it's none of my business but shh, don't tell the goy, they mustn't know!***

Jew Browder, whose dad led the communist party of America and of course supports all false flag Jewish lies like  the holocaust, 911 and Sandy Hook, is interviewed at Fabian Society, Jew-Oxford University, Seanna Fenner's proud alma-mater whom she apparently is working with, ongoing

Seanna claims to have had some bad experiences with some black folks that she feels justifies her ongoing rage. I would simply question how an intelligent person can paint a whole race of millions of people with one evil stroke and discount any and all value they have to offer. I would question how one can feel so lightly responsible for the Africans placed in our midst against their will, feel nothing for them as fellow humans and  only reference how their forced existence here inconveniences her, Seanna.

I would ask how Seanna now has the right to claim blacks have no rights in a country they were forced to come to that was built on the notion of human rights. Seanna simply avoids any responsibility to this line of inquiry by pulling a Jew op mimic on that race question and calling them mere goy animals here to serve whites and be instructed by whites but not to be treated with the fairness you would treat other whites.

In Jew terms, that's Seanna defining  blacks, and, indeed, all non-Whites, as goyim.

White racialists are famous for adopting Jewish tactics while substituting "White Race Religion" mantras such as "Anti-racist is anti-White, "Race traiter" and, like the Jew, continuing on as normal. The problem is unlike the Jew, whites are slaves and need to break their chains so it's a self-defeating tactic and aides the Jew, divide and conquer modus operandi)

Leaders have gotten spoiled surrounding the fact that they should be allowed to do their business without invasive questions that challenge their credibility. This has occurred, I believe because the movement from the beginning has been led by subverters who enable other subverters by implying that not offering blind trust to those they have brought onboard as covert subversives is "divisive"!

Friends, this can no longer be the case if we are going to hatch something that works in this dysfunctional resistance environment and roll back the JWO.

Of course, Seanna claimed I was a Jew ( all racialists do that when their dogmas aren't accepted in full) and I told her to give Sinead a shout who had actually googled me to the point of hassling my daughter out of the blue about me.This has gotten my daughter to change the spelling of her name "online" so as to avoid any future invasions of privacy.

By the way, I do not blame Sinead for that. Things were crazy for awhile between her and I. Also, MY DAUGHTER IS MIXED RACE! Please remember, I do not uphold the WHITE RACE RELIGION. I do not judge a person before I meet them though it takes more to win my trust with some sorts (Jews, for example).

Interestingly, Seanna when I mentioned Sinead decided to come back to her later along with discussing Sinead's husband Kyle and demonized their attraction to the "FLAT EARTH THEORIES" controversy in the WN community. Again, on full display is Seanna's attitude that her views are impeccably right. Here, I see a troubling alignment with the WN community in general. Both Seanna and many WNs are demonizing anyone who  would explore issues not deemed kosher by the leader elite.

Though I spent quite awhile eliciting her public proclamations about recent false flags, Seanna would only say generally that she has talked about false flags before and to do my own research there. Her resistance to a real answer on her current MO forces me to assume Seanna is covering up false flags and walking in lock step with the WN community.

 With all the evidence against Andrew Anglin, somehow Seanna finds Anglin legit which implies to me that Anglin is saying things she likes ( a huge weakness of the goy community is to throw scrutiny to the wind when a persona spouts talking points on the same page with themselves). This is why I always say what is important about a person being watched is not his advocacy but whose side they are on and that is determined over time when they slip in talking points counter-productive to Jewish resistance or ignore events needed to be outed. False flags are as big as that gets and are not being outed in seeming coordinated fashion. In other words, there is a racialist conspiracy to avoid exposing Jewish lies and misdirections in this area. I have given my reasons for why I believe that is elsewhere on my site and it has something to do with divide and conquer or assuring say Alex Jones people don't start talking to Andrew Anglin people.

Is Seanna a useful idiot here or onboard with the subversion? I have claimed that useful idiots are almost as bad as agents and sometimes worse because they actually believe the shit they regurgitate so are more convincing. Probably the gravest threat ops like CI and Odinism and WNism offer is their mind controlled in demand that you debate within the walls of their dogmatic proclamations I refer to as the "White Race Religion". This then allows them to claiming input from non_whites is unwanted and irrelevant, and input from whites not accepting the dogmatic parameters is disqualified due to them being anti_Whites (not blindly accepting the basic tenants of the "White Race Religion"). Ideology is the Jew's play toy and these people are the last folks on earth to wish to consider they might be getting fooled here

I guess if I had to define Odinism as advocated by Odinia, I would call it an Oxford man's Christian Identity equivalent. Why I link the two is because they both support in full "The White Race Religion" but in slightly different ways. Being that "The White Race Religion" is and of itself a Jewish psyop to divide and conquer the goy, it is quite successful in that endeavor and exactly why the David Dukes, the Andrew Anglins and the Richard Spencers are promoted and given lots of space in Jew World Order propaganda dissemination entities(MSM News). It's done so well that the two advocaters, Odinism and CI are bitter enemies. Jews couldn't be happier!

Abe Shecklestein offers his opinion!

Of course it matters goy. Your friends should remove the Jew gods from their midst....Of course it matters goy, your friends should castaway pagan believers as Jew tools! .....Of course goy, whites  will never be able to wage war alongside black and brown primates. They hate you....


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