If already now, we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the goy communities tosuch an extent that they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the coloredglasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses

  Get Some Breathing Room, Push the Jew Crap Back!

I am, at my two websites, goybiscuit and blindlight and are striving to "out" the NWO, comprised at the top of Talmudic Jews as described in the Protocols. One area we have come to notice has to do with the internal struggle we all have, in our minds, sloughing off the "realities" pushed on us since childhhood. Protocols 12-5 says :"If already now, we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the goy communities to such an extent that they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses;"  This, folks, is an internal struggle we all have to keep dealing with. Not only old patterns and habits of thinking taught and manifested into us from repetition, enabled through communication control from above, acknowledged as being  dominant even then, (1900),  but newly emerging slants as well on the narrative,mostly various "noise embodiments" to keep us from hearing that clear penetrating sound that takes us to the core, the source, the maestro organization of this evil.

sometimes they blend in to where you hardly know they are there!     What is the core, the source, the maestro? The Elite, Talmudic Jews. Like an elephant in a living room that needs cleaning, "Noise" or what I call "Bailing water as opposed to finding the leak" is focusing on the Jew, elephant poop  to clean as the solution to the Jew elephant in the room. "Noise" is focusing on the chair the Jew elephant just crushed as the solution  to the problems the Jew elephant is causing. Fix the chair, problem solved till tomorrow whenhe breaks another one.

It's worse than an elephant though. The elephant is just a big inconvenient monstrosity with no evil intent. The Jew is much different. The Jew just can't walk into the room and go, "We're Jews and we're taking over!" It is through the causing of diversionary mayhem that the Jew harnesses power and he's been at it since he had a run-in with Jesus in the synagogue. You know, that money changer scene?

Folks,don't you know that that  living room ain't gonna get cleaned till we put the Jew elephant in a place where he can't re-mess up what we just did? Cleaning elephant poop and ignoring the elephant that does it is like bailing water in a sinking ship and not worrying about where the water is coming from. You bail water well enough, maybe the ship won't sink till you pass out from exhaustion and then down you go! Let's find the leak, then no more water.

"Noise" is focusing on the Jew, elephant caused illegal immigration problems or unwanted immigration problems or the chaos being instigated in the areas folks are evacuating from because of Jew enabled misery  that are now causing the immigration problems. The Jew orchestrates globally, and we tend to see what's felt locally.We got to go deeper than that! If you don't get that Jew elephant out of the room, nothing gets better. It all continues with fake remedies offered to buy time or do the opposite,creating more problems in the name of solving the ones noticed. The Jew is aware that he has you looking at the symptoms cause you are too intimidated to look at the Jew. Even those complaining about the Jew are spending endless amounts of attention on the symptoms the Jew power emanates and easily get distracted. 

Bush said in 1990, that we need an NWO so we can stop all this stupid fighting going on in the world, none of it the fault of the USA of course! He forgot to mention that he and his buddies were behind all the stupid fighting for the last three hundred years just to enable this stupid NWO crap..They always forget to mention that part about them. "Give into us folks and we will give you peace.You will have a boring crummy life but we will give you peace if we don't kill you in the setting up process, first." A quote from the "Jewish Catechism" is in order:

It is either order we impose, or complete disorganization
There must be either order we impose, or complete disorganization. Chaos must reign in any place where goys wish to manage without us! Act so that disorder continues until the exhausted goys, having become desperate, ask us to take power into our own hands and give them a quiet life.

The goys must work under our leadership and be beneficial to us
The goys must work under our leadership and bring benefits to us. Those who are of no benefit to us must be expelled.

There is no public benefit beyond our interests
There is no such a thing as public benefit beyond our interests! Those who are not with us are against us! An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! That is what Moses taught, and that is how our forefathers lived.And that is how we shall live also. Revenge is a sacred feeling. It forms a person's character and affirms his validity. Abandon any feeling of submissiveness and humility towards those who have offended us. Let the stupid goyim keep for themselves the slogans of Christian charity, meekness, humility and self-denial - they are exactly what the stupid goyim are worthy of. Promote, implant and propagate the Christian "virtues" among the goyim, but deep within, remain firm and uncompromising at heart. Be uncompromising towards our enemies! If you forgive them a small offense today, they will commit a big offense to you tomorrow. Do not become accustomed to being offended, and repel other people's desire to offend you.Let the goyim urge one another to be cautious, moderate and flexible in relation to us. Let them be cautious in holding back our onslaught.

