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Sidrah's Tribute to those who have passed!

One strong feeling I have about why David got so uptight in the end was that it seemed like David Crowley was a man in a hurry to make it big. He had just spent 5 years  supporting an apparatus that he, seemingly, turned, on a dime, against, from the government through military service, to demonizing it as the problem. He hadn't had time to assimilate the full implications of exactly what we were fighting against and it sounds like he became more aware during those four  years of trying to put the project together. It seems he was under the illusion that  the elites would tolerate real dissent infiltrating their movie industry. It was a tough wake-up call for him. A weakness in the whole movement surrounding him seems to be that they don't get this fact or that they do but also happen to be covering it up to co-opt the problematic more intelligent proles, IMO.In other words, like every dissent area, David's  niche dissent compartment was heavily infiltrated to guide the narrative.

            It is a question still to be answered if it was David's new insights that caused breaches with his initial supporters and helpers or if it was a changing, obsessed David Crowley that buckled under the strain of raising expectations for a massive hit through the main stream, corporate, entertainment industry, a strain brought on by a big splash back in 2012 and finding, two years later, his dream little closer to reality while fans and supporters were murmuring discontents and he was finding an industry not about to be led blindly by the "David Crowley" vision.

Trust us to take care of you! The pyramid of power is a covert entity that broadcasts the news leaving out the essential components that would show the people, listening and reading it, who is responsible for the turmoil,  the degradation of values, the almost porn like ads thrust in our faces and the myriad of other problems, medical, multi-cultural and technologically related. The entertainment industry is a significant  component  of the pyramid of power. I am not sure David fully grasped that they are all about control in undertakings they assume. If David was going to be "real dissent" he was never going to be able to successfully use Hollywood in the effort. 

           This fact apparently came down like a heavy blow  in June 2014 which is basically where the updated timeline begins, a timeline that efforts to include, significantly, progressive signs of the disillusionment that concludes with bodies being discovered at David's home on January 17th , 2015. Here is that timeline.

  The Timeline is an impersonal thing however. Words on paper that can easily seem not real. For any timeline to be effective, there have to be real people included in the presenting to make it "a reality" for the viewer. Sidrah Alam seemed to, temporarily, at least, fill that here to now, void.

     I came to the "Justice for David Crowley page" right after I wrote an article proclaiming my belief this murder, in fact, was a staged event. This was an easy read for me when you consider that the MO of government false flags, now, and possibly for some time, has been the staged event and the narrative, I was reading, concerning the case made no sense.  I had determined that the "Rough Cut" documentary showed an infiltrated bunch of actors proclaiming Libertarian utopia, to strive for, while including, in their narrative, areas of our history, to corroborate their talking points, that had been grossly distorted or actually lied about for propaganda purposes. Also, thinking back, it avoided the most controversial issues, issues that have become "Lynch Pin lies" that the globalists now depend on to continue building their narratives of global mayhem.I do not think 911 was mentioned once, nor Sandy Hook, for example, nor current wars for Israel called "The War on Terrorism". So I came away from watching that documentary thinking, "What is all the talk about this being a threat to the powers that be?" I did not buy it for a second and I saw this documentary as "fake dissent".Dissent meant to co-opt real resistance around the idea that those co-opted could think they are doing some good while, in fact, following a tune played by the globalists. ( This is a complicated issue but suffice it to say there is no clear line in the sand between overt enemy and us. In fact, the more dangerous enemies are those that have us believing they are our friends-the government, fellow resistance fighters who actually aren't, etc)

    I spent three weeks in this group pushing the "staged event" theory. One of the first things I did was alienate Sidrah and her boyfriend with tough questioning, questioning tough enough to get the thread deleted. Questioning tough enough to make it impossible at the moment to have a direct dialogue with Sidrah Alam. As you will see, this is currently a bit problematic for me for I have questions that need addressing and must go through others to have them addressed.

    A week ago, Judith Prochnow, the next door neighbor, came on to testify. By Monday she was gone, and I was still clinging to my "staged event" narrative. This has been so because of the lack of "real" evidence in the case and only hear-say testimony offered. No evidence against my theory means I'm sticking to it! Sandy Hook is too fresh in my mind to willingly take the word of government officials these days without backed up, verified, real evidence.

