Shades of Sandy Hook!

   Gray State Psyop continues against Crowley Inquiry Group  

     There is basically one facebook group that continues to search for answers regarding the David Crowley death psyop. I call it a psyop because it seems that questions linger in the air as  to what really happened and intentionally so.

For those who don't have inside information, there are three possibilities. The government murdered David for either being a rogue agent, becoming  uncontrollable, or being a conspiracy realist causing too many problems through his Gray State movie undertaking . The second, David became unbalanced along with his wife who either continued to live with a person "losing it" or was all in on the psychosis going on and an equal partner in  the deaths. The third possibility  is the one I initially  gave which is that this whole enterprise surrounding David is and was a government psyop of which "fake  killings" are part of the play and the ending is still to be watched.great find from Kimberly speaking of Judith Prochnow

       There is a saying  that you know you are doing something right  when the enemy continues to focus on your behavior and ridicule it. If you aren't a threat,  you would simply be ignored even if that. The fact that for the last three weeks we have, in this group,  been deluged with the same kind of MO, featuring infiltrators posing as concerned citizens who simply must tell all of us how deluded many in the group are for daring to leave the acceptable boundaries they, themselves, set for permissible inquiry and to "correct that, quickly, please!"

   "Constructive" criticism from known op, Jarod, pertaining to Eric's fine broadcasts on this case! We are ascertaining an MO that definitely leads us  to suspect paid agents or committed hasberat supporters in our midst. In dealing with these folks, over time, the aware and curious end up checking the suspected ops Facebook profiles for signs of problems and in most cases, they have IDs that are fresh, with little information on them. When one checks the dates of picture posts, one finds all recently to be added. When one checks for group activity, as often as not, there is only one group the person is a member of, ours.  They come in and in varying degrees, start expressing concerns about the quality of discussion within. They reiterate too many times at every opportunity,  the agenda view they wish to subvert with. Lately, their claim has been that  David killed the family, or, in other words, the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) of the government. For some reason, a few claim a need to get on with the Gray State movie project, while claiming David actually killed his daughter a deed that should make all people associated with David's project  jump ship. This pattern is becoming unbelievably repetitive and I assume that if they are decent ops worth their salt, they will develop a different MO very soon! So folks within the group, look for some creative new approaches.

     Anyone interested in government psyops and is reading this, I suggest to join the group. There is a psyop going on but it's unclear at this point where it leads.  It is one of our two main missions,, to out dis-info in all it's forms. It is our belief that the NWO aware movement has been sabotaged with infiltrators from day one and will continue to be so as long as we are trusting, unaware and complacent to it's occurrence.

One way to start not being complacent  is to keep this group clean of subversives. It will be excellent training for teaching how to grow a movement that stays un-coopted. Feel free to comment on my website as well as  in the group after joining.

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