     When Jews control politicians to the extent they do, politicians will coverup an Israeli or Jewish crime perpetrated on the people they serve. We know that we have entered the point in time of no return as long as the Jew is in the halls of power encouraging such treachery. Gordon Duff, a decorated marine in Vietnam had no clue that the USS Liberty was attacked for years after it happened. No other example is needed but the USS Liberty.

   Do you know what the Jew says you are supposed to do today? Anyway, I'm getting a bit away from my topic which is freeing yourself ,internally, of Jew World Order mind control programming. The reason this is so important is that there are about 20% of the American people who have learned to doubt the Mainstream Jewish Media's explanation of events. There is a huge thick sound killing wall that separates these folks from the mind controlled, goyim cattle hypnotized by the JWO. These folks accept without scrutiny, all the  parameters of debate set up as borders and are hoodwinked by the rhubarbs, that occur within the confines of the permissible, to think they are hearing all sides..   

           But, it's worse than that. Outside the sound proof fence, the Jew World Order has set up something called Alternative News which masquerades as true dissent but mostly isn't. I believe they knew the internet age was gonna create temporary havoc and started applying this alternative universe as a fake dissident element to continue to mind control those folks with more initiative and independence of thought.The trick is to make people believe that who they listen to is on their side  and not the Elites and what these programmers are focusing on is the priority all should focus on at the time- It's attention control. Again, the protocols spells it out clearly:

8. Literature and journalism (Remember, this was just 1900) are two of the most important educative forces, and therefore our government will become proprietor of the majority of the journals. This will neutralize the injurious influence of the privately-owned press and will put us in possession of a tremendous influence upon the public mind .... If we give permits for ten journals, we shall ourselves found thirty, and so on in the same proportion. This, however, must in no wise be suspected by the public. For which reason all journals published by us will be of the most opposite, in appearance, tendencies and opinions, thereby creating confidence in us  and bringing over to us quite unsuspicious opponents, who will thus fall into our trap and be rendered harmless.

It's my contention this modus operandi is fully functional in the alternative press of today. I believe what is called third tier level has broadened in scope to handle this internet inspired ease of access to boat loads of information. One could say the first two tiers of public opinion are primarily in the mainstream media controlled Jewniverse but for a few hasberat, cointelpro that come to sites to argue  for that status quo point of view against the third tier, or possibly, real dissent element and often since all sides are co-opted, it's a show of empty eloquence that only wishes to accomplish the holding in place of dissent at manageable levels.Quoting again:

11. In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, off position, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards. 12. All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions - aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchical - for so long, of course,as the constitution exists ....

Notice the reference at the end. Evil Here's my point, we are still being programmed as long as  we let all these fake dissident ops rule our thoughts and I know they are ruling our thoughts because all the supposedly awake people keep echoing the latest orchestrated news when they spout. The Jews learned long ago that believing something to be true is as good as it being true.Keeping your attention span on items they want you to think about is half of the battle for your mind.When I say we need to form our own communities and create our own news, I mean just that. As long as you place any kind of importance on the life style the Jewniverse has taught you, you are still held captive by it. Does it mean you can't participate in anything? Of course not, but participate with knowledge that it's bullshit and communicate the attitude if not the description while you act. Become a comedian and make fun of Jewish persecution dogmas. Make the Jew feel stupid for evoking it! Laugh out loud when some new reality psyop is being suggested as fact. Humor them in a manor that they know that you know it's bullshit.