        The Crowley-Gray State crew had for 10 days been stating, matter of factly, that this, indeed, was a murder- suicide. This brings me to my "confrontation" with Dani Rascon

Dani was a person I had noticed in passing as being  a mole, IMO,  from the Crowley camp. A mole who had been very careful not to offend folks in our group with slurring insinuations. In this case, Dani simply couldn't help herself and popped up out of the ground into my living space  in the group and yelled, "You stupid piece of shit!" This caught my attention, surprisingly evil, and we proceeded to have a 2 hour interaction that was abruptly ended by Dani blocking me.

         However, what that conversation got me focused on was the next avenue to proceed down to either verify or discombobulate the claimed facts in this case which, again, brings me to the timeline. I told her that an unverified timeline was not evidence and could not be used. It is simply hearsay without corroborating facts to establish that it provably happened. My reasoning for that being that if this was a "staged event" all people close to the scene of the action have to be considered as "hostile witnesses" who would protect their possible part in the "play".To reiterate, I saw  it as staged because I saw the documentary as "3rd tier dissent" or fake dissent. This made me think the murder was a staged psyop and the whole family died so the whole family could live together somewhere else with new IDs. This,in my eyes, made both the Alams and the Crowleys,most likely, participants.

   So, Dani, brought up my mistreatment of Sidrah's testifying boyfriend.Somehow the timeline was referred to and somehow, specifically, Sidrah's claim to have traveled from Texas to Minnesota only to be told to turn around and go home was brought up. I found it highly problematic that this could have occurred having heard all the glowing reports about David Crowley, the Gray State Project mastermind, wizard. I told her to get her folks to verify this trip with gas receipts, food bills and motel bills but until then, I can't take the claim seriously ( I was, at the time, unaware how little communication was occurring between the Crowley and Alam sides). After being told to "fuck off, do it yourself",  by Dani, and having her block me, I did indeed broach the issue with Dan Hennen, the problem of verification.

   I asked if it would be possible to request from Sidrah,  some proof of her visit. Dan agreed and got her on chat and what ensued during that chat, that he was middling to me, was my "ahah" moment that swung me away from the staged event, that I was going nowhere in proving, to the more verifiable probability that it was indeed a murder suicide as claimed! Here is a copy of the chat Dan and I had over this:Gray State Founders David Crowley-Mitch Heil

    • Dan Hennen

      Sidrah is getting receipts now....

    • Joe Sigur

      Joe Sigur



    • Dan Hennen

      Dan Hennen

      She says this....she got to a local mall and called her sister when she arrived...


      never answered..called texted many times before going to the home...


      was turned away....


      was devastated and got a hotel room for the night to grapple with the situation.


      She called the cops also.

    • Joe Sigur

      Joe Sigur

      I have to think she had valid reason to believe her sister was in danger

    • Dan Hennen

      Dan Hennen

      She finally got through to David before she arrived and he said "pick-up the car in one then I'll have it cleaned out."


      after she got the car, she didn't feel comfortable driving she

      didn't feel safe.

    • Joe Sigur

      Joe Sigur

      was she alone?

    • Dan Hennen

      Dan Hennen

      she drove to a parking lot and 

    • called police to have a K-9 sniff around it.

    • Joe Sigur

      Joe Sigur


    • Dan Hennen

      Dan Hennen

      they wouldn't respond and said "we aren't sending a unit there"


      they were rude.


      she got a hotel and her father paid for it....


      and drove home the next day.

    • Joe Sigur

      Joe Sigur

      where's the police when you need them?


      nowhere to be found


      I bet she wishes she'd made a stink of it now

    • Dan Hennen

      Dan Hennen

      Turns out the the father still believes the police could have prevented this

      event....because of the calls from October 19.


      He isn't happy.

    • Joe Sigur

      Joe Sigur

      I agree


      he shouldn't be


      these are the calls you just spoke of

    • Dan Hennen

      Dan Hennen

      When Sidrah arrived at the home in Apple Valley, David answered

      the door and asked her "you know what trespassing is, right?"

    • Joe Sigur

      Joe Sigur

      did she explain that she just traveled 17 hours and she can't get

      in to see her sister?


      Jesus Christ!

    • Dan Hennen

      Dan Hennen

      It sounds like she everything....



    • Joe Sigur

      Joe Sigur

      this is nutz


      there are so many delinquent angles....


      too bad Judy wasn't helpful when it could have done some good

    • Dan Hennen

      Dan Hennen

      okay, I'm gonna save this and forward...


NWO is everywhere!

In the ensuing days, a bit more was added. One receipt proving an Alam purchase of amotel room was made that coincides with the dates claimed to have made the trip. I got the strong sense that we finally had a credible witness, after three weeks of wanting one, that would reveal more  than vague claims, in Sidrah Alam (Judith, the neighbor, first witness, basically said the details of this event are none of our business.)

  Let us sever the coverup- what say you, Sidrah?    I wrongly assumed that Sidrah would continue to cooperate concerning this matter and in hind sight, prematurely posted my new found claims about the case. Should I have or shouldn't I have waited? Probably should have waited but once I posted it I haven't spent much time recriminating. All we know for sure is what actually happens, we can never know for sure what would have happened had we behaved differently. Also, my reasoning on getting the info out there is that this would, more likely, make Sidrah  fill in the areas left un-addressed by her claims and help her to avoid procrastination. Her willingness to step forward, I believed was a sign that she would continue to step forward. As I write this,  this seems to be a mistake in judgement on my part but time will tell all.....

(update- I have just been informed by Dan Hennen of a possible you-tube video from Sidrah which is a step in the right direction if followed through on)

   There is a difference between getting it wrong and disinfo- Disinfo is information released intentionally to deceive that helps your enemy. I have never done that. Finding the cause of crimes is a messy endeavor and you often get there by taking detours in the belief they are a direct route. Speculation is a natural by-product of suppression of information when the target is aware that information is being suppressed. The Crowley crowd had been somewhat unrealistic to think their proclamations of fact with no proof would be good enough for the surrounding public in a controversial case of this nature. The subversion began against this group even before anything had actually been done to rationally annoy, IMO and has caused distrust to linger.

  So, now we get to "The Ride".

  Here I will mix fact and speculation to determine why it was that Sidrah and family were so concerned about Komel and her family that they concocted a ruse to have Sidrah drive all the way to Minnesota, a distance of 1,700 miles, with the smokescreen, to exchange cars.. Let us take the beginning of the timeline and folks, please notice, this timeline  is mostly information provided by Sidrah Alam. There has been little help with this timeline from the Crowley side.

Above is the beginning of the timeline. Only Sidrah can answer lingering questions as to what David and Komel seemed like in May. Were there any things worthy of note  that were disconcerting to the Alams? Was there any pressure, as some here have claimed, that  the Alams were undermining the marriage? Had David's controlling personality started getting out of hand at this stage-May 21st, or did all seem hunky dory.

   Clearly, something occurred between July and August, a breach between the two families began to be acted out. It would seem the excuse for the breach centered around David's and Komel's belief that chemotherapy was not the way for Naila to treat her cancer issue . It was such a breach that, in July, communication stopped between the Alams and the Crowleys with one confirmation IM with Sidrah from Komel's phone. One of the last interactions they would have. Also, too, we do not know that it was Komel doing the texting and as I will lay out, it is highly possible that David had control of the phone for most of the last three months if not longer. This is pure speculation. All of these  facts I am mentioning need clarity where Sidrah can provide.

    Before I go on with the next part of the timeline let me say that it seems extremely odd that a mom with terminal cancer that had always had a loving relationship with her daughter would be ostracized by her daughter over a method of treatment issue and thus raises alarm bells as to whether this controlling nature of David's was broaching the walls of insanity at this time. Makes no sense that a person juggling a big project that involved  many people who he had to keep happy and motivated, would force this sort of unreasonable stance against Komel's family but implications, when taking in who was stating the Crowley family attitude in this matter, and counter signs sent, when possible by Komel imply that David was, indeed, the  unreasonable tyrant here.