         Perhaps this is harder to do with folks that supposedly are awake. Let me remind you, many people get an "aha moment" about all the cons but still hold onto many illusions afterwards.I remember examples of folks mixing NWO insights with Fox News, Muslims are the greatest evil the world has ever known insights. What we have is layers of programming to undo within ourselves. As long as we, on the outside of that wall, continue to pay homage to fake dissent programming, it is we, too, that are stuck in a cattle pen though separated from the 80% of really stupid cattle. Now when you realize this is going on and you continue to engage your attention at this weakness or their strength, it is like a very bad habit that needs to be broken.  I'm sure many are just addicted to this easily obtainable enemy control mechanism. It has drug like power. Remember that we are the "Russian Aristocracy" that will have to be killed or fema camped when the shit hits the fan like was done in 1918. There's another reason why people know better but continue same ole same ole. They have been lulled into a space of false security even though they may intellectually know it is insecure in fact. They are so numbed by the Jewtainment system, main or alternative, they fool themselves into thinking that the noting of evil is enough to combat it and many believe that God or some other super thing will show up in the end to right everything. You can't count on that. You have to do your part!

      I know many of you say that you don't watch TV anymore. Is that true or are there still occasions you have to get your fix? I know, I quit about three years ago but it was really just 15 months ago that almost all the big events stopped creating a blip on my radar. For example, I got no idea who is number one in football, no idea who won the super bowl. I got no idea  if Tiger Woods made a recovery from his prolonged slump. Haven't a clue who played in the world series much less who won it. Didn't even think about Halloween this year till the day after, it totally slipped my mind.

Lana Del Rey-click for a song

What I do do is pick and choose a few things to tune in on. I tend to watch things with a critical eye. I am capable of enjoying illuminati music but I do it on my own terms. I avoid commercials at all costs as commercialism is a major arm of the Jewniverse. There's a great show from England called "The Fall". I notice the Jewish agenda in it but these things I engage in are random and on my terms, it actually does no damage. Pirate Bay has quick downloads of all the programs and I advise starting with season one and getting a high definition file to watch "The Fall"..

   It's not that I don't read the news in the dissident universe but I am very choosy and get annoyed with how everyone keeps following what the Jews are doing and where they want us to go with our attention span. I mostly write about the Jew problem directly, most third tier ops write about Jew symptoms. We are getting lost in the symptoms and often forgetting  or ignoring  the Jew as fact that has to be removed to solve the problems.

    Which of course leads me back to, "We must  start resisting!" The first step to resisting is to free ourselves of their, the Jew's, focus and implant our own focus over it. As long as we utilize their focus as a starting point, there is no way to implant over it with our own. I know this fact is something people don't like hearing cause it basically is telling them to stop doing what they have been doing all their lives and it tells them that even if they are somewhat Jew wise, it does not mean they are home free with their internal homework. 

   We all grew up or most of us did under easy savechristian mind control. All you had to do to be saved was believe Jesus died for you. We have to go beyond the"Too easy to be true" of Christian like indoctrination and understand that there are layers and layers to confront with deceptions built on different deceptions to expose and bypass in our internal struggle to free  ourselves of the Jew World Order. The more we can emanate a true freedom from Jew mind control programming, the easier it will be to find ways around and through that sound proof fence where over-weight cattle guzzling at the Jew tit are located. This is not a race thing.This is an awareness thing. Race is one of those dissident noise things we have to get past to find the nitty gritty and reclaim our mojo while reclaiming our awareness the Jew has been mind controlling into his fake reality. Leave the petty be.The Jew encourages petty, they count on petty.Their aim is to distract you from themselves. Determine what I say is correct about your covert Jewish news programming still going on, get self proactive, look for ways to contribute to undermining the intruder-deceivers and start to consider joining  small goyim networks to counteract the tendency towards corporatism which is all Jew, baby, all Jew! (Join Twitter and get in the fight)

        Bottom line is we can't start to resist till we can garner a network of folks who know enough of what to resist and what to ignore before acting. This can't be done until we cut the umbilical Jew mind control chord that masquerades as reality, a reality brought to you 24/7 by a whole slew of rich Talmudic Jews, a reality where no serious criticism of Jews is allowed and all others are fair game. What they have you focusing on, what your friends have you focusing on is most likely good for Jews. Look closely at your personal "givens" to see if they are part of your world or theirs. The Jew has been successful at making his world view, our world view. Before we can beat that back we have to free ourselves from his view then put back together our view and once accomplished, we fight to restore our right to govern ourselves with our world view! It's possible! It could happen!

 Become aware and then join other awares in resistance.That's all we got left to go for!

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