  In this next timeline pic we see David liquidating Bullet Exchange, a business he was using in his Gray State venture- seems odd.The fact that Mr. Alam kept wanting to know the welfare  of Komel, evokes concerned parents over the recent direction of events  

David's positive sounding post in September, may be, in fact, a screen for the real reality that rather than reinvigorate folks in the project, he may indeed be having trouble  keeping folks on board. Others could provide much more clarity here, I would assume. It looks like Komel had some degree of independence at this stage, if it was, indeed, her that "texted" Sidrah "Happy Birthday", the 1st text in two months between sisters who had always communicated regularly ( I surmise).

Clearly the trip, or "The Ride" was caused by the disconcerting phone call Father Alam received from David. If no one sees an issue with David saying to his step dad, "We gave you simple instructions that you refused to follow now suffer the consequences!" , I have some property in the Okefenokee Swamp for sale that is great grazing land for cows.Check it out!.

  The trip was clearly a RESULT of this incomprehensible demand and lack of communication otherwise from David or Komel. I believe they were becoming worried for Komel's and the daughter's safety at this time. Before she left, she "texted" the fact she was coming- no response- the situation so troubling but she is determined to continue regardless.

 Clearly, as Sidrah arrived in Apple Valley she was in a quandary how to approach the situation and we need Sidrah's personal touch here to amplify on all that was going  on through her head. She "texted" to no avail and she had the police call  with no one answering. Isn't it odd that a family refuses to interact with the public? Just sayin. She goes to the house and, indeed, you can't be much more unfriendly to someone than David was to Sidrah without attacking them physically. Rather than continue on this narrative, let me say that it is becoming very plain  that "Houston, we have a problem", not only with David's behavior with his team but in a break down in the marriage, itself. I have to assume that those who don't want to acknowledge this likelihood have personal interest reasons for not doing so, which lies in the world view of this event they are clinging to or personal self interest in it's outcome they want. Whatever the motivation, it is clear that from the Crowley end, a rosy picture of their marriage has been continually painted and, thus, the totally unsupported claim that because they were, David and Komel, so in sync, they planned this suicide pact together.

   The fact that David made himself a barrier to the two sisters interacting implies a man over the edge and losing rationality. Sidrah, so spooked upon leaving with the car, exchanged, believed her life might be in danger in the driving. What would cause Sidrah to be so paranoid here? Only Sidrah can amplify. This visit is a super big red flag exacerbated by the apparent inability of the Crowley side to communicate with the Alam side. Why didn't Sidrah put her foot down demanding to see her sister? Why didn't she call Dan Crowley for assistance here? Why didn't father Alam call the police  and demand a response? I can only assume that their Pakistani background made them more timid  than any of us, born with the entitlement of being full privileged citizens of the USA, would understand .... On Nov.22nd, the fact that Komel's phone "saw" Sidrah's message is no proof that Komel saw it and circumstantial evidence of a controlled female spouse, makes  it clearly not a given that she did.

I will leave you with this concern. There were few physical sightings, that I am aware of and no personal interactions, from witnesses, that I know of, with Komel after, or, even, a bit before Sidrah's visit. Can someone come forward with information, specifically, that refutes that assertion? Too, even if she is seen in public, we must be aware that a control freak could tell his victim that he will hunt down her family and kill them if she leaves so the fact that clearly she could have escaped at some point , but didn't, begs the question, "Was she paralyzed with fear?". Is there anyone here that can say she was not, with real information to prove it?

 To conclude, I think this is pretty significant stuff that Sidrah still has explaining to do on. I would say, Sidrah, if you read this,  you will always reproach yourself for not coming forward to testify for your sister here. Don't quit what you started. You made yourself available  to throw doubt on the official narrative. Finish the job so we can then take a next step!

{as always with my releases-updated, as necessary, for 72 hours from the initial posting}

We will find the answer by using the "blue key"!